They Sleep In Separate Bedrooms

woman granny nightgown[Naughty But Nice Rob] A recent survey found that couples who sleep in the buff had happier relationships, more sex and stronger bonds, but THIS celebrity sexy couple is having none of it – they sleep in separate bedrooms!

“He is one of the sexiest men in the world but cannot sleep without his pajamas, while she wears a granny nightie every night,” a housekeeper source tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “You would think these two are naked all the time. They both have amazing bodies.”

So why do they sleep in separate bed?

“She has terrible sleeping habits. She snores, she eats in bed, she steals the covers and he cannot take it anymore.”



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    • Maritiagirl says

      Definitely THIS!!! Clues: Sexy Couple = JT and song Sexy back ANNNNDDD I remember seeing a pic in a magazine of Jessica Biel in similar pattern pj”s!!! (I think round Christmas? They were cute!)

  1. ravenglass says

    He: Daniel Craig (I DO NOT find him sexy)

    She: Rachel Weisz

    “…stronger BONDS…” makes me think of James Bond.

    I’m not surprised, Daniel, can’t sleep with her. She is snoring, eating, stealing the covers & is a woman.

  2. SouthJerseyGirl says

    If it weren’t for the fact that they are supposed to be a “faux” couple, I’d go with Sofia Vergara and Joe Mangiello.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Could be them,but they married recently,she has an ugly body and doesn’t seem to eat.And i can’t picture him in pajamas,since he loves to be naked…
      And he’s cute,not sexy…at all.And if it’s them,fighting because of sleeping habits already,and don’t even share the bed,divorce now…they won’t last 6 months fighting like that.

  3. LooLoo says

    What’s wrong with a granny nightgown? I hate this idea that you have to be sexy all the time. Ick.

    • elliedee says

      Agree – dress up all you want (or not) for sexy time but once it’s time to sleep you want comfy stuff.

    • GeorgiaR says

      I agree too. I wear Granny Nightgowns even during the summer and my husband still finds me sexy! Sexiness is not dependent on the clothes you wear!

    • jasper says

      I’m slightly more annoyed that “sleeping apart” is a bigger no-no. I worked with one couple and she readily admitted they had separate sleeping arrangements, despite having five kids across 20 years. He was a bigger guy (think Goodman, except taller and darker featured) who snored bad, so she made him sleep in another room.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Yes. If you cant be comfy when you sleep in the privacy of your own home then when?? Sure, throw your partner a bone (no pun) once in a while and throw on something sexy (or close to it…um, or you know naked) but geez. My guy loves his pima cotton PJs! Some days he’s in them pretty soon after getting home LOL! Why not? He’s not hiding anything or ashamed either thanks ; )

  4. Camila says

    He: Ryan Reynolds

    She: Blake Lively

    I’m taking a long shot here. I hope it’s not one of those reality show couples that no one cares or heard of.

  5. GrannyGoose says

    He: Ryan Reynolds
    She: Blake Lively

    poor kids. I know that she is trying to get pregnant, but…….

  6. slimfast10 says

    There are some good guesses here but does anyone really think Posh eats in bed or for that matter, anything at all?

  7. Darkclouds84 says

    As much as I love her, I can’t imagine Angelina eating anything anywhere, so I’m going with Timberlake/Biel.

  8. Elesdee says

    I’m voting for Chris Hemsworth and wife. The only reason it couldn’t possibly be the Becks is that although he has an amazing body, I really doubt many people would say she has. She has a great body for clothes (read “skeletal”), but definitely not an amazing or even enviable body.

  9. Mia444 says

    This blind kinda annoys me. Is he (and the housekeeper) implying that good looking couples should sleep nude and f**k nonstop? Please. I don’t care how hot you are, when you’ve been with the same person for a while, the heat does die down and sometimes all you want to do is get a good night’s sleep. And separate bedrooms? As long as they are still respectful, love each other and have nookie every now and again, I don’t see the problem. Believe me, if you are married to a snorer or a twitcher or a talker-in-his-sleep or any number of annoying nighttime habits, you’d want a separate BR too!

    • Booboo1068 says

      Agree with this and other comments saying the same. This Blind could be any number of non-famous couples around the world (never mind the U.S.) I have a bad back and if we had a second bedroom on the same floor (we do but its an office) I’d be there a few nights just to SLEEP! It’s called real life. My partner and I dont have picture perfect bodies but for over 40 were doing just fine thanks and we’ve been together almost 20 yrs with no plans of the Big D.

  10. KatarinaJ says

    I’d say the Beckhams only because I can see her having body issues in spite of her thin ness. I doubt Angelina would do this. Although Victoria doesn’t eat period, can’t imagine her eating in bed, but maybe this is the ‘eating disorder’ angle and late night binging.

  11. Rhett says

    Natalie Portman and the ballerina. Although I think there may be other reasons Benjamin Millepiede doesn’t want to sleep next to a woman.

  12. goopygoo says

    When I read this and him calling him one of the sexiest men alive I think of one of the guys People Mag has put on their cover and called sexiest man alive. So I’m going with Channing and Jenna.

  13. goopygoo says

    People always guess the same 3 couples it so boring and repetitive. Other couples besides Ben /Jen have their quirks too.

  14. TheOtherIan says

    “She has terrible sleeping habits. She snores, she eats in bed, she steals the covers and he cannot take it anymore.” Plus, he’s gay.

  15. annabelle77 says

    Definitely Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. I can definitely see her in a preppy Lanz flannel nightgown ( they have a home in New England), and absolutely NONE of the other women mentioned would ever wear one. Trust me on this. I went to a college full of preppy girls wearing these nightgowns. (Hell, I wore them. It was cold.). But it takes a certain personality to wear one as a married adult. The idea of Angie in a granny gown….or Giselle….or Victoria Beckham.. Trust me. Never happening. They would die first. Plus, the post photo looks exactly like Blake. Who has a hot body. I rest my case.

  16. bec215 says

    I’m going with the Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds guess… people can only wear PJs to bed if the climate works for that, and that reads East Coast primary residence to me. Sexiest men in the world + east coast residence narrows the list quite a bit, and I can’t see most of the women named here snacking in bed because they are on such highly-restricted diets to maintain their skeletal figures. But logic isn’t always the best way to figure these things out :)

    • captain says

      I agree. Also it sounds like the hourkeeping source doesn’t really like the woman. And in a recent blind about an actress wanting to get pregnant, there was something about her staff hating her.

  17. missmissy says

    So what? Do what you need to do to have good sleep. Restless sleep is common among women and the lack of sleep can contribute to heart disease among women. Have at it. Sleep is as important as sex and is just as (if not more) important to good health. I am thinking all night that I don’t want to wake my husband – he cannot go back to sleep once he wakes up. I would get much better sleep if we were in separate rooms. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a good sex life.

    • KatarinaJ says

      Exactly. i think i remember reading that Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward had separate bedrooms kept in the fashion they liked – lighting, sheets, mattress etc and talked about ‘visiting each other” for intimate time and yet being able to retreat when needing private time. Think it is a GREAT idea.

  18. cupcakedelight says

    Because of the sexiest man thing, I’m gonna go with:

    He: Adam Levine

    She: Behati Prinsloo

    Baz Luhrmann and his wife admitted to having separate bedrooms a couple of days ago but I don’t think anyone’s gonna mistake him for being one of the sexiest man alive, LOL!