BG12345: Monday

beyonce knowles 9Good Morning, Blinders!

Boy, was that VMAs show last night messy or what? Every time you think an awards show can’t get worse than the one before it… it does!

It was definitely The Beyonce Show. She told producers when they could and could not film her reaction shots, kept her little sister out of camera range, huffed and puffed her way through half a dozen disjointed numbers, and called herself a feminist. See my ass? See my vagina? Feminism!

Did any of you buy her “surprise” that Jay-Z presented her with some silly award and called her “The Greatest Living Entertainer’? Who else did you think was going to present it?

Well, at least Blue Ivy got to see Mommy spread her legs wide open and gyrate on the stripper pole. Feminism!

You’re getting a BG12345 today! Enjoy!

Love, Ace

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  1. bec215 says

    It’s disgusting to use a CHILD for profit and PR that way. Having paps shoot your family on a stroll to the park is one thing – children go to parks all the time. No one in their right minds brings a toddler to a strip show masquerading as an awards show. Bey even had to hide her face when Jay walked on stage, while she tried to force some tears and emotion… not very good acting there, IMO.

    What I’d really like to know is, did Jay really want a baby? Blue Ivy seems very comfortable in his arms, and I’m tempted to infer “photo assumption” that Jay is the more involved, engaged parent.

    My prediction: they have made this public stand, re-solidified the public image, now a story will come out in People that in the wake of Bey’s triumph, she was crushed to find out Jay cheated again, and she will move out and end it, in hopes that people will forget they were shaky the whole time.

    • Moonpie says

      Of course Jay is the most involved parent. That kid is a ‘mini me’ of him and he knows it and what this kid’s future awaits. Incessant comparisons to him and how she does not measure up to the mother. Have you seen Bobbi Kristina lately? I’m convince the Willis girls central issue is all about their face and nothing else.

      So Jay knows his kid’s future will be a hell of plastic surgery at the behest of the mother, so yeah, he better be and stay the more involved parent. He knows what’s coming. He knows the mother the kid will be dealing with. Same with Norphan. As far as Kanye and Jay daddy involvement; advantage Jay.

  2. ravenglass says

    Good Morning, Ace, BG Crew & Fellow Blinders!!!

    I watched “The Leftovers” instead but did manage to catch the end of Taylor’s performance & the last little bit of the Beyoncé nonsense. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Was Solange tied up during that whole “happy family” moment? ‘Cause I was waiting for her to storm the stage & beat Jay Z with that tacky award.

    BG12345!!! YES!!!

  3. caela94 says

    According to the press she ‘stole the show’
    I would have preferred a medley of her hits not songs from that album that you can’t even hum one tune.
    Little Blue was cute front and center.

  4. LeahLynn28 says

    Oh,i didn’t watch that fake show,but Beyonce & Jay-Z are pathetic.Their ridiculous photo ops as a couple are pathetic.When i think i can’t hate them more,they show me it’s possible.And they still drag the poor kid into that farce…
    Their egos are so huge,and some people still believe they are a happy couple in a happy marriage…ugh.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      Although Blue Ivy my go in the other direction and try to be as little like her mother as possible. A hip hop Cher and Chaz lol.

      Once Blue Ivy is old enough to hear the hysterically funny stories about her mother making a clown of herself by going on a chat show tour to discuss morning sickness and other pregnancy issues with a rediculously fake folding baby bump in an attempt to garner more publicity without ruining her figure, things will get ugly. But, not as ugly as the inevitable comparisons between Bey’s sagging face and that of her teenage daughter’s.

      I see a remake of Mommy Dearest on the horizon.
      “Blue Ivy…BRING ME THE AX”

  5. highwaymiles says

    THANK YOU! Took the words right out of my mouth. Modern feminism = The right to exploit yourself. How does Bey get away with spread eagling in front of her toddler and still get called classy???

  6. melgrady says

    I didn’t even stay awake for Beyonce’s performance. The first hour was awful and I gave up. Even my musical taste challenged husband thought the beginning of the show was bad.

  7. slimfast10 says

    and that’s why I love you Ace, you continue to say what a majority of us feel…Bey and J continue their manipulation, hoping we buy it, I don’t.

  8. foldsbaldwin says

    I started to watch it before work this morning and stopped after the first performance because I realized I just didn’t care about any of it. This review made me realize I made a good decision.

    Still here for all the behind the scenes gossip though!

