Oxy Love

oxy 2[Lainey Gossip] To the outsider, they don’t seem to have much in common. The internet doesn’t seem to understand their relationship. But it’s serious, lasting a lot longer than people thought it would. How have they prevailed? Love, sure. And also… oxyc*ntin. They’re both add*cted to oxy and often spend days at home, wrapped up in each other, doing oxy, back to her old habits. But he’s been partying for a long time, somehow he manages to make the bare minimum at work. So when they hooked up, she just kinda fell into that lifestyle. It’s not like she has to worry about money. And it’s not like she has the kind of job where anyone’s waiting on her to show up either. She’s already a boss as it is and then there will always be a mirror to hold her up.



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    • MikeInSanJose says

      “there will always be a mirror to hold her up.”

      Good call! The mirror was the wicked queen’s biggest cheerleader…

      I read Oxycontin and all I got was Rush Limbaugh. The lover must have been involved in his viagra-fueled 2006 visit to child-sex tourism capitol of the world The Dominican Republic… Couldn’t be him, though – Most of those kids aren’t as old as Charlize and Sean’s relationship.

  1. jersey6332 says

    her: selena
    him: justin

    there’s been numerous reports that they’re back together. justin was seen driving selena to her place. also, selena only started drugs like a year or a year and a half ago? on the other hand, justin barely does anything

  2. TeacherKat says

    Charlize and Sean Penn? Mirror makes me think of Snow White and the Huntsman. I hope not for her son’s sake, but it is a relationship that has left many confused and they are both known for being drug users…

  3. jpbarker says

    Her: Mary Kate Olsen
    Him: Olivier Sarkozy

    Clue: “always be a mirror to hold her up” referring to Ashley Olsen

    • Alexicon says

      I think you’re right! I change my guess to this! Because Mary-Kate is already the boss of her own company!

    • DdR says

      Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

      Yep, Ashley can bail out her sister Mary Kate when the other’s high. She’s also got an estimated net worth above $300 million and is co-head of Dualstar Entertainment Group. Her boyfriend looks like he’s been partying for a looooong time.

    • Moonpie says

      I think you got it. It’s sad these two are the jokes when people look at them. Not her fault she is petite and looks 12. They make no effort to look grown up and insist on looking like elves or dolls. Her ‘mirror’ to hold her up is her sis and they are ‘bosses’ of their company.

    • Revisionist says

      Im down with this too… they don’t have to worry about money. From what I understand they literally made a BILLION dollars off video series they did in the 90s.

    • sssss says

      THIS!!! You must be right. Makes more sense as Sean Penn is very successful and Charlize does have to show up on set when she is working. Good job figuring this one out!!

    • lovefifteen says

      I agree with the Mary-Kate Olsen guess. She’s already the boss. She doesn’t have to worry about money, and her job is definitely one where no one is “waiting on her to show up”. And her mirror is Ashley.

    • jodie99 says

      This is it. One of the Olson sisters was involved with Heath Ledger when he died, and was doing Oxy. The Olson sisters are ridiculously wealthy and in charge of their own company, and who could’ve imagined her with the brother of the former French PM?!

  4. BexSteve says

    Jessica Simpson and Eric her husband. He always looks high/glazed over to me and she has a billion dollar fashion brand (mirror- retail store mirror?) which she doesn’t probably have to do much with except when she feels like it. He seems to be the epitome of a guy getting by on the minimum.

  5. TW says

    Her: Mary Kate Olsen
    Him: Olivier Sarkozy

    Hints: Mary Kate’s “old habits” of oxy use (including rumors that she supplied to Heath Ledger before he died); she doesn’t have to “worry about money” because of her child stardom and successful fashion house; her job (heading up The Row) doesn’t require her to be onsite the way an acting gig would; she’s the boss there; and her “mirror” (a.k.a. twin sister) is support she can fall back on.

  6. Alexicon says

    Her: Demi Lovato
    Him: Wilmer Valderrama

    I don’t know if that’s accurate, because I see there are A TON of clues, and I don’t get any of them! But it’s my best guess.

  7. electriclady says

    Sean Penn and Charlize Theron. Mirror clue from her Snow White and the Huntsman movie. Sean Penn doesn’t really work a lot.

  8. goopygoo says

    Mary Kate and that older guy she’s engaged to. She’s been to rehab before and her mirror would be Ashley

  9. tuckerlee123 says

    I’m not quite putting the “mirror” and “boss” clues together, so I’ll guess Wilmer and Demi.

    Second guess is Mariah and Nick but seems like they are already splitsville.

  10. iluvgossip says

    Her: JLO

    Him: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

    Clues: She’s already a boss- She an entreprenuer,she produces ‘The Foster’s’ and Twisted, and she answers to no one.

    There will always be a mirror to hold her up:Maks won the last mirrow ball on DWTS, and he leads/hold up the women as their partner.

  11. katheryn says

    One guess:

    her- Mary Kate Olsen- she’s her own boss and the mirror comment refers to her twin sister.
    him-Olivier Sarkozy

  12. sunshine702 says

    Khloe and French Montana

    She’s got nowhere to be and has switched from c0ke with Lamar to pill her@in with the new rapper. I hope they od

  13. cheruboobomb says

    Mary Kate Olsen (28) and Olivier Sarkozy (45).

    She’s been filthy rich since the age of four and the “mirror” is her twin Ashley.

