English Supergroup Split

circus magazine cover[Blind Gossip] This is an interesting blind item about a famous band that was published back in 1981. It was in Circus Magazine (1966 to 2006), which was a monthly American magazine focused primarily on rock bands.

Secret Stuff: The remnants of an English supergroup with a strong belief in the occult are facing a dilemma as to what to do. Two guys want to put a new band together and record, but a third (and equally creative member) insists the spirits say the time is wrong. Millions of pounds are lying there while everyone waits for a firm decision.

circus magazine blind

It might be helpful to know that over the course of its publishing life, Circus Magazine shifted focus several times. It started out covering hard rock acts, then popular rock acts, then pop culture, then rock bands, then Heavy Metal, then glam metal. At different points in history, it competed with Rolling Stone and People.

Which band do you think this item is about? Did they ever get back together?

BG Note: The photo is just a cover from a random issue of Circus. It is probably not the issue in which this blind item was published.


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