Singer Disses Another Artist

[Blind Gossip] One of the male artists at the 2014 VMAs sang live. He is an accomplished and experienced artist, but singing live without a backup track is always a risky move.

One member of the audience – a hot but younger female singer – later remarked, “Holy sh*t! Did you hear X? What a f*ck up! Every note was off! If that was me I’d be embarrassed to show my face [at the after parties]! Remind me never to work with him! Career over!”

Male Singer:

Female Singer:

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86 comments to Singer Disses Another Artist

  • ameliaj

    Male Singer: Usher

    Female Singer: Rita Ora

  • AliekaZola

    Don’t know who the female singer is. Maybe it’s an r&b female singer.

  • sammieeeee

    Male Singer: Usher

    Female Singer: I am not too sure who. This is just a guess but I will say Ariana Grande.

  • jersey6332

    male singer: usher
    female singer: beyonce

    at first, i think its nicki minaj but she worked with him twice already. and i know from blind items that beyonce isn’t the nicest person so my guess is her

  • musicjunkie17

    I’d say this is definitely about Sam Smith, the female singer not too sure
    Male Singer: Sam Smith
    Female Singer: judging by the picture, i’m going to say swifty, so Taylor Swift

    • lovefifteen

      There’s no way this is about Sam Smith. Ace mentions singing without a backing track, i.e. this male artist sometimes sings with one. Sam Smith’s music isn’t the type that you’d sing with a backing track. Usher’s definitely is since he dances while singing or “singing”.

    • kspeedian

      Yeah, also, I wouldn’t call Sam Smith an “accomplished and experienced” artist. “In the Lonely Hour,” was his first album on a major label and it only came out in the end of June or beginning of July (in the USA at least). He’s fantastic but very young and definitely considered a newcomer. This has got to be Usher.

      As for the girl, am I the only one who thinks it was Miley Cyrus who said this? She’s definitely one to speak her mind. So I’ll say her. Although, Ariana Grande is a great guess too (I’ve noticed a few people saying her)… she tries to act all sweet, but she strikes me as a huge bitch AND seems like she already has a huge ego.

      • kspeedian

        … Ariana also always seems like she’s on a ton of xanax to me too; I’ve been waiting for a blind about her abusing that (or maybe some kind of painkiller). Im just sayin…. Time will tell lol.


    Male artist-Usher possibly
    I was watching the audience cam and I thought it was during his performance I saw someone make a face but I’m not sure.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess female star-Iggy

  • rpca26


    • Vampa15

      I agree with this guess. It sounds like something Miley would say in all of her glorious arrogance

  • lovefifteen

    Male Singer: Usher … he was singing live and very off. Terrible.

    Female Singer: I would get one of the very good singers said this, i.e. Ariana, Lorde, Jesse J, not one of the women with pitch problems like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. But I have no idea who.

  • lisako

    Usher, Ariana Grande or Charli XCX

  • ravenglass

    Male: Usher

    Female: Ariana Grande

  • graysonsmama

    Usher. He sounded horrible.

  • ImWearingVersace

    Usher and Miley

  • pattyc24

    I’m going to go with Usher and J.Lo.

    Usher’s performance was pretty terrible to listen to. And that’s just something I can see JLo saying

    • Stars In My Eyes

      Hee hee hee!
      The younger female singer is J-Lo? That’s great!
      J-Lo would love you for that!

  • XxMileyXxMadonnaXx

    Male singer : usher

    Female singer : not sure

  • prettybrowneyes

    Male Singer: Usher
    Female Singer: Taylor Swift

  • charmcitymomma

    Male Singer: Usher – He boggled every note.

    Female Singer: Miley Cyrus – She just finished working with Pharrell and, if she’s looking for future pairings, doesn’t want to get stuck with someone who embarrassed himself at a venue she took by storm!

  • eli caroline

    Male Singer – Ed Sheeran
    Female Singer – Miley Cyrus

  • sheknowsthetruth

    Male Singer: Adam Levine (although he’s a much better singer than last night)
    Female: Ariana Grande (bc they said younger and there’s so many jokes about how she looks so much younger than her age)
    If it is Ariana she needs to get off her high horse because she’s not some super accomplished singer yet, and she released her recent music at a time where no other artists were really producing hit singles aside from a few. I used to like her but after seeing how fake she was and rumors of her with previous Co stars, gah I hope someone rips out her fake a** ponytail until she whistles her away out of existence. And M5 has continued to produce hit albums, and this won’t be any different.
    The male singer could also be Usher, but I think he had a backing track, idk

    • ktbell05

      She is getting worse than Miley! Ugh can’t stand her at all. At least miley is honest in interviews…

  • pisces2679


  • MissPoison_13

    Male Singer: Usher

    Female Singer: Maybe Rita Ora? She is hot and young, and has some R&B “influences” (I listened her first album). She’s a person who probably could work with Usher.

    (I thought first on Ariana Grande, but she’s not hot.)

  • lakelady

    Ed Sheeran and Miley? Not sure

  • chelseab13

    Male Singer: Usher
    Female Singer: Ariana Grande

  • Bystander

    Ariana Grande

  • PrincessTiff

    Usher and not sure

  • AR09

    Male singer: usher
    Female singer: sounds like the forever full of herself Ariana grande

  • Maximus

    Male Singer: Usher

    Female Singer: Miley

  • yo1774

    Well, the male singer must be Usher. The only other male singer that sung at the VMAS was Sam Smith, and first, he is a newbie and second, Beyonce apart, his performance was the best of the night, so it can’t be him.