  14. ohhjenna says

    I can’t help but feel like this is Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (that’s the one he’s with right? too many Jessicas that are famous).

    Mostly just because of the “mirror” clue

  15. ummok says

    Mary Kate Olson back to her old habits .. mirror being her twin Ashley. If anyone doesn’t have to worry about money it’s her. Age difference and celeb vs son of politico not being much in common. Sarkozy guy .. what does he do?

  16. bec215 says

    Hooooly crap – The Timberbiels?! Ok, even that one surprises me a little, only because Timberlake’s always been so ambitious, and this sort of addiction is the kind that consumes you and destroys all that you worked for. For her, I believe this started the way an estimated 60% of prescription addicts start: with an injury. At least she knows when he’s doped up he’s not out on the prowl…

  17. loremi says

    Sinead ‘I’m not bossy, I’m the boss’ O’Connor and that guy she met on the internet.

  18. bellashade says

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon?

    Could possibly be JLo and the slummy backup dancer too, but no mention of breakups….

  19. sb17 says

    My guess is Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

    They are notoriously known as kind of an odd couple, they’re recently engaged which is kind of surprising it’s gotten to this point.

    She’s the boss of a billion dollar multi-media empire and I;m not even sure what he does..something in politics?

    Her “mirror” would be a reference to her twin Ashley.

  20. weeblywoombly says

    When I first read it, I thought this was Charlize Theron/Sean Penn because of the ‘mirror’ clue, re: Snow White. But I’m agreeing with the Mary Kate/Oliver guesses, because the ‘mirror’ in that case makes more sense. Either way, this makes me sad.

  21. keeley123 says

    It can’t be Mariah and Nick Cannon – he made $77 million since 2011!
    Not either of the Olsen twins – both of their significant others are extremely successful
    Can’t be Sean Penn and Charlize Theron – Sean doesn’t always make the minimum and none of the clues really add up – what is she the boss of??
    Definitely not Jessica and Justin – the clues do not add up at all
    The best guess so far is Nicole Richie and Joel Madden – I’m going with that and I hope it isn’t them because they are parents.

  22. AR09 says

    This is totally Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. She’s a boss and diva that loves her mirror,&this pairing is weird.

  23. Erin says

    I’m sticking with Penn/Theron, but I have to admit the Mary Kate Olsen guesses make a lot of sense.

    That being said, one reason why I still think it’s Theron-Lainey had a blind a few months ago about how Charlize likes her cocaine. So I took the “mirror” clue as being cocaine related.

  24. justme84 says

    Justin Timberlake
    Jessica Biel
    a few months ago there was a blind that seemed to point to them about him having to take a break from his tour to help her when she was having issues with pills.
    The mirror reference sounds like his song mirrors which basically calls them a reflection of each other and the same person so he will take care of her as her reflection. The reference to her as a boss seems to relate to her restaurant. She’s the money of the place but everything is other peoples responsibility to make happen. so she isn’t exactly walking in the door every day to manage the place.

    • QuicheLorraine says

      Almost exactly what I came to say. “Oxy Love” similar to his song Pusher Love; the pill issue Lainey mentioned a few months ago; the mirror reference. All of these fit. I didn’t get the boss reference, so great catch!

  25. Mammacubbie says

    This is actually Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp. (Spelling?) I always wondered how and why they got together.

  26. goopygoo says

    Uh Lainey would never refer to Jessica Biel as a boss so def not the Timberlake’s. People guess them for nearly every blind item it’s so boring think outside the box folks

  27. research boy says

    I go with Mary-Kate as well. Clue being the reference to her as “A boss”, rather than “THE boss”, indicating she runs her company with her “mirror” (twin), Ashley.

  28. cupcakedelight says

    Not everything fits, but I think it’s JLo and Caspar. Lainey usually calls him “slum bear” and refers to their relationship as “slum love”, and I think the “oxy love” title she used for the item is a play on that “slum love” name she normally gives them, and the “bare minimum” comment is a play on words about her “slum bear” nickname for him. The internet definitely doesn’t get their relationship, they’re rumored to be reuniting and their relationship has already lasted way longer than anyone expected. And she’s got plenty of money, doesn’t have a normal job where someone would be checking for her in the usual ways.

    But this is one of those blind items where I wish it wasn’t anyone. Addiction is such a sad thing.

    • cupcakedelight says

      And that could mean the mirror thing is a reference to Timberlake as some suggested, because Cam used to date Timberlake.

  29. spoofbyrd says

    I think the Olsen one is a good guess. Theron/Peron may have lots of money but they still act and have to show up. This is not good. Oxycontin is dangerous and deceptive. People seem to get lulled into a false sense of I can handle it with oxys. Ahh the celebrity idle rich ! They are so arrogant they think they cant lose it all.

  30. thefantasticspazzomatic says

    Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz. It has to be a relatively new couple, and these two gave me WTF bubbles flying out my ears.
    Or Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin? But Coldplay is popular so I doubt he’s making the bare minimum..

  31. jmos03 says

    I’m gonna say Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux b/c she was in Horrible Bosses, they seemed like an unusual match from the beginning and they’ve been together a while now.

  32. gossipisking365 says

    Mary Kate Olsen & Oliver Sarkozy, Mary Kate is part owner of a clothing line i.e. own boss plus her mirror is her twin sister