  9. GERSEYGIRL says

    Beyoncé set the Women’s Movement back 20 years!!!She needs to go away, talk about overexposed. She seemed desperate with that performance…And Nicki Minaj is just a PIG!!

    • thoughtsndstuff says

      Beyoncé is a huge spotlight on taking the taboo away from the word “feminist” by not being afraid to call herself one and even adding a clip from a great TED talk on the subject which reached and educated people that would never research the subject on their own

      • istillhavesarcasm says

        If you think a MTV VMS performance is enough to take away the stigma of the word feminism, I have a bridge to sell you.

        In all seriousness though, we have heard more pop stars and actresses say how they aren’t “feminists,” with Beyonce and maybe a few others saying otherwise. Feminist will always be a “bad word” until men and women realize its a good thing that their women make more money, get better jobs, etc. Why you would want to disadvantage the gender who will likely be your partner in life is beyond me.

      • Catharsis says

        Beyonce’s whole “I’m a feminist” stance is new. Perhaps she thought it would make her money. Quote from Beyonce from British Vogue in 2013:

        That word can be very extreme … But I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything? I’m just a woman and I love being a woman. … I do believe in equality and that we have a way to go and it’s something that’s pushed aside and something that we have been conditioned to accept. … But I’m happily married. I love my husband.”

  10. good2know says

    Good call on this, Ace! She drives me bananas with her feminism contradictions and her bit about being so “sweet,” which is such a lie! If she would show all sides of her and be honest she would be a real role model.

  11. felipepinafi says

    Most overrated artist of all time.She’s a good singer and a great entertainer,that’s it.

  12. penny1015 says

    There’s a difference between someone viewing a woman as a sexual object, and a woman deciding of her own free will to act as a sexual subject. So, yeah, she CAN shake her ass and be a feminist at the same time. She’s owning her sexuality, not reducing herself to being JUST sex. Feminism espouses not assigning someone value based on their sexual choices. Have as much sex as you want or as little. Cover yourself up or show yourself off. Nothing in that spectrum determines a woman’s (or man’s) worth as a person.
    If we don’t like how sexual Beyonce is, maybe we could criticize our culture instead? Sex is what we click on and it’s what sells. We create this; maybe she’s making a business decision.
    still love ya, Ace.

    • highwaymiles says

      Do you think it’s okay that she and Jay Z imitate Ike and Tina Turner in one of their “love” songs? Because glamorizing domestic abuse isn’t what I consider feminism. I don’t really care what she wears or how much she wiggles. I just think she’s a lousy role model.

    • weeblywoombly says

      Hold on. One of the problems that feminism tries to address is women being viewed as sexual objects. Women being viewed as a sum of the parts, rather than as a person and an individual. So how are you going to advance a cause by portraying the very image you’re trying to strike down? How are you going to advance feminism by behaving in a regressive way? Especially when you (Beyonce) have so much power to influence the future generation of feminists?

      I understand free will and personal choice. I understand using her sexuality as her brand and her business. She is very good at it and I say that with no shade whatsoever. But I will never call her a feminist, and she needs to stop trying to pass herself off as one.

      • JaneDawson says

        I completely am with you, weeblywoombly. There’s freedom, yes, that’s so important for the movement, but Beyonce’s music is just so shallow (“I look so good tonight” “Eat the cake Anna Mae”) and her image is so shallow (sexy singer with undying loyalty to my man and a devoted, God-fearing mommy)… It just squashes everything she is trying promote. She’s the stereotype that has got to go, in my opinion. I just cannot take her FEMINISM pimping seriously.

    • ummok says

      “There’s a difference between someone viewing a woman as a sexual object, and a woman deciding of her own free will to act as a sexual subject.” .. umm .. because “sexual object” is the polar opposite to “sexual subject”? Because there’s a difference in wanting to be viewed in a sexual way and making it such that you are viewed in a sexual way vs. being viewed in a sexual way? umm .. me no unnerstand lol

    • Moonpie says

      So you are saying she is using her sexuality for her business endeavors. Well, so are porn stars and strippers and Beyonce is no different. And there lies the argument of how a woman uses her sexuality within the constraints of feminism. Here is my take. Why did Miley Cyrus feel the need to murder wholesome Hannah. And why does Taylor Swift get criticized for her bubblegumness. Why? Because sex sells. A central premise of feminism is that a woman should never have to reduce herself to being a sexual object to demonstrated her value in society. These woman have all sold out to somebody else’s ideal of a woman’s worth and she is far more interesting showing her tits and ass. Why do you think they all looked like hookers on parade yesterday. And why is it that venues like this one attracts this. We don’t see this at the Oscars. Beyonce’s warped sense of feminism should be forgiven. But she is neither educated nor sophisticated enough to be spouting anything related to feminism. She has every right to create this faux image and we have every right to reject it.

