• Bromance1979 says

      No way it’s him. First, why would he be referred to as “horrid”, and the posh reference is just a bit too much of a clue to be an actual clue.

      Horrid footballer who has been caught cheating before – Wayne Rooney or John Terry

    • Okayeah says

      He screws around constantly. BTW, the use of the word “posh” here doesn’t necessarily mean a thing in this blind, since Brits use it all the time.

  1. GalWriter says

    David Beckham–clue “posh” —wife was posh spice in Spice Girls, “horrid” is clue for England
    Wife-Victoria Beckham

    • jezzadezza says

      “Horrid” is a clue for England — hahaha

      Also this seems way too obvious if it’s Posh and DB…

  2. hrhfedup says

    It seems obvious with the “posh” references that it’s the Beckhams, but I have a feeling this could have to do with Rooney and his wife Colleen.

  3. Loves the Latin Boys says

    Athlete: David Beckham

    Wife: Posh or Victoria or whatever her name is.

  4. Visha says

    Two possibilities here would be Wayne Rooney who constantly cheats on his wife Colleen or it could be Beckham who is cheating on his wife Posh Spice with some blonde heffa. These men are vile and their wives stupid for staying around.

    • FunnyFace says

      Love this! I’ve always thought SJP looks like she should be running in the Kentucky Derby.

  5. ConfusedHarpy says

    I have no idea who this is, but can I tell you have very much I love your photo? I actually laughed at loud at the pic after reading the blind.

  6. ravenglass says

    Posh? Horsey Blonde?

    Do Prince Charles & Camilla have a footballer for a NEIGHbour by any chance?

  7. WorkProduction says

    David and Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. I don’t get the horse clue…

  8. whosamelia says

    Well horse makes me think of Sarah Jessica Parker… Don’t know about the rest though.

  9. boodie says

    John Terry. His wife Terri. If I’m right he really is awful but she keeps taking him back

  10. melgriff89 says

    David and Victoria Beckham. “Posh” woman is a clue, referring to posh spice

  11. pmadore1 says

    I was thrown off by Footballer, thinking American, but realized this must be David Beckham. POSH horsey blonde woman…

  12. Martini says

    This could not be so obvious as to be “Posh” and Becks…having the “posh” in the clue makes the blind either (a) blatantly obvious, or (b) aims at throwing is way off track. Plus, is Becks known to cheat on Posh? I’m unsure.

  13. la.dolce.vita says

    David Beckