Actor’s Jacket Has A Wild History

angelina jolie 6[Pop Bitch] Which actor is the proud owner of a jacket that not only once had Angelina Jolie have a lesbian roll around on top of it in the bedroom/cloakroom of a Hollywood party… but also had Gazza humping away on top of it too?

BG Note: Gazza = Paul Gascoigne, an English professional soccer player, who is famous for his wild behavior and multiple stints in rehab.

Actor who owns jacket:

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  1. 8daysmegan says

    Rupert Grint? Clues: British site, Cloakroom = Harry Potter and he’s a fan of the Football team the Spurs, a team Gazza played for.

  2. iluvgossip says

    Actor who owns jacket: Her ex husband, Bill Bob Thornton….first last and only answer.

  3. UKGoss says

    Probably Vinnie Jones.

    British footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones was active in football around the same time as Gazza.

    He starred in the Guy Ritchie Film ‘Snatch’ in 2000, which also starred Brad Pitt. For a while, at the beginning of the millennium, there were reports of the unlikely friendship between Guy Ritchie, Vinnie Jones, Brad Pitt et al – they were all pictured hanging out together, many, many times.

    However, Brad didn’t meet Angelina until 2004 on the set of ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’, and they didn’t officially become a couple until 2005. (Of course, more than likely – in fact, more probable – that Angelina had her lesbian romp before she met Brad; she simply happened to be at the same Hollywood party).

    So the link between Vinnie, Gazza and Angelina is tenuous. But Vinnie is the only one who seems to have had connections with both the world of English football, and the world of Hollywood.

    Couple of other names that come to mind are: Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp, because they’ve both been friends with various English footballers on one hand, and Hollywood stars on the other.