He Shocked His Hamptons Guests

pool party the hamptons[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which TV host, who is known for his conservative views but fabulous sense of style, shocked his house guests at his Hamptons house when he emerged wearing a bathing suit that looked a lot like the one below?

The suit was flesh colored but had a dark line that look like his bottom cheeks, plus writing on the back that looked like a tattoo!

At first everyone was silent until the host started to laugh! However, his wife and kids are not sooooo amused!nbnr bathing suit

TV Host:

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  1. Vampira says

    If he was covered up, what’s the big deal? And if he is on Fox News, I wouldn’t know who he is, because I don’t watch that garbage.

    • PIncorrect says

      ROFLMAO…suck it, libs. We conservatives know how to have a good time. We’re not usually quiet or hypocritical about it, either. No “beards” or 2 year Clooney NDA contracts for us. LOLOLOL….

      That most of you don’t watch is painfully apparent. My guess? MSNBC and/or The Daily Show.

      Most do, though. Kills in the ratings…which is the REAL reason the Hollywood types hate it so.

      • SammynSophie says

        Huh? What? So many things wrong with this comment, but I’ll focus on reading comprehension: The blind says the “TV Host is known for his conservative views.” MSNBC is a network. The Daily Show is a TV program. Neither qualify as a “TV Host,” and neither could be considered conservative. Thus, neither of your guesses makes any sense. (And the insults are just drivel…blah, blah)

    • katt388 says

      I haven’t paid much attention to him lately but I never considered him conservative

      • mata hari says

        Geraldo! He tweeted his “50 is the new 70” selfie about this time last year. It was him with a towel wrapped around his waist shot in a steamed-up bathroom mirror. He took it down shortly thereafter as his wife was reportedly “not very happy” which sounds like “no soooo amused” with company present. He has about 5 kids and he has style…albeit unique and thus maybe “fabulous”. It is Geraldo. Mark your calendar for about this time next year.

        Here is why no one else fits as well:

        Matt Lauer has a horse farm in the Hamptons, is married and has 3 kids but he does not, repeat NOT, have conservative views.

        Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck are unquestionably conservative but are really radio personalities first and foremost. Yes, Hannity has a show on FoxNews and a wife with kids but his big mansion is in the Oyster Bay area of LI not the Hamptons. Limbaugh has a wife, and multiple ex-wives but not one kid with any of them. The idea of him in a flesh colored suit would not be funny to anyone at all. Beck does have a wife with 2 kids (as well as an ex-wife with two kids) but to call his “Beck TV” TV in the traditional sense and him a TV Host would be a misleading at best. Additionally spending summers in the Hamptons after moving his entire operation to Texas just doesn’t make sense.

        Joe Scarborough is a TV Host. He is the most conservative host on MSNBC. He has children but he is divorced and the blind doesn’t mention anything about a blond co-host being there which there would surely be if it was him. You just don’t see pictures of one without the other.

        Eric Bolling, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Hemmer & Shepard Smith are conservative Fox TV hosts. Bolling has a wife but only 1 kid. O’Reilly has two kids but is divorced. Shepard Smith is divorced and no kids. Bill Hemmer has no wife and no kids.

        The Donald? OMG! Please, don’t make me even start to think about that possibility. That would make the Rush Limbaugh image seem like the Miss USA pageant by comparison.

    • bec215 says

      I think you’ve got it! Tucker has like, four kids and is specifically known for his style of dressing. He’s a WASP posterboy… this would definitely cause one of those ‘record-scratch’ moments!

  2. beachchick218 says

    It can’t be Rush because he doesn’t have any kids. I’m wondering about O’Reilly or Sean Hannity (not sure Hannity does the Hamptons).

    • SammynSophie says

      Lauer is married, has a home in The Hamptons, and has a great sense of style. However, I don’t think one could say he is “known” for his conservative views. (I have no idea if his personal views lean more conservative or liberal, and I watch the Today show every morning.) I think this has to be someone of the O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Beck ilk, although, I can’t say any of those are known for their sense of style. This one is a stumper!

  3. soyella says

    I don’t watch fauxnews, but the options are endless and all ewwwwwwww! Imagine any of the following:

    Bill O’Reilly
    Glenn Beck
    Is Rush on there?

    All so repulsive!!!

    • scumby says

      Why are they repulsive? Because they have different views than you? The dirty secret is all politicians and political media people are beholden to the same master like wrestling. It’s theater to create division and and you fell for it.

  4. spoofbyrd says

    I would have laughed my ass off even if it was a conservative . I count myself among the Team Blue ranks but sometimes left leaning people can be so stuffed shirt and humorless . I am going with Sean Hannity .

  5. takemedrunkimhome says

    Tucker Carlson who used to rock a bow tie, or Geraldo Rivera. This would be exactly like something he would pull based on history…plus he’s a snazzy dresser. Btw, some of the posters don’t seem to know the difference between who is conservative who is liberal.

  6. goldieb says

    I’ll second Shep Smith. FOX news, plus gay (“fabulous sense of style” is code).

    • goldieb says

      Which would mean the “wife and kids” is a fake-out. Or I’m wrong, heh. Or Mr. Het Hubby is also…fabulous!

  7. jillphelps41 says

    Greg Gutfeld. Sounds like something he would do. I must admit that I do like Red Eye.

  8. slantrhyme says

    Conservative views and fabulous style usually don’t go together. Billy Bush, maybe?

  9. Lisa says

    I like how most of the comments on this Blind are basically bashing Conservatives like they are the Anti-Christ or something. No offense, but Liberals are not perfect either. Who cares if they have different opinions than you? This is America. We are all allowed to have our opinions and express them no matter what anyone thinks. Now in regards to this Blind, I am going with Billy Bush.

  10. Learned One says

    Phil Donohue? He lives on a lane south of the highway….I saw him raking his leaves in his front yard in some VERY brief shorts once….