    • CoCoJoe says

      I have no problem with a sexualized woman; what I don’t like is when it seems inauthentic, like yucky Ariana Grande OR when, like Beyonce, she acts sexually outrageous, but then pretends she’s a sweet Southern gal in real life. What I really hate is when celebrities start believing their own press.

      Oh, and that moment on the horse vault was embarrassing…17 minutes of my life I’ll never get back!

  13. sheknowsthetruth says

    Hey the awards show wasn’t entirely terrible, Sam smith’s performance gave me hope for the music industry

    • annie-leah says

      true!!! glad at least they had someone with actual talent and something new and fresh to offer

  14. Warrior1461 says

    Taylor’s performance was probably the highlight, worked nights, saw the reshowing from the start, and stopped watching after her gig. Lorde won best ROCK vid, WTF? you know the awards are rigged just to get her to show up.

    Also at 37 I have finally realized that I have aged out of pop culture when I had no idea who half these people singing and getting nominated were. Charli XCX first time I ever heard of her.

    Taylor, WTF was that you were wearing in the red carpet, usually her fashion sense in impeccable but that? I am skeptical that 1989 is going to do well, it might end up being “that” album artists do. The one that is a BIG change but ends up falling on their ass. Thin U2 Pop, or Kiss Music from the Elder Vol 1.

  15. Teleman says

    Beyonce is so overrated and so overhyped it’s not even funny any longer. The idea that she would be a role model for anything other than shameless self promotion is truly ridiculous. Her marriage is a business contract that’s about to expire, there are plenty of rumors about whether she actually gave birth to her daughter, and her husband’s infidelities are past the point of being able to count. Yeah, what a feminist icon.

  16. yo1774 says

    Well, Beyonce contradicts herserlf all the time, and it roots even in her Destiny’s child time.
    The same girls that sung Independent women, sung a couple of years after a song like Soldier wich is machism at its purest.

    She is a good singer, some of her songs are good, and she is a marketing genius, but that’s all. Anyway, everybody says she stole the show, but i don’t know if they are talking about the performance, or about the rest of tricks she used

  17. Coffee_Not_Tea says

    I love your site Ace, but THAT was totally uncalled for.

    I’m old enough to remember when the always awesome Gloria Steinem was ragged for her short skirts and long streaked hair and Germaine Greer (oh, how I loved “The Female Eunuch”!) was labeled a traitor for her love of the peen. ‘Real Feminists’ looked like Betty Friedan and shared Andrea Dworkin’s view that all penetrative sex is rape. It’s no wonder that being called a feminist became an insult and we lost a generation of young women to the notion that speaking up for your rights, YOUR sexuality makes you an ugly, man-hating feminist. Or a slut.

    I am thrilled that female artists such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are proud to declare themselves feminists in a manner that the young women of today can relate to. They own their sexuality, their brains, their choices. Please, Ace…you can dislike the woman without the slut-shaming.

    • NixieKnox says

      I’ve got to agree with emma123. I’m a feminist in that I believe we all deserve a level playing field and the trashy female ‘entertainers’ who put it all out there do not speak for me. I don’t see what is empowering about putting it all out there, I think there is far more power in being sensual and leaving something to the imagination – that gives you the control. They might claim that they are doing it for themselves, not to objectify themselves for men but try telling that to a 12 year old girl who sees a woman adulated for grinding on a pole or shaking her plastic bum a la Nicki Minaj. We feminists have a duty to a generation of little girls growing up in a hyper-sexualised environment to show them that you don’t have to act like a wh*re to be a success.

      • Mystical says

        This makes me think of that Duke student/porn actress, Belle Knox, who was recently all over the talk shows connecting feminism and “female empowerment” to being involved in porn. It would have been laughable if she weren’t such an obviously sad, lost soul. But this is a trend that I personally find disturbing and Beyonce’s claim of feminism is right down that same road. I doubt she (or most young women today) even know who Gloria Steinem is and that is the saddest part of all.

