Engaged Sleaze Is Hooking Up With Online Fans

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[Tamara Tattles] This sleazy reality show participant is pulling the wool over the eyes of his fiancée. Despite all sorts of public proclamations of love, it seems the future groom is still horn-dogging all over town.

The majority of the trysts are with business associates who live out of state for much of the year or fans from Twitter or Facebook. It seems that Sirtaj provides an ideal location for a mid-day hookup. Our ladies man is currently freaking out because a major tabloid has been questioning at least one of his lady friends and he is terrified she will spill the beans. It’s also likely that a few ladies will come forward once his show returns to the air.

Meanwhile, his poor betrothed has no idea. She busy happily planning a huge wedding which may not ever actually happen. The potential bride has already been through a lot with this guy and doesn’t deserve the blindside headed her way. Especially because she is the one with the money and he is constantly investing in ridiculous multi-level marketing fiascos. Things are about to get very real.

Reality Star:

TV Show:

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Reality Star: Mike Shouhed

TV Show: Shahs of Sunset

Mike Shouhed of Shahs of Sunset got married over the weekend. Of course Bravo will breathlessly share every moment of their perfect and dreamy relationship on the reality show next season. From People:

Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed kept the drama on the dance floor this weekend when he married fiancée Jessica Parido — specifically, on his bride’s beautiful gown. The two wed on March 29 at the Biltmore Hotel in L.A.

The couple became engaged last summer in an elaborate sky-diving proposal, and the jaw-dropping moment is set to appear on the Bravo show later this season. After popping the question, Shouhed shared on Instagram, “You make me fearless! You complete me! You are the wind beneath my wings! I love you baby #jesssaidyes #selfie #engaged.”

Awww. Sweet, right?

Ha! Too bad his new wife doesn’t know how much he has cheated on her since their engagement!

Our friends over at Tamara Tattles spill all the tea about this shady guy in a very thorough expose. Here is the condensed version:

I keep waiting to do this story because part of me wants Jessica Parido come to her senses. It seems that if she ever does come to her senses she is going to do it much too late. It’s already too late for her face. The poor girl who used to be a natural beauty is now just another plastic-faced girl in Beverly Hills. Another sad story. Another fake relationship. What could possibly be going on with this girl where she would change everything about herself, her face, her religious beliefs, he morals to be with a man who is superficial even by Los Angeles standards? A man who describes his engagement by noting that it involved a four carat diamond ring and her saying she was going to be his wife so “it worked out perfectly.” A plan well executed.

Tomorrow, Jessica Parido will become Jessica Shouhed assuming everything goes according to the plan.

Last July, I began to get a number of tips and contacts with very detailed information on Mike Shouhed cheating with women that he met on social media. There were specific hotels mentioned. Hotel staff confirmations. Text messages. It all appeared to be very legit.

This was someone allegedly having numerous sexual encounters with women who are not his fiancé.  I did not want to be this messenger. I sat on it for a while and I put out some feelers to sources in production. The show was expected to air last October until a post production editing staff decided to strike for health benefits which would ultimately push the show to its new 2015 airdate. It was made clear to me that Mike’s indiscretions would be a major storyline. It would be public. Everyone was about to know.

So why? Why is Jessica doing this?  Oddly, it is because she wants the “fame.” This is what I am hearing. She loves the media attention, the name recognition (even though we no longer have a face to put with it) and being on the show. The engagement, the religious transformation, plastic surgeries, the marriage  it’s all just part of the plan for her as well.

“Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

The thirst is real.

Meanwhile, Mike Shouhed is shit-faced.

If you would like to read the entire article, click here. It will be interesting to see if Bravo will do a story line about his cheating… or if they will just sweep it under the Persian rug.

Congratulations to Yinyang for being first with the correct guess!

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