Picture Your Daughter In His Army

girl gun[Blind Gossip] You might have thought it was cute for your teen daughter to have a crush on this young singer. However, you might be alarmed to know that he may have set his sights on recruiting her into his new army.

At a recent private party, he boasted that since he has millions of followers on Twitter, “I have the power!”

“Our fans are stupid. If I tell them to do something, they do it.” He said that he has the power to get his fans to buy a certain product or like a certain person or even follow a certain religion.

Then he took it a step further, saying that if he wanted to kill [people], he wouldn’t even have to do it myself. He could just get his army of teen girls to do it for him.

One of his friends remarked, “That’s really sick,” but the singer just laughed it off. Now, this singer is not educated, and he does drink and do coke and smoke a lot of weed, so it may just have been the ignorance and the drugs and alcohol talking. However, given that he has become political lately in his chatter, the context of his remarks are a bit frightening.

So, parents, it may be time to rip those posters off the wall and stop paying for those concert tickets. Because you daughter’s choice in idols is a really stupid – and a potentially dangerous – one.


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