Bill Clinton Screwed A Pop Star

bill clinton 1[Blind Gossip] The new book Clinton, Inc. by Daniel Halper details many of Bill Clinton’s affairs while in office. One of the stories he tells is about a famous singer.

Halper reports that in 1994, during Bill Clinton’s first term in office, Clinton called his close friend David Pryor, then a U.S. Sentor from Arkansas. During the call, Clinton bragged about his latest conquest, a pop icon. Pryor was incredulous that not only would Clinton have the gall to have such a potentially explosive liaison, but that he would actually boast about it!

Pryor called the singer’s agent to put a stop to the dangerous relationship. “I don’t tell her what to do,” the agent replied.


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    • NoseyNana2008 says

      Barbara Streisand a pop icon? Music icon? Yes. Pop icon? I don’t think so – at least not during the ’90’s.

  1. gumbii2662 says

    My guess is Madonna. It probably ended when he realized that, if he wanted to sleep with an emasculating woman, he could go home to his wife.

    • celebs-r-weird says

      I am not a Hilary supporter but I don’t understand these jokes. When a woman is strong call her strong, not emasculating. I hope you are not a woman.

      • Samra1116 says

        Thank you for just telling it like it is—-we really don’t know anything about their bedroom action .lol. Hilary can look like a bitch any times she’s wishes—She’s always has been, one of the good old boys—meaning she tough as a man—-Good for her—
        Shit if I was a cheater, I would have definitely slept with him too—-lol. He was sexy n confident
        Clinton needed Hilary more than she will ever need him. Just a fact

        Guess: Whitney Houston or another Black pop star—-he’s no different than any man—except he has no SELF CONTROL—that was his only downfall —THE USA—was in the BLACK—not the RED, that he inherited.

    • zeldafitzoff says

      I agree, Madonna. But I highly doubt BC is initimidated by strong, accomplished women. But you on the other hand…

    • gumbii2662 says

      It’s funny that nobody rushed to the defense of Madonna, even though I implied that BOTH women were ball-busters.

      It’s a joke, people. We’re on a gossip website. You’d do well to remember that next time you get on your moral high horse. We’re all participating in a very low form of entertainment at the expense of others.

      But hey, if I’ve offended you… Yeah, I really don’t care.

  2. CoCoJoe says

    I looked up 1994 pop hits and think Madonna & Mariah are possibilities, maybe Janet Jackson or Toni Braxton. Or it could be Stevie Nicks, because I think she is more his type and Fleetwood Mac performed “Don’t Stop” at his 1993 inaugural ball.

    Who would be more “potentially explosive” and brag-worthy?

  3. shelaur22 says

    Madonna. Her list of conquests is long–she demanded a sexual response from men (still does).

  4. zilla says

    The rumors had swirled about him and Streisand, but I wouldn’t call her a “pop” star.

  5. igotthisone says

    Singer: Whitney Houston

    The Clintons keep their mouths shut about a lot so my guess is this is someone its now “safe” to reference– as in Whitney, who has passed.

    • MyCatLovesTV says

      You’ve got a good point about it probably being a “safe” pop singer. Whitney fills the bill. (Pardon the pun!!!)

  6. True007 says

    And might I add, that’s a nice picture of the former Pres.

    Madonna or Cher.
    But he does like them with a little meat on their bones. Mmmm

    • mugofmead111 says

      Madonna did have a little more meat on her bones back then.

      1994 was when Madonna made her infamous f-bomb laden appearance on the David Letterman show. Yeah, I can see Madonna’s agent not being able to tell her what to do. 😉

  7. arielade says

    Madonna maybe? She seems completely uncontrollable, and 1994 was a very popular time for her.

  8. silence1534 says

    Pam Tillis? She had a song called “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

  9. felipepinafi says

    ”I don’t tell her what to do”
    Madonna have a song called Don’t Tell Me.

  10. showtimeEI6 says

    I’m inclined to say Madonna – she’s so blase about cheating – “everyone does it” – in her interview with MTV’s Kurt Loder about Bill Clinton’s cheating scandal.

  11. lisaNJ says

    Madonna was 36 in 1994–probably too old for Bill. I’ll say Mariah Carey, who was 25. She was still with Mottola, which would have made it especially dangerous, but she would have been more “bragworthy” than The Material Girl in 1994

  12. slantrhyme says

    I’ve heard this rumor about Sheryl Crow, but my god, it’s Clinton, it could be anybody. Janet Jackson, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, who knows?

  13. morgannicolesmith says

    mariah carey
    they met in 1993
    she has a song called “don’t know what to do” = “don’t tell her what to do”

  14. Violets says

    I’ll guess Janet Jackson. I was looking for clues and came up with “dangerous”. The name of one of her brother’s albums…

  15. august says

    Streisand I heard pissed Hilary off staying at the whitehouse, there were spectulation’s he was indeed involved with Barbra.

  16. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Madonna – she was big in 1994 and I can’t see anyone telling her what she should or shouldn’t do.

  17. katt388 says

    Barbra Streisand. Always a big Clinton supporter maybe in more ways then me knew. And NO ONE tells Babs what to do!!

  18. spoofbyrd says

    Madonna supposedly had a fling with John Kennedy Jr. but I dont think she hooked up with Clinton. If he made a play for Paula Jones then I dont think he has a problem with Babs Striesand having an unusual shaped honker but I dont think its her. Fleetwood Macs theme song was used a lot in the Clinton campaign . Lindsay Buckingham sang that song and he might have arranged a liaison for Clinton with his ex Stevie Nicks but I hear she likes butte rockets and I dont think there was any suspicious changes in the NASA program under Clinton. I am gonna guess Linda Ronstadt. She loves politicians and has hooked up with them in the past.