    • Catharsis says

      How does Beyonce own her brains? Her “business-saviness” is down to her “people”, not her brains. Does she even have one? Have you heard the woman speak? Beyonce appalls me. I am thirty-one years old, so not an impressionable young woman in my twenties, but if she is a proud example of a modern feminist, there is no hope for the world. Also, Beyonce and Taylor Swift don’t “own their choices.” Both women live lives full of deception. The choices they make (bearding, faux marriages, lying about giving birth, etc.) they certainly don’t own up to publicly.

  18. mizzavrid says

    I did watch it, and sad to say SO much of the show was just vacuous bs! Why does Beyonce think its cool or cute with that bit about being in the elevator and billionaires? Or some crap like that… It was heard as part of her performance. Just tacky as hell.

    • Moonpie says

      She is reminding people that as a ‘billionaire’, people’s criticism of her family issues are meaningless. Her money insulates her from her problems, and our lack of it makes us worship her, a billionaire. This is so laughable you have to feel sorry for the woman. BTW, no billionaire ever announces the feat. This is why people love schadenfreude.

  19. jaime says

    THANK YOU! I wish people in the “real” world were more like the ones on here, not so naive!!

  20. Serena van der Woodsen says

    You just KNOW something is wrong when not even Kim Kartrashian wh0res her child out like this.

  21. Moonpie says

    Actually, I’m more interested in backstage hijinks. Did Kim attempt to get close to the object of her obsession like some cheerleader groupie waiting for the jock to emerge out of the shower. The selfie queen would have loved to get Beyonce on a pic or at least make her feel pity for standing her up at her wedding. Ace needs to send a crack team for the 411.

  22. batgirl6 says

    is Beyonce an egomaniac? YES! Does she chew people up and spit them out? YES. But i bet if any one of you ever met her, you wouldn’t tell her what you really think of her…..Beyonce is huge because we all got her to this level. The day someone tells her what they really think of her (on national TV and to her face) will be an amazing day indeed.

    • Moonpie says

      If you meet with a hoe or and SOB, it’s not necessary to tell them to their faces their shortcomings. That says more about you as a person than these people who are ruthless users. Therefore, you don’t patronize their businesses and whatever product they are pushing. That’s more powerful than an encounter with them face to face. And since we can express opinions about these soul less people, you should because they are a bad influence. But if you ever meet them in person, your convictions should prevent you from being overwhelmed by their celebrity and the hypocrisy monster.

      I once walked into a Dash shop with a friend. Scanty supply of clothes, all size nothing. We did it for a laugh and it was funny as heck. We didn’t diss the shop girls or their bosses and left it as private joke.

  23. doggiez says

    So- question Ace.

    I’ve long believed that the babies ‘born’ to stars like Kanye West and Jay-Z and Nick Cannon aren’t theirs- they were born from sperm banks that were paid *huge* hush money and signed giant contracts to keep quiet. I see absolutely no reason why these men would tie themselves to these women in their ‘for press’ marriages using children. It makes no sense financially or from a business standpoint. I’m not sure about Ivy blue or ‘dem babies’, but I am absolutely convinced that Kanye was on a different continent when Kim got pregnant. Thoughts?

    • Moonpie says

      The children are still legally theirs and born under the covenance of the marriage. Supposedly these kids would have trust funds established to keep the mothers happy when they go to divorce wars. The more interesting question is if they are truly married. We know they are all business deals, but do they have marriage licenses and were their weddings legit, especially Kim and Kanye. It is the weddings that appear more hokum that anything else. And Kanye’s girl does look more like him than Kim. No matter, all those kids are doomed. And I wouldn’t go by looks to determine paternity. Mariah’s father is black but she looks like her white mom. Kanye is black but the kid will not be looking much like the mother once she gets older. It’s how genes play the game.

  24. DelilaMars says

    Feminism doesn’t need a special outfit. You can be a feminist without baggy and vans. That being said, Beyonce is the greatest PR stunt of all time!

  25. tessaB says

    Sorry batgirl6 but I would tell Beyonce she’s working my last nerves!!! And that I wished her and her husband would continue the theme from their tour and keep on running.

    • annie-leah says

      her dad said in an interview a couple of days ago that the divorce rumours are to spark her tour and get her more attention, which it did…now her dad ain’t no saint but that makes sense to me, i don’t think they’ll be divorcing soon, even if they don’t like each other….they like money and power more

  26. foraccts says

    Ha, your Bey feminism comments were so on the mark. Loved this and thanks for the laugh.