Why Her Staff Is Unhappy

baby crying 2SOLVED!

[Lainey Gossip] She’s a girl who gets what she wants, sometimes much to our surprise, especially when it comes to romance. But you can’t game your way to a baby. And right now, she really, really wants a baby.

She’s young. She’s healthy. She’s resourceful. In her mind, it should have happened by now. But, as of six weeks ago, she wasn’t pregnant. So this is her only conversation. She’s been asking for tips. She’s been asking almost everyone she talks to for tips – how did you get pregnant, what were you eating, what were you drinking, what position, what time of the month, what time of the day, etc, etc, etc…

And ordinarily, for people who find themselves in this situation, there’s a lot of sympathy, a lot of goodwill. Because, as Sasha answered earlier this year, no one wants to see someone struggling to start a family.

In her case however…


She’s not as popular as you might think she is. I mean, maybe among the privileged and the elite, but to those who have to work with her, or for her, she’s not as sweet and perfect as we’ve been led to believe. Everyone’s schedule has to accommodate her schedule. Every schedule has to change at the last minute for her schedule, ironically even if others have children of their own to manage and to look after. One source even said to me, “Why should I have to rearrange my kids’ daycare because she’s ovulating?”

On other projects, she’s not great at taking feedback. When someone disagrees with her, she tells them to their face that she’s reconsidering their job status. When it turns out that they were right to begin with, she’s the type to blame them for not being assertive enough. Some of her staff members have joked that it’s an initiation ritual to have her hang up on them. And she’s also really sh-tty about overtime. If someone’s been working out of their mind to make her unrealistic deadlines, she’ll then question them about how much pay she’s owed to them in return, either suggesting that they’re lying about how hard they worked, or implying that they might not be cut out for it since it took them so long to get it done.

Loyalty is starting to become a problem. Because if they’re not loyal, not only will they not stay, they’ll also start talking. They’ve started talking already.

blake lively ryan reynolds pregnant 1SOLVED!

It’s Blake Lively!

On the one hand… Blake Lively is finally getting the baby she wanted. Good for her!

On the other hand… Blake Lively is not a good boss at her company, Preserve Us.

However, to be fair, we understand why.

When you grow up as a regular person who works regular jobs you learn what it’s like to be at the bottom of the totem pole. You watch to see how bosses behave and how they treat people. You learn how to give and take constructive criticism. You learn that treating people well and fairly generally gives you the best results.

Many actors who become stars when they are young skip all of those valuable life lessons. They become used to being the center of attention and having everyone capitulate to their needs. They become tone deaf to the needs of others and impatient and nasty to those who don’t provide immediate gratification for their whims. In short, being a star is really bad training for being a boss.

That’s the position Blake Lively is in right now. She is not a horrible person. But her career as a star actress did not prepare her to be a boss in a business environment. Her management style (demanding, antagonistic, threatening) is ineffective and is alienating her staff. She hired professional people but you can’t make a group of professionals feel insecure and threatened and then expect them to produce great work. Hopefully she will figure this out sooner rather than later and either adopt a more suitable management style… or put someone in charge who can interface with the staff more effectively.

Congratulations to Kiki for being first with the correct response!

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    • wendy hood says

      I find this to be a far better guess than Blake, as I cant imagine Blake having a “team” or even “staff”. Gaga has a ton of people that work under her, and shes even fired the person that took her to superstardom (Troy Carter); by most accounts, it was over creative differences/lack of support for her cruddiest album yet (Artpop). Laurieann Gibson was fired for the same reasons – she clashed with Gaga over her creative vision. She just doesn’t seem to want to listen after shes gained a certain amount of achievement. Nicola Formichetti supposedly split of his own accord, but who really knows if he quit or was fired? Her former assistant has written a book, and has pursued Gaga in court for nonpayment of overtime. Add to the list Wendy Starland and Rob Fusari to the list of lawsuits that surround Gaga.

      Given her long distance relationship, she would probably demand a lot if she thought she was ovulating to make things happen. Lots of last minute plans.

