1. melly123 says

    Melissa Archer who played Natalie Buchanan on One Life To Live going to Days of Our Live

  2. Okayeah says

    I’m hoping it’s Melissa Archer (Natalie, OLTL), but unless she’s on GH I’ll never see her. :(

  3. SassySeaDweller says

    Marcia Cross

    Desperate Housewives/Bree van de Kamp
    Melrose Place/ Kimberly Shaw
    …but to me she will always be big forehead Kate from One Life to Live.

    • luvprue1 says

      It’s Marcia Cross . Third life to live is a clue. Marcia played on One life to live,and this would make her third soap she been in.

  4. tuckerlee123 says

    Actor: Melissa Archer

    Former Show/Character: One Life to Live/Natalie

    New Show/Character: Young and Restless/Daisy

  5. ravenglass says

    I’m not a soap opera fan, so after a lot of Googling I’m guessing…

    Melissa Archer

    One Life To Live/Natalie Buchanan

    Maybe she’ll be the new Sami Brady/Days Of Our Lives

    • ravenglass says

      I know they look nothing alike(hair colour) but does that really matter in soaps? I remember watching, as a little kid, & a young character would run upstairs in footy pajamas with a teddy bear tucked under their arm & the next episode, that same character comes downstairs as a 16 year old wanting to borrow the car. So, I think a suddenly red haired Sami wouldn’t be a big deal.

      • mugofmead111 says

        That STILL wouldn’t be as jarring as the One Life to Live recast of Blair (from the Eurasian Mia Korf to the blue-eyed blonde Kassie De Paiva)!

      • MikeInSanJose says

        Reminds me of Jack Devereaux on DOOL. First (that I remember) he was dark haired Matthew Ashford (’87-’93), next thing I knew he was blond Mark Valley (’94-’97), then suddenly Matt Ashford again…

        Makes me think of “Mommie Dearest” where daughter Christina was starring on a soap and got ill and Mama Joan Crawford – 50 years older, filld in while Christina recuperated…

        Nice segue.


    • FairyMay9 says

      Definitely not Days. Ali’s leaving, yes, and so is Sami, but they’re not recasting. My guess is Ali will be back one day in the future.

  6. nellyboo says

    Actor: Robin Strasser
    Former Show/Character: One Life to Live/ Dorian Lord
    New Show: General Hospital? I have no idea??

  7. clarkster says

    Melissa Archer
    One Life to live/Natalie Banks
    General Hospital/???
    Clue being: ‘Third life to live’ …OLTL was resurrected after cancellation making it twice, so this will be the third time.

  8. Baby says

    Actor:Melissa Archer

    Former Show/Character: One Life To Live as Natalie Buchanan

    New Show/Character: General Hospital

    I say Days because the tape so far ahead it makes sense for them to keep it an open secret not to spoil story lines even though the easy bet is GH because of her connections infront and behind the scenes. Hmm…Hey, maybe I’ll change my mind now that I’ve thought about it some more. YUP it’s Definitely General Hospital! Lemme go change my answer.

  9. me43 says

    Former Show/Character: One Life To Live/Skye Quartermaine

    New Show/Character: General Hospital/Skye Quartermaine

    Skye originated on General Hospital. Robin brought her to OLTL. She may have even brought her to the old All My Children. Ned is back on GH so Skye could return since they were involved.

  10. IAmSage says

    Actor: Melissa Archer

    Former Show/Character: One Life To Live (including the web version) as Natalie

    New Show/Character: ??

  11. IAmSage says

    Ooops…actually meant to say “Days of Our Lives” for New Show (that will give her a third Life to Live (OLTL, the OLTL web series, DOL). Don’t know the character though

    • FairyMay9 says

      Changing my answer. Still Melissa Archer, but it’s to Days. Hmm. No clue who she could be at this time. Too young to be any of the legacy Hortons, can’t be a Dimera. I will fall over if she’s the new Stephanie Johnson, but I suppose it’s possible She’s too old, truly, but if she plays super young, then it’s possible. If it is, that’s enormously good news for me! She’s too old to be Chelsea Brady for absolute sure. Hoping she’s not a new character.

  12. iluvgossip says

    Actor …..the picture looks a lot like Debra Messing …Grace from Will and Grace but she will be starring as Laura in The Mysteries of Laura this fall…..ssssooo I’m going with Marcia Cross Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives .
    New Show… One Life to Live as her old character Kate Sanders. Not a soap watcher so this could totally be way off!! :-)

  13. Vampira says

    Who knows? I don’t watch the soaps any more, but the old show sounds like One Life to Live, which I thought was cancelled.
    New show: GH, B&B, Y&R–probably, I heard their executive producer is a real piece of work.

  14. batgirl6 says

    Actor: Gina Tognoni
    Former show/Character: one life to live/kelly cramer?
    New show/character: Y&R/Phyllis Summers