Engaged Sleaze Is Hooking Up With Online Fans

man computer 2[Tamara Tattles] This sleazy reality show participant is pulling the wool over the eyes of his fiancée. Despite all sorts of public proclamations of love, it seems the future groom is still horn-dogging all over town.

The majority of the trysts are with business associates who live out of state for much of the year or fans from Twitter or Facebook. It seems that Sirtaj provides an ideal location for a mid-day hookup. Our ladies man is currently freaking out because a major tabloid has been questioning at least one of his lady friends and he is terrified she will spill the beans. It’s also likely that a few ladies will come forward once his show returns to the air.

Meanwhile, his poor betrothed has no idea. She busy happily planning a huge wedding which may not ever actually happen. The potential bride has already been through a lot with this guy and doesn’t deserve the blindside headed her way. Especially because she is the one with the money and he is constantly investing in ridiculous multi-level marketing fiascos. Things are about to get very real.

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