      As far as privileged and elite go, she is beloved by those in the art world she befriends, as well as superstars like Tony Bennett. She likely considers these kinds of people her peers or superiors, which would explain why they get the lovey-dovey treatment and her underlings get treated as is stated in the blind. The only thing that puzzles me is why she would want to get pregnant in the middle of her tour.

      • PinkSlip says

        Only problem with that is the clue “she’s not as sweet and perfect as we’ve been led to believe.” Since when, ever, has Gaga been considered “sweet and perfect” in ANY circle?! The other clues might match, but not this one. Nor does “she’s young. she’s healthy,” etc. Gaga isn’t “young” like Blake is. And those clues also lead one to automatically think she’s “lively.”

        It’s Blake.

      • wendy hood says

        Yeah, I see your points. Plus, she has been beloved by the elite fashion world for not much reason at all. Still haven’t heard a thing about her being a maniacal boss (and still cant fathom her with a staff).

      • PinkSlip says

        I’ve read in other blinds that she kind of terrorises people on staff, like studio staff and so on; I’m not sure it means she has specifically hired them, but that they’re part of the set up, or the project she’s working, you know? As for fashion world, no reason at all, she’s just a naturally fantastic dresser, and that’s the bottom line—-she never had a wardrobe person, and chose all her own outfits, at one point was even doing her own hair. Then Chanel picked her up; I remember her being photographed with Karl Lagerfeld before she contracted to them…she is a natural in clothes, and the tv show GG did wonders for her in that respect, putting her out there and in the eyes of people like that. So yes, the elite fashion people love her, and possibly because she’s nice to all of them and she’s young and naive in that world, but perhaps she takes it out on the hired help…that’s a very middle class/new wealth thing to do, isn’t it? :)

    • pennylovatic says

      ding ding ding. we have a winner. about 6 weeks ago rumors in the tabs were saying blake was pregnant/jealous of scarlet’s pregnancy. there are so many articles saying they’re getting ready for baby.. i assume that someone she was pestering about conception was the person who sold the story that they were trying/preparing for a baby. man, that sucks–but it’s probably well-deserved karma for sleeping with men married to other women and being an all around superc*nt.

  1. LeahLynn28 says

    I may be wrong,but the first name that came in my mind was Kaley Cuoco…i heard rumors about her being pregnant,but i don’t know if it’s true…in her last photo she had no “bump”.And honestly i can see her being rude to her staff.Her sweet face never fooled me…

    • Elisa says

      Whenever I see her, all I remember is the interview she gave after John Ritter’s death. She kept talking about how she felt, what she was thinking, how she reacted. Basically, it was all about her.

      • gaelgirl says

        I don’t know, Elisa. She was only 17 when John Ritter died. It’s tough for any teenager to get a global perspective. She’s always complimentary toward him and seemed genuinely devastated when he died. She still talks about him in interviews, so she’s keeping his memory alive. I don’t get all the Cuoco hate. She seems to be fine to me.

  2. CoCoJoe says

    Well, Lainey always says that blonde girl who’s married to Ryan Reynolds has ‘game’. And we already know that his first wife is mean, so I wouldldn’t be surprised to hear that what’s-her-name is mean too. Ahhh, I remember her name: Blake Lively!

  3. Rowena says

    Paris Hilton

    I’m surprised she hadn’t had a kid by now to try and boost her popularity.

    • JipJip says

      It isn’t Bynes- I just can’t figure out the clues very well. I’m thinking it’s not a movie or TV star at all.

  4. phlyfiremama says

    Blake Lively. I would be an unhappy staffer too, if I had to write stuff as ridiculously pretentious as her new “lifestyle website” comes across as being.

  5. Vampira says

    Wasn’t Kate Hudson trying to have another kid? She’s also known for being aggressive with men and accustomed to getting what she wants.
    Leann Rimes may be another one. She definitely got what she wanted with her D-list husband.

  6. annla says

    Kate Hudson, she seams to get verry many guys and is all sweet and perfect. Not that young though,anymore…but she stands as my guess…

    • cafe_au_lait says

      I thought about her too because they said “Sasha” and her alter ego is “Sasha Fierce” but I don’t know if that is correct lol.

  7. Grammaticator says

    Blake Lively

    Clue: She’s a girl — Gossip Girl, which took place amongst the privileged and elite. Serena was considered popular and sweet.

    She just launched Preserve last week, which had been under work for the past two years.

    • gaelgirl says

      This makes sense. I was trying to figure out a celeb who was young and also had a staff of people to berate. This doesn’t sound like one or two assistants, it sounds like a whole team of people, which a website would need.

      Poor Ryan Reynolds. Shoulda stuck with Alanis.

    • Elisa says

      I don’t. He sounds like he’s pretty high maintenance, too – and that’s putting things nicely.

      • KatarinaJ says

        havent u read any of the gossip on him – how annoying he is about doing press, talking to fans. He sounds like an a-hole. And if you marry high maintenance it could very well mean you are vacuous and out to impress the world or only have a high opinion of a certain kind of woman.

  8. IknowIknow7 says

    Khloe Kardashian

    hint: you can’t GAME your way to a baby. She was previously linked to The Game.

    • Lindylou says

      I think you’re right. Plus the fact that the blind says “She’s a girl who gets what she wants, sometimes much to our surprise, especially when it comes to romance.” Let’s face it, Khloe Kardashian is not exactly what you’d called attractive, yet she gets the guys.

    • Bindy says

      This comes from Lainey. She refuses to even acknowledge the Kardashians. She refers to Kim as Kanye’s wife. Not likely Khloe.

  9. katt388 says

    Wow what a *. Maybe the fates are being kind not to allow a innocent baby to have to live with her. Have no idea who this is Martha Stewart comes to mind but I think her ovaries are very dried up!!

  10. Cult of Personality says

    Selena Gomez is coming to mind with this one. I may be wrong but since she cut her own parents from her management team, it fits.

  11. niamhh says

    Nicole Kidman? Only guessing because she is pictured under a “Sasha Answers” article from last April, from a reader who was struggling to conceive.

  12. unagi27 says

    Blake Lively. Lainey has talked a lot in the past about how good her game is (“you can’t game your way to a baby”), and it’s pretty well-known that she’s extremely difficult to work with.

  13. raslebol says

    Blake Lively
    Since two weeks,i knew Lainey was going to write mean stuffs on her

  14. maggiemay6 says

    Blake Lively. Very obvious based on past articles from Lainey complimenting Lively on her “game”.

  15. vee13 says

    Wild guess….

    Lena Dunham
    Rumors about her being pregnant recently.
    “She’s not as popular as you might think she is.” Appears to be well liked.
    clue “girl” who gets what she wants.

  16. fraublucher says

    Blake Lively:
    — a girl who gets what she wants, much to our surprise (romance) = Leo DiCaprio
    — “game your way” = Lainey often describes Blake as a “baller” and talks about her “game”
    — privileged, elite = Gossip Girl
    — Goodwill = Goodwill Hunting reference to famous story Ben Affleck told about Blake

      • fraublucher says

        Back when Ben Affleck was promoting The Town and there were rumors of an affair between him and Blake Lively (cellphone selfies from Blake, Ben sported a black eye for awhile after that) he went around telling the story below, trying to be funny, but inadvertently telling on himself that he was spending alone time with Blake.

        Here it is: On how Blake didn’t know about his long friendship with Matt Damon (Anderson asked him about it)
        “Blake, yes is not forty. Blake is twenty one or whatever she is twenty two. She is fabulous as you can see, she’s a gorgeous young woman. She was in the Town with me and she was fabulous. She wanted to do research and she was coming off her television show, Gossip Girl, so she was driving down at nights back and forth and really stretching it to get her research done. And I was driving around the city here’s the neighborhood, here’s the people she hung up with – the various people who were in these projects and stuff. And then I just drove around to see the sights, John Quincy Adams home, that kind of thing and we went by one and I said, ‘That’s the house Matt grew up in.’ And she’s like, ‘Matt who?’ And I was like, ‘Matt Damon grew up there.’ And she’s like, ‘How do you know Jason Bourne?’ And my life flashed before my eyes. I was like, ‘Oh we did a movie together, Good Will Hunting.’”

  17. keenobserver says

    significant pop stars are always difficult, aren’t they? but Gaga will be a better mother than material madge because while they both have the ego-centric gene, Gaga seems to care more about the world around her than her blond predecessor did ( or does for that matter.) i think Gaga be a good mom. i hope it happens for her.

  18. iluvgossip says

    Jennifer Lawrence…trying to GAME (Clue,for Hunger Games) her way to a baby.

    • next please says

      Oh I hope not, I just love her and don’t ever want her to be an entitled celeb!

      • dlove says

        Rest assured this blog is about Blake Lively.

        This is a Lainey Gossip blog and she always refers to Blake Lively as having game.
        She mentions about the social elite as a reference to Gossip Girls.
        Lastly she just launched preserve.us and its not doing well but obviously she calls the shots or they lose their job.

  19. Kerzep says

    Paris Hilton? seems like the type, however she’s not married – yes, I know you don’t have to be married to have kids.
    Can’t think of anyone else, although I personally have never thought of her as sweet and perfect.

    I’m probably wrong.

  20. GeorgiaR says

    Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games? The hint being “But you can’t game your way to a baby.”

  21. Christian says

    This doesn’t sound like Rihanna but when I read

    “Loyalty is starting to become a problem. Because if they’re not loyal, not only will they not stay, they’ll also start talking. They’ve started talking already.”

    Loyal = a song by Riri’s ex
    Stay = a song by Riri
    Talk that talk = a song by Riri

    so… I don’t know.

  22. bec215 says

    Blake Lively. Clues:
    1. she’s got game – that’s Lainey’s constant theme with Lively
    2. “with the privileged and elite” – “….scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” is the opening of each episode, about privileged kids
    3. “gets what she wants” with regards to Romance – she quickly traded up from Penn Badgley to Ben, then married Ryan, which impressed Lainey
    4. “everyone has to accommodate her schedule”, demanding, etc. – when NY Magazine did an interview with the cast in 2007, when the show broke big time, the author commented specifically that of all the actors Lively was the only one to set conditions on when/where/how she could be interviewed on set. She also went on record that she had ‘already done movies’ (*cough* Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!) and was ‘reluctant to do TV’, because she wanted to focus on movies. She came off like a pompous a**, and in later years she did not hang out with the rest of the cast – and Badgley is insufferable, even more than his character, so I always assumed she was a ‘handful’ behind the scenes. She’s the next Reese!
    5. Finally, we have a mess of a website that she’s launched called “Preserve”, which was supposed to be some radically innovative lifestyle website and is, of course, just like Goop, but with retro fonts and a strange moody movie you watch before you start shopping for less-overpriced -than-Goop-but-still-overpriced “curated” items that she loves, while you read her poetic musings.

    I’m beginning to think that actors with a brain, like Lively and Paltrow, conclude that they are rocket scientists and great innovators and lifestyle gurus because so few actors around them have a formal education or travel for any reason other than to promote something, that by comparison they probably do seem very bright… but being a big fish in a fishbowl doesn’t make you a big fish in the ocean.

  23. Minderella says

    My very first thought was Blake Lively, but take that with a grain of salt since I s*ck at guessing blind items.

  24. jennycee says

    I have to concur with the Blake Lively guesses. Blake and Ryan have both spoke about how they both want 6 kids, soon – and obviously haven’t had luck (and about 6 weeks ago – a time Lainey points to there were rumors Blake is pregnant). From experience it is super stressful when you just can’t get pregnant – and it probably doesn’t help that Scarlett (Ryan’s ex) who claimed she had no interest in having kids obviously got pregnant easily.

    As for Khloe, the blind specifies healthy and when she is ovulating – Khloe supposedly has had fertility issues and wasn’t ovulating regularly

  25. etobicoker says

    Hints all point to Lady Gaga.

    From just the first paragraph:”What she wants”, “romance” and “game” refer her hit songs “Do What You Want”., “bad Romance” and “Love Game”. Not to mention she’s already been sued for not paying overtime by employees in the past. It’s her.

    • etobicoker says

      I also think the use of “popular” is a hint that the blind is a pop star. Gaga.

  26. Napoleon says

    Not sure Blake is so eager to have a baby. She recently gave an interview to an italian magazine and she said it is not easy to make baby plans until you’re 30 and that as of now she’s happy babysitting her nieces and nephews.

  27. Napoleon says

    Not sure Blake is so eager to have a baby. She recently gave an interview to an italian magazine and she said it is not easy to make baby plans until you’re 30 and that as of now she’s happy babysitting her nieces and nephews.
    Plus, 6 weeks ago she and Ryan were apart, he was shooting in Vienna and she was in the Us and they had been apart since right after Cannes…you need to be in the same place to have sex and to conceive a baby!

  28. CanaryCry says

    Another vote for Blake Lively – she & Ryan Reynolds were gonna be the new Brad Pitt & Jen Aniston, only with a happier ending.

    I hope the pregnant Scarlett Johanson is having a good last laugh on them, especially with Lucy rockin’ the box office.

  29. l_f_k says

    It’s Blake Lively. Lainey is always talking about how she has game, she hasn’t really been in anything great and she still covers Vogue etc. Also, “She’s a girl who gets what she wants, sometimes much to our surprise, especially when it comes to romance.” Remember when Blake landed Leo and got him to act TOTALLY different from his usual M.O.? It’s Blake.

  30. Arisia says

    Has to be Blake Lively. “She’s a girl who gets what she wants, sometimes much to our surprise, especially when it comes to romance.” Lainey has said this many, many times about Blake Lively. The way she got DiCaprio to fall for her, then dumped him and got Ryan Reynolds to marry her. “How does she DO it?”

  31. igotthisone says

    If you read the first sentence it completely rules out Blake Lively or any one considered “attractive”…

    • Arisia says

      This is the first sentence:

      “She’s a girl who gets what she wants, sometimes much to our surprise, especially when it comes to romance.”

      Not understanding your comment.

      • db8ng1 says

        I think Igotthisone means, Blake Lively is beautiful and it’s no surprise that she attracts good looking men.

        I agree. I think the statement of romance pushes Blake out of contention. I think Jessica Biel is a much better guess.

  32. ohdeerz says

    privileged and elite makes me think gossip girl, which makes me think blake lively. can’t say leighton meester b/c apparently shes a sweetheart in real life

  33. theladyanne says

    Kate Middleton. She already has one baby I know but there are rumors that she’s been trying to get pregnant again and is having difficulty. This for some reason screams her

  34. Napoleon says

    Maybe Bosworth? She has a sort of website too and just said in an interview she wants to start a family. She comes from a rich family and is known in the elite society.

  35. lovegossip says

    I co-sign all the guesses of Blake Lively. Blake does indeed have a team that works with her on the preserve website.

    As to the popular and nice hint, Blake is known for being extra sweet. She brings treats for the whole crew on set, is an avid baker etc…

    As to the getting what she wants hint two big indicators that it refers to Bake, 1) How she went after the part in the Town which everyone was surprised that she was cast in 2) When she was cast in Savages another part she pursued determinedly

    Romance wise, Lainey gossip has referred to her being a baller and having game. She dated Leo DiCaprio even though she is not a model . In terms of getting what she wanted there, she had admitted in media prior to the relationship that she had a huge teenage crush on Leo. Not only did he end up dating her, he acknowledged the relationship way earlier then he had with prior gf(allowing photos of them to be taken in Italy) and he seemed very into him. Secondly, it was reported that Blake had a huge thing for Ryan during the Green Lantern filming but that he was devoted to Scar Jo. But she waited it out, became his friend, and then boom he was single and they were together. Again, Lainey gossip commended her game- she wanted Ryan and she got him. How Did She Do That indeed…

    I imagine she feels under tremendous pressure to have a baby. It was rumored that Ryan wanted a family for years now(during his last two significant relationships) now with Alanis having a kid, and more significantly with Scarlett pregnant Blake must be desperate to have a baby.