• ravenglass says

      And I’m pretty sure Kris knows all about this & is very proud of her “hardworking daughter.”

      Kris Jenner, the Heidi Fleiss of Calabasas & her 5 kall girls.

  1. chellebelle says

    Kendall Jenner :/

    I’ve heard rumors about her escorting. I just find it hard to believe. Yeah, yeah, I know, she’s part of the Kardashian family, but she doesn’t seem like she would do something like that, especially at her age. Guess I’m just naive.

  2. ExxoticBird says

    TV Star/ model: Kendall Jenner. Apparently, her mom’s been pimping her to old rich dudes for modelling gigs and magazine covers (allegedly).
    Shoutout to The alley!

  3. lapetitesirene says

    Wild guesses. Nina Dobrev, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Kendall Jenner, or Sasha Pieterse ?

  4. Vampira says

    Reality TV star? I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Kylie Jenner, since her “modeling” is never going to compete with her sister’s. If this is true, it’s really pathetic.

  5. lady says

    I don’t feel like I fully understand this one?

    Deep Web? Tor?

    My guess

    Kendall Jenner

  6. Ahem says

    Kendall Jenner?? That’d be odd, considering just how much money she makes on her own with the “reality show” and modelling gigs…

  7. GabbyGilda says

    It’s kendall jenner i read it on lipstick alley but it seems like it was fake tea!

  8. xoxoxogossipgirl says

    Kendall Jenner. The devil a.k.a. Pimp Mama Kris set it up.

    Disgusting money grubbing wench of a mother.

  9. La Llorona says

    The Deep Web? That is pretty sketchy. I judge anything and anyone that comes from there and that includes bitcoins.

  10. emmalinasaurus says

    See I’d think it was Kendall Jenner, but I KNOW she isn’t clever enough to work out how to access the dark net.

    • thisisannoying says

      Damn, after reading that thread I guess it really is her. OP never spilled her tor page though. Sad. She was the only family member I thought had a chance to turn out normal.

  11. emma123 says

    Kendall Jenner the model who always make the same face. Anyway this tea was already spilled by Brow at lipstick alley 😉

  12. keenobserver says

    whichever jenner just became legal. is that kendall? i wonder what momager’s pimp cut of her fee is?

  13. ChattyCat says

    But WHY would the Kartrashian girls take up escorting? It would be impossible to keep that a secret o.O

  14. austen93 says

    Kendall Jenner
    That might explain her being in Cannes. That family is so messed up its ridiculous. I can’t believe she goes along with her mum’s plans. Also I see someone guessed Emma Miller too and I don’t think this blind is about her but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  15. karaduff says

    Just when I thought these disgusting people couldn’t go any lower. They make me think humanity has no hope. Money grubbing hussy Kendall Jenner

  16. UKGoss says

    Excuse my ignorance as I’m completely clueless about these things, but if anyone knows what “deep web” and “Tor browser” are, can you please explain? I’m too scared to type in those words in a search engine, in case it shows up any illegal images or other potentially troublesome stuff. Thanks.

    • karaduff says

      Basically a Tor browser allows people to be anonymous. That’s all I really understand or know about it.

  17. kimbers says

    Man…it could be anyone…but who needs to feel lusted after? Glee girl Lea would be my first guess.

  18. LucyMarie says

    What does this mean? “deep web” “Tor browser” I would be very thankful if someone could explain this to me :) Thank you and blessings!!!!!

    • tarap says

      I looked it up on Wikipedia. Basically it provides anonymous browsing. It sounds like law enforcement is very aware that lots of illegal activities occur there because it can’t be traced. However, the article also stated that there are many other ways to have even more anonymous ways to commit cybercrime or use it to do things like deal drugs or hook out your barely legal daughter.

      there’s a bunch of techy stuff but I don’t understand it so I’ll stop here

  19. Aylola says

    I have access to the deep web and TOR Browser, if anyone can find out the onion site I can get you the proof of it, it’s quite easy. Just get me the name of the site!

  20. OKStop says

    The “deep web” is the common term for a bunch of websites that are accessible via certain specially encrypted browsers like Tor. The “Tor browser” is a browser with special encryption that makes it impossible for third parties to determine who is accessing what, so long as they are only accessing deep web sites. The deep web is full of sites that deal in drug trades, escorting, and other, less savory stuff. The idea is that it’s “safe” for the folks who use the deep web because even if, say, law enforcement authorities were to find a website dealing in drugs, they could never match the access logs with any actual people, due to the way that Tor distributes the flow of information around the encrypted network.

    Aside from being shady, there’s actual good use for Tor and similar deep-web browsers – a lot of people in China, for instance, use them to avoid government monitoring, though Tor is less secure when access non-deep-web sites. The FBI recently compromised Tor, but it’s not clear how well the crypto-jocks have recovered from this breach, as yet.

    • thisisannoying says

      !! Maybe! Both guesses (Kendall and Courtney) make me sad though. Someone like Farrah Abraham doesn’t sadden me at all.