    And i don’t know who the female singer is, but given the fact how addicted to autotune most of young female singers are, she probably better shut up

  • audreyyy

    Male Singer: Usher

    Female Singer: Ariana Grande

  • maiklotz

    Male Singer: Usher
    Female Singer: Miley Cyrus? (really don’t know)

  • bengalcat


  • AnguaDelphine

    I’m going to guess Usher as Male Singer, but I have no clue about the hot but younger female singer. It’s probably someone reckless – to disrespect Usher like that, where people could hear!

  • Cult of Personality

    Ed sheeran

    Miley cyrus

  • thoughtsndstuff

    Has to be

  • iluvgossip

    Singer: Usher
    Female singer: Ariana Grande
    Wild guess…did not catch the VMAs last night

  • thoughtsndstuff

    Has to be Usher. Only males who performed were him, Sam Smith and Maroon 5. Sam Smith wouldn’t be described as experienced and Maroon 5 were outside without a celebrity audience watching

  • jpizle

    I know they’re talking about Sam Smith, I feel like that’s something Taylor Swift would say.

    • yo1774

      Sam Smith doesn’t fit the blind item. First he is a newbie (not that experienced) and second, he is one of the best male singers in recent years. He sounds fantastic life.

      By the way, Taylor Swift was one of the first of praising Sam on twitter, she talked about him months before he relead anything in the USA

  • hadapurpura

    Better not be about that guy Sam Smith, ’cause he nailed it.

  • royaltyfamous


  • SamuraiJack

    Adam Levine
    Ariana Grande

  • ohmindi

    Just a guess. But Usher and Ariana

  • dedicated2mywork


    Do not know who “younger singer” is, but Jennifer Lopez did not look impressed.

  • ChocoIateOxygen

    I don’t know the male singer. At first I thought it was Ed Sheeran but he didn’t perform, right?

    Female Singer: Probably the bitch Ariana.

  • Nini

    Male Singer: Usher

    Female Singer: ?

  • niri2014

    Male Singer: This is Usher or Maroon 5. I’m going with Usher.
    Female Singer: Taylor Swift?

  • hushhush

    Usher and Ariana Grande?

  • weeblywoombly

    She (Meh, I’ll take Ariana Grande) couldn’t have been talking about Sam Smith, right? Because that performance was the only redeemable thing about that show.

  • tell me more

    Katy perry?

  • cutieswift13

    New Starbucks drink – Ariana Grande and Usher.

  • hallerback

    Male Singer: Usher
    Female Singer: Could have been anyone.

  • KayKayJayT

    Male singer Usher
    Female singer Arianna Grande

  • haley1020

    Ariana grande?


    Ariana Grande

  • matteoteo

    Male Singer : Usher
    Female Singer : … Let’s try Miley Cyrus

  • SharmelleLaBoushh

    Male Singer: Adam Levine

    Female Singer: Miley Cyrus

  • WILDKATer216

    Male Singer: Ed Sheeran
    Female Singer: Miley Cyrus

  • Vampira

    Probably Ariana Grande. She’s not NEARLY as sweet and innocent as her “image.”…She’s rude and impatient to interviewers, too. Her true colors will show loud and clear sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

  • TheFabMrsT

    Male Singer: I’m going to go with Sam Smith or Usher (both were a little off)
    Female Singer: Taylor or Ariana. Can’t see Miley saying it because I believe she was too busy congratulating herself on being so much more above the fray.

  • slimfast10

    I thought Ushers performance was one of the best of the night..don’t get what these posters are talking about. Adam Levine sounded a little off, but still very entertaining.

  • pennypennypenny

    Usher and Demi Lovato (X factor)

  • rudy

    I don’t know who this is, but I did hear Taylor Swift’s song, vocals only. OMG. that girl can’t sing.

  • audleygeorge

    Rita Ora? Clue “hot” – she had a song called Hot Right Now?

  • luvprue1

    Male singer:Adam Levine
    Female singer: Rihanna

  • thelasthigh

    Usher.. he hit a few sour notes that made me cringe.

  • FlyBy

    Ed and Miley

  • ktbell05

    Dang girl tell it like it is…kind of harsh though. Could you have done any better?


    You know now that I’m thinking of it, it could of been Rita. I wonder if MTV still has the live audience cams on the site bc if so I’m gonna go back and watch and see who this is but I guesses Iggy bc she hates Nikki Minaj who was singing with Usher, so it just made sense she might hold it against Usher for performing with her, but then Iggy Is more of a rapper right? Idk why but I think it could of been Rita. For some reason I just don’t see Miley dissing Usher, I think she has been in the biz too long to make that kind of mistake. I think she would know to shut her mouth no matter what he sounded like bc he has clout in the music biz and has been around a long time. IMO He wasn’t spot on, but then there were others I didn’t think were impressive either. He wasn’t flat out terrible as I have heard before. Maroon 5 was outdoors that’s why I don’t think it was them and I thought they were good.


    Yeah I can’t get the whole 5+ hour feed ( live MTV feed with audience cams etc.)to work anymore, they must of taken it down :( I still stick with Usher as the guy and maybe Rita as the girl.

  • db8ng1

    Male singer: Usher
    Female singer: Miley

  • foxtrotmahoney

    Jennifer Lopez

  • dcaprice

    Taylor Swift

  • ashanean

    I am late to the paty. I think it was Usher. I saw he show late just to see what the fuss was about. Usher everything was good but tour the singing. I found not heard hum after the first few bars and what I did hear was off. Adam I heard him worst than that. Sam smith was brilliant. I thnk the girl was Rita.

  • ClosetOrganizer

    Usher is the male artist; no idea who the female artist is, but my best guess is Rita Ora (signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, same as Rihanna)