Weight and Harley

harley street[Pop Bitch] Which highly irritating Brit celeb has a pretty modern approach to healthcare? For months she’ll cane the drugs (coke and adderall) to keep her weight down, then schedule some Harley St. time to keep the addiction under control.

BG Notes: Cane = to take drugs, especially c*caine. Harley Street = road in London where many doctors, hospitals and clinics are located.


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    • brendles says

      Even if you’re not right, ravenglass, Helen is definitely the most irritating Brit celeb I can think of.

  1. iluvgossip says

    Naomi Campbell? -she is a model not really a celeb….Goopie? But she is not really British either. She is very irritating though. That’s all I have.

  2. timesink says

    Thinking Lily Allen, because she used to annoy everyone and her more recent skinniness has no backstory to go with it.

  3. CanaryCry says

    Lily Allen?

    Any Spice Girl or other former girl group cupcake?

    Cheryl Cole?

    Kate Moss?

  4. CanaryCry says

    All the others who mentioned Lily Allen: oh, nme.com would love you so much… beware.

  5. shannonrose says

    Tara Palmer-Tomkinson? Seems like something she’d do, plus she’s bloody annoying. Definitely don’t think Rita Ora, though I did see her coming out of her gyno in Harley Street a few weeks ago haha.

  6. beckss says

    lol, i love it when a blind has to translate the brit slang. i forget most people don’t use it. i like the kate hopkins guesses, she’s recently put on 3 stone for her newspaper column to show how ‘easy’ it is to lose it. hope this is how she does it! hate that rent-a-mouth cow

  7. audleygeorge says

    Yeah probably Lily Allen, she has lost a lot of weight recently but claims it is down to just eating crisps/chips.