Picture Your Daughter In His Army

girl gun[Blind Gossip] You might have thought it was cute for your teen daughter to have a crush on this young singer. However, you might be alarmed to know that he may have set his sights on recruiting her into his new army.

At a recent private party, he boasted that since he has millions of followers on Twitter, “I have the power!”

“Our fans are stupid. If I tell them to do something, they do it.” He said that he has the power to get his fans to buy a certain product or like a certain person or even follow a certain religion.

Then he took it a step further, saying that if he wanted to kill [people], he wouldn’t even have to do it myself. He could just get his army of teen girls to do it for him.

One of his friends remarked, “That’s really sick,” but the singer just laughed it off. Now, this singer is not educated, and he does drink and do coke and smoke a lot of weed, so it may just have been the ignorance and the drugs and alcohol talking. However, given that he has become political lately in his chatter, the context of his remarks are a bit frightening.

So, parents, it may be time to rip those posters off the wall and stop paying for those concert tickets. Because you daughter’s choice in idols is a really stupid – and a potentially dangerous – one.


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  1. britbitch says

    One directions zyan or whatever his name is. He just got reprimanded for putting a politically sketchy/ignorant tweet up.

  2. ohhjenna says

    Oh no, please don’t tell me someone from One Direction :(
    I can see this being Zayn, especially after his tweet last night. But who knows, they’ve all seemed to have gotten lost in the dark side of celebrity status.

    • ravenglass says

      Can’t be Justin, although he is uneducated, a drinker & drug user.

      “Our fans…” indicates a member of a group. ZAYN MALIK seems to be in trouble for recent tweets, so I’ll say him.

    • ravenglass says

      An army of killer teen girls seemed pretty far-fetched until I read the comments @blindgossipcom. Scary.

    • CindyB says

      I don’t think it’s JB… but either way, I think the comment about an army of killer teenage girls is funny. C’mon… I’m sure it was said sarcastically and obsessed teen fans are a force to be dealt with. In my day, I would’ve killed for Leif Garrett, Donny Osmond or David Cassidy… :)

  3. MsOverstreet says

    Singer: Zayn Malik
    “Our” fans makes it sound like he’s part of a group. Also, he just tweeted “#FreePalestine” last night, so he’s getting more political. This is disappointing, though. He seemed like a moderately good kid.

    • wendy hood says

      He was heavily favored as part of BG’s former “coked up and drunk all night in a hotel” blind. Drugs can go a far way to inflate ones self importance, especially the white stuff.

  4. gingersnappped says

    Zayn Malik. Tweets about Palestine. Use of “our” indicates that it’s not Bieber, the only other remote possibility.

  5. docefugitiva says

    Singer: Zayn Malik from One Direction
    “Our” fans implies he’s member of a group plus he tweeted “Free Palestine” recently (political/religion). The leaked video shows him smoking weed.

  6. Anonymias says

    I think Justin Bieber, but the idea of him saying “OUR fans are stupid” and the last word being “One” makes me think maybe a member of One Direction?

    Zayn Malik did just tweet about Palestine so perhaps him?

  7. KWDragon says

    While I can picture this being Justin Beiber, I can’t really picture this being Justin Beiber. You know what I mean?


  8. Katmandu says

    El Beeb-o? One would hope even if he does hold sway over his army of fanatics, there won’t be a massive uprising. Though a handful might be disturbed enough already to take him seriously.

  9. Stackhouse says

    Justin Bieber, who is an actual narcissist, may fit this blind. Certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

  10. hihotintin says

    I think it’s probably one of the boys from One Direction

    Zayn M just got into hot water for his free Palestine tweet so I think it’s him

  11. LeahLynn28 says

    This douche is Bieber,right?All the clues lead to Justin.I already noticed he was manipulative,but not that dangerous.Now i know why he’s always being accused of a crime…he’s crazy and dangerous.He didn’t go to school(has a horrible grammar and barely writes),drinks and do drugs(pot and coke),and is always breaking laws on purpose.That’s why Selena is always in an on/off relationship with him,he’s manipulative,dangerous and a criminal.And he’s out of control.
    I hope someone here shows this blind to parents,or a tragedy is going to happen soon.Justin is lame.

    • ohmyobrien says

      It’s obviously not Justin Bieber since he said “OUR” which means someone from a group

  12. sugarspice says

    Umm not sure potentially Zayn Malik…or Justin Duweeber…

    Either way although I certainly wouldn’t put either in the dangerous but given the comments I would put it down to coke head compliancy. Their fans may be young and naive (well vast majority anyway) but certainly not stupid. Have to say in 1D camp that’s probably why the larry shipping crowd are disliked so much…we never accept what we are told, consistently question what we see and are not backward in realising that anyone involved in the group will have no problem lying if it saves their arse!

  13. modelle18 says

    Zayn from One Direction – hints from use of the words ‘our fans’, use of the word ONE as in One Direction and being political where he tweeted #FreePalestine

    i think to call for all out boycott because he tweeted that is just BS I dont buy he even said this or even if he did, he meant it

  14. Stars In My Eyes says

    Justin Bieber.
    When in the freaking heck is his stupid fifteen minutes gonna be over?
    Also–about the uneducated bit, there’s lots of college graduates that are hateful too. Education is no vaccination for stupidity, trust me…I met more bigots in college than I did outside of it.

  15. kimbers says

    “Our fans…”

    Boy band so….probably one of those little direction boys. I dont know their names or what they sing so didnt notice clues.

  16. katjes says

    Zayn Malik from One Direction – recently got political by tweeting “Free Palestine”?

  17. Not That Kinda Girl says

    Singer: Zayn Malik
    Y’all are making him sound horrible and I don’t really think he’s like that at all. I actually find him to be quite the opposite.

  18. maiidesuu says

    Singer: Justin Bieber

    Honestly I didn’t like this kid from the beginning, not to mention his legion of psychotic Tweens has been out of control for a long time. I’m not really surprised by his god complex either I just wish people would wake up and put an end to him and his bizarre girl gang

  19. XxMz_CarlyxX says

    Don’t know but do know this isn’t Bieber cause he finished school so is educated

  20. graysonsmama says

    Zayn Malik- prompted by his #FreePalestine tweet. Hint that sealed the deal for me is the use of “OUR fans” instead of “my”.

  21. Jereas says

    As you think this is about Justin Bieber, I have to disagree with this. I think this is one of the band members of One Direction. Justin Bieber doesn’t have the same fanbase he used to have back in 2010/2011. However, One Direction’s fans still remain the same since they haven’t change in these past few years.