Shockingly Thick and Nine Inches

nine-inches[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which very well-known celebrity reporter, who has turned himself into a bit of a star, has a very kinky profile and naked pictures on a gay hookup site?

Naughty But Nice Rob saw the images – our eyes are burning – showing him totally naked and very excited. It was shockingly thick and around 9 inches.

His profile reveals he likes kinky group sex and “anything goes.” He adds that he doesn’t smoke but does do drugs. Additionally, he writes that he is on the “HIV-preventing miracle drug” PrEP, so he doesn’t practice safe sex!

Guess who? Trust me, you know him!

Celebrity Reporter:

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  1. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Not sure of the site but guessing Perez Hilton for the well-known celebrity reporter.

    • blossipguesser says

      Yuck, you’re right.

      “Anything Goes” is common tag on his site. Often starts a gossip item with “Guess Who?”

      The thought of his pics is a type of safe sex. If you imagine it, you won’t want to do it for a long time.

    • Okayeah says

      Woah. Good for him if it is! I mean, I know he can be a bit of a jerk and I don’t personally read his blog, but nine solid inches…good on him. 😀

      • thisisannoying says

        BAD! He’s being horribly irresponsible by not practising safe sex, and he’s also giving his fellow gay community a bad name by doing so. Ugh just vile.

  2. averywray says

    Celebrity Reporter: Jason Kennedy from E!?
    Gay Hookup Site: Gays R Us (I have no idea)

  3. 2BEAUCOUP says

    Hope it’s not PEREZ that would be like BILL GATES winning PowerBall!
    Chris Jacobs,Ted C.,or Harvey L.are possibilities.

  4. LeahLynn28 says

    Wth?I honestly don’t want to know who this creep is.If your eyes are still burning,i don’t even want to see these photos…eww.

    • ravenglass says

      It can’t be Ross. He seems too sweet & innocent to do something like this & he’s in a committed relationship.

      Maybe, PEREZ HILTON. He’s quite open about using Grindr.

  5. guessingnotknowing says

    Mario Lopez? “Bit of a star” could be Dancing with the Stars.
    But I have no idea about the “burning eyes” clue.

    • blackmahn says

      Okay, that was stupid or maybe just wishing. Didn’t read the part about it being a celebrity reporter; read it to be a reporter who is a celebrity. So, if this is Perez, then can he still throw shade at the Lady?

  6. lisako says

    Mario Loepz? Clue “bit of a star” hinting at his stint on Dancing With the Stars?

  7. Bamadex says

    Celebrity Reporter: I’m sure Seacrest will be a popular guess. And I have heard some kinky things, mostly involving him being a sub. But he’s better known for other things than E! (a.k.a The Kardashian News Hour).

    I’d guess it’s Ryan’s E! colleague Jason “I’m a good Christian boy” Kennedy. He’s well-known enough to socialize with real Kennedys. There’s a funny picture of him awkwardly holding Patrick Schwarzenegger hand…

  8. Anonymias says

    Ryan Seacrest? Or maybe Bill Rancic? He and Guiliana have a faker relationship than Barbie and Ken.

  9. Vampira says

    Ryan Seacrest was my first thought. Perez Hilton is an obvious one; Others may be Mario Lopez or Billy Bush. None of the others are that well known.

    • tenderbeef says

      OR Harvey Levin, although it if was him I think he would have had his posse at TMZ squash this from becoming news

  10. bec215 says

    Hmm… “our eyes are burning” would suggest the person is not considered a traditional ‘hottie’, so… Perez Hilton, Michael Ausiello, or Ken Baker?
    the yellow background looks like Ted Casablancas old website, before E terminated him – but since it refers to the subject as a reporter in the present tense, and I don’t think Casablancas has any active gigs, I don’t think he fits (no pun intended).

  11. felipepinafi says

    ”our eyes are burning ”.The guy is not attractive and the blind didn’t say if he’s married,so I believe he’s single.The fat guy who talks like a girl?I forget his

  12. MamaJunesneckrolls says

    Obvious choice is Perez Hilton
    App: either Grindr or Adam4Adam

    He was busted a few years ago with a profile on Manhunt that used pictures from years ago when he was thin and not busted looking..

  13. MamaJunesneckrolls says

    Less obvious choice .. Terence J from E News
    plus you know what they say about Blk guys!

  14. slantrhyme says

    I hope not Perez Hilton, because he was supposed to have settled down since becoming a dad.

    Maybe Andy Cohen, on grindr.

  15. 4sixx2 says

    Perez Hilton. Dunno any hookup sites, gay or otherwise. I’m from a small town where everyone just goes to the local pub and gets drunk. Ha!

  16. waysouthofheaven says

    Oh man, what comes to mind is Anderson Cooper and his giggle fests. Sure hope I’m wrong. I would think we would have heard about this already if it were him. Can’t wait to see the guesses.

  17. Stackhouse says

    Celebrity Reporter: Andy Cohen? Or isn’t he considered to be a “reporter,” but more of a host? Also, is this about someone closeted or out and proud? I get the feeling it’s the former we’re talking about here.

    Gay Hookup Site: I don’t know nothin’ ’bout no gay hookup sites.

  18. graysonsmama says

    This better not be Perez Hilton- I thought he was smarter than this! But it totally sounds like him on Grindr. He jokes about Grindr a lot.

  19. rorythedragon says

    Sheer laziness leads me to Ryan Seacrest but I have a hard time thinking he packs that kind of heat! Gay Hookup Site? Not knowledgable. I leave the whole thing to those more confident of their answers.


    Perez Hilton
    Don’t recall exactly the site name but he was on Howard Stern recently, stating that he’s listed with real photos on dating site under he’s name.