TV News Anchor Unleashed

man dog 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which kinky TV news anchor likes to dress up like a puppy, with a leash and collar, chewing on a bone, and barking?

He recently shocked a young lady he took home after getting down on all fours and asking her to rub his belly! Can you imagine?

As silly as it sounds, puppy play is apparently a VERY big community. There are shops devoted to buying tails and harnesses and veterinarian’s outfits.

People at the work suspect something is up, after they caught him walking out of a pet store with two full bags of toys. The problem is, he doesn’t have a pet that is an animal.

TV News Anchor:

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      • tarap says

        Scary disturbing. I really hope it is Greg Kelly since I find him such a douche. My hope is that all the details, with pictures come out asap. Maybe that could deflate some of that hot air.

  1. Cult of Personality says

    Please please please be Matt Lauer! That dbag deserves to have embarrassing secrets exposed to the world!

    • KWDragon says

      Great! Now you have to come to clean my computer screen because I spewed coffee all over it!

      What an image! Well played, Synapse3. Well played, indeed.

  2. IAmSage says

    TV News Anchor: Matt Lauer (before even reading the blind, I saw the pic and immediately thought the dog “looked” like Matt Lauer! )

  3. DebinTx says

    TV News Anchor: Matt Lauer? or Anderson Cooper maybe? If there is a “puppy play” community I wonder if there is a counterpart “kitten play” community as well?

  4. ravenglass says

    If he’s a married man, I hope his wife has him neutered.

    That picture is creeping the crap outta me. The eyes remind me of Matt Lauer.

  5. Katmandu says

    I’ll take Bill O’Reilly for $100, BG! or even better, Sean Hannity! Please please please…

  6. Vampira says

    It sounds like he’s single, and the only unmarried national news anchor that I know of would be David Muir.

  7. GsspGammie says

    Besides the fact the pic is going to give me nightmares forever, it looks like…Chris Cuomo?

  8. iluvgossip says

    News Anchor: Matt Lauer, because he’s just that….A DOG!!! Ruff Ruff….couldn’t help myself…lol

  9. kittypryde777 says

    Greg Kelly of Good Day NY on Fox here in NYC? (he’s the only single anchor I know of here in NYC)

  10. annabelle77 says

    After I stopped laughing and wiped the tears from my eyes, I gave this some thought and all I came up with is Anderson Cooper. I love him, he has a playful sense of humour, and he would look cute as hell in a nice studded dog collar.

  11. annabelle77 says

    Scratch that, didn’t see the “young lady he took home”. Not Anderson. Still think he would look cute in a collar.

  12. illandri says

    I haven’t a clue who this might be, but I don’t think I’ll ever recover from seeing that creepy picture. *shudder*

  13. rorythedragon says

    This picture reminds me of David Gregory. And the whole thing screams of a plot line on 30 Rock, season 5, episode 23. I guess the writers had to get the idea from somewhere!

  14. lily is my puppy says

    HAHAHA you guys for making me laugh. Love all the reactions to the photo!

    (I was thinking the same thing but didn’t write it down!)

  15. PapillonLover says

    Oh please, Oh please…please…please let it be Bill O’Roy…I meant O’Reilly!!

  16. slimfast10 says

    yup don’t know who this is, but Ace, your contributors,are hysterical, always make me laugh!!!,

  17. dpoma says

    Michael Strahan…best known for talk show, but does some news on GMA. Perhaps some kink with rumored BF, Ian Smith?