English Supergroup Split

circus magazine cover[Blind Gossip] This is an interesting blind item about a famous band that was published back in 1981. It was in Circus Magazine (1966 to 2006), which was a monthly American magazine focused primarily on rock bands.

Secret Stuff: The remnants of an English supergroup with a strong belief in the occult are facing a dilemma as to what to do. Two guys want to put a new band together and record, but a third (and equally creative member) insists the spirits say the time is wrong. Millions of pounds are lying there while everyone waits for a firm decision.

circus magazine blind

It might be helpful to know that over the course of its publishing life, Circus Magazine shifted focus several times. It started out covering hard rock acts, then popular rock acts, then pop culture, then rock bands, then Heavy Metal, then glam metal. At different points in history, it competed with Rolling Stone and People.

Which band do you think this item is about? Did they ever get back together?

BG Note: The photo is just a cover from a random issue of Circus. It is probably not the issue in which this blind item was published.


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  1. phlyfiremama says

    Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, with Aleister Crowley (“The Necronomicon”) being the occult figure~

  2. scumby says

    Probably the remaining members of Black Sabbath. and Creem was superior to Circus and the best rock magazine

    • CanaryCry says

      I loved Creem a lot, too. Still miss it – especially how much more witty it could be than so many other rock mags.

  3. amanduh says

    Led Zeppelin? John Bonham had passed away and Jimmy Page is/was very into the supernatural…

  4. GlitterNinja says

    Sounds like the Beatles. The article says “remnants” of a supergroup, and by that time John Lennon had been killed. If you look it up, they did dabble in the occult.

  5. brittanybliss223 says

    i wasnt even born til 1986 so i have no idea but look forward to reading the guesses

  6. bigdaddyrobbiek says

    First comment here, but this one is pretty obvious.

    Led Zeppelin after Bonham died: everyone waiting for a “firm decision” is Page’s band The Firm with Paul Rodgers

  7. I Am PunkA says

    This is probably Black Sabbath. They have ties to the Occult, and even sang a song titled “Mr. Crowley”, about Aleister Crowley, the English occultist.

    They did get back together, but without Ozzie Osbourne, who went solo. I think they added Ronnie James Dio, then Ian Gillan as lead singer for their next tour/albums.

  8. beerizzy says

    Band: Led Zepplin

    The band split after John Bonham’s death in 1980 then in 1981 Robert Plant and Jimmy Page went on to form The Honeydrippers. The third band member would be John Paul Jones.

  9. moxiegumption says

    I think it’s Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page was heavily involved in the occult, and even purchased Alistair Crowley’s former home. The blind only mentions three members, because by 1981, John Bonham had already died.

  10. prleonard2 says

    Feels like Led Zeppelin. I thought Jimmy Page always had a strong interest in the occult. Isn’t he the hold out for the reunion?

  11. Zap The Sheep says

    It sounds like Led Zeppelin. Bonham died in 1980 and, Plant went on to form a new band in 1981. Page was heavily into portents, spirits, and the occult.

  12. Blaze says

    Led Zeppelin. After John Bonham’s death they collaborated a few times but never officially got back together.

  13. curlyandclever says

    I think this is about Led Zeppelin. When John Bonham died, John Paul Jones was the holdout when it came to the group finding a replacement drummer. It was long rumoured that everyone in the band had made a pact with the devil except for JPJ and each of them suffered terribly tragic events in their lives. When John Bonham died I think that sort of sealed it for John Paul Jones.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      I agree with this.
      Also, both Page and Plant have homes in Austin, Texas and have been known to jam at local blues clubs together.

    • kerriedub says

      Always heard about these guys being into the occult, and “The Firm” was the band that Jimmy Page Started – hence “firm decision”

  14. morgana says

    The remaining members of Led Zeppelin got back together in 2007 in London. It was the last time we probably saw them together. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones want to tour, but Robert Plant refuses.

  15. Kerzep says

    Led Zeppelin

    all four of them were at one time into the occult. Jimmy especially. I could see Robert as the one talking of spirits. He’s very mystical these days.

    Technically, they have reunited with John Bonhams son on drums and Jimmy/Robert have toured together.

  16. Endoracat says

    Gotta be Led Zeppelin. The drummer John Bonham died in 1980, leaving behind three members. Guitarist Jimmy Page was supposedly heavy into the occult.

  17. TeacherKat says

    Cream? It had 3 members and this blind discusses 3 members, and they were the first super group…

  18. kellyp says

    Led Zeppelin. The two guys wanting to record were Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. The hold out was Jimmy Page. Remnants because John Bonham had just died in September 1980.

    Yes, they did get back together with John’s son playing drums.

  19. NettieHoney says

    Black Sabbath and no, they didn’t return in their original lineup. They did, perhaps still do tour; I saw them in ’95 or thereabouts.

  20. Rofl my Wofl says

    Easy. Led Zeppelin. English super group, heavily involved in the occult. Jimmy Page was obsessed with Alistair Crowley and purchased his former house in Scotland. Originally had four members, and then John Bonham passed away on December 4, 1980, leaving three. By 1981 the surviving three – Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones – would have been contemplating where to go next.

  21. DdR says

    Band: Led Zeppelin

    Lyrics are pretty spiritual. Band is English. John Bonham died in 1980, after which the bank broke up.

    Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones have always wanted to get Zeppelin back together for $$$. Plant, the other equally creative member, has always declined.

    Led Zeppelin is indeed a supergroup. In my opinion the best rock band of all time.

    • tarap says

      I’m with you on best rock band of all time. They really had it all. I was going to write a treatise on why but…time for some Physical Graffiti instead (Ten Years Gone has been stuck in my head and I need to go address that)

  22. callmedave says

    Led Zeppelin, broke up in 1980 after the death of John Bonham (hence “the remnants”). Jimmy Page had an obsession with the occult works of Aleister Crowley and refused to work for months after the death.

  23. RedGirl77 says

    I’ve got to think Led Zeppelin. John Bonham died in 1980 which left the three remaining band members and the band eventually broke up.

  24. lily is my puppy says

    Since it says “the remnants” and the year is 1981, a year after John Lennon was killed, I’m gonna say The Beetles.
    And no, they never got back together

  25. gail says

    This is obviously Led Zeppelin. The two members who wanted to put a new band together were Robert Plant and John Paul Jones, and the member who said the timing was not right (and had at that time strong beliefs in the occult, but I think he has now moved on)was Jimmy Page.

  26. ccavagnaro says

    Led Zeppelin. John Bonham died in 1980. Jimmy Page was totally into the Occult. They did stay together and released what I call Zeppelin lite.

  27. Enigma says

    Obvious guess: Led Zeppelin – John Bonham being dead one year in 1981, everyone (especially Jimmy Page) dabbling in the occult…
    And they oscillated between working together in several projects, short reunions and complete split pretty much ever since.

  28. HiddenSwift says

    I’m guessing the Beatles. Lennon was shot in late 1980. Left three members behind. They were pretty much broken up already though…..

  29. SammynSophie says

    Band: Yes?

    I have no idea if they had a strong belief in the occult, but the year 1981 and “English supergroup” made me think of Asia, which was formed with some former members of Yes, among others.

    • SammynSophie says

      The blind says two of the members wanted to form a *new* group, not get back together. Two members of Yes were in Asia.

  30. AIP says

    It’s Led Zeppelin, although the interest in the occult is far more Jimmy Page’s bag than Robert Plant. Plant even (jokingly) refers to Page as The Dark a Lord Jimmy Page.

    Page’s most famous occult-action was to buy Alastair Crowley’s home.

  31. spoofbyrd says

    First of all I am from that era and in the early 70s I remember Circus covering a lot of British Rock but not necessarily what one would call hard rock as they did articles on people like Cat Stevens and David Bowie whom I wouldnt consider hard rock as well as other Singer songwriters. Their Editorial Staff and readers like me spent a lot of time and space commiserating about the breakup of the Beatles and would the Beatles etc.etc. I quit reading Circus and switched to Creem as Circus did indeed always reinvent themselves. The Beatles had exotic Occultish themes and motifs sometimes and Lennon was supposed to have made a pact with Devil But the ” the firm ” reference indicates this is probably the three remaining members Of Zeppelin not the Beatles.

  32. Mabs says

    Band: Led Zeppelin, disagreement on continuing after John Bonham’s death in 1980
    Reluctant “Remnant”: Robert Plant
    Reunited (Plant, Page, and Jones): twice, only briefly, at their 1995 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert in 2007.

  33. Belser says

    This is a guess but I’m going with Genesis. Peter Gabriel being out and Phil Collins taking over the lead. And the other guy started the group Mike and the Mechanics a few years later. I may have my timeline mixed up. I haven’t googled the years this actually happened.

  34. Belser says

    Okay, I checked. Gabriel left in the 70s, but it could still be them. Phil Collins left in about 83. I must be old if it feels like this wasn’t that long ago!

    • lily is my puppy says

      I like how all the oldies are commenting on this one.

      (And here I thought I was the only one who read this site.)

  35. lescondido says

    The Band is Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant reunited in 1994, but without John Paul Jones.

  36. terry123 says

    Led Zeppelin – Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones after John Bonham passed away

  37. creeping_thistle says

    Weee, a blind for Eighties boffins like me!

    The choice seems obviously between Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.
    The blind explains rather clearly that all the three members of this band are creative talents; just for this, I’d go for Led Zeppelin, because Jimmy Page /Robert Plant / John Paul Jones were a real powerhouse and they all did solo stuff later. (Jimmy Page is also a known occult fan; see his Wikipedia page).

    Black Sabbath looks like the most obvious choice, but it was basically Ozzy, Tony Iommi and then a lot of musicians coming and going; some of them amazing, like Ronnie James Dio and Ian Gillan, but from the way the blind is worded, it sounds like a band which never changed its line-up. So I’ll try with the Zeps.

  38. Katmandu says

    I remember Circus and Creem from way back in the day. I didn’t give a hang about the innards of the music biz, but they featured the most wonderful pictures of glam rockers – I still have the Marc Bolan issue <3 and this is no small thing. Pre-internet, there wasn't much out there. A little on TV, if you could stay up late enough or were home on a Friday night…. I digress. I say it's Led Zep, the BEST band in the history of music, and I hope to be able to play a Led Zeppelin CD in my room at the nursing home!

    • mcwmomma says

      Were you referring to the wonderful “Night Flight” that used to be on way back in the day ? Oh, the good old (young) days….

  39. VodkaSoaked says

    Led Zeppelin.

    Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are both blaming eachother for not reuniting even though they’re rereleasing all their albums and it would be a great time.

  40. smoolie says

    i think one thing we can all agree on is that CREEM was the BEST rock music magazine EVER.

  41. jillphelps41 says

    Led Zeppelin. It fits. John Bonham had died a year earlier & Jimmy Page was pretty obsessed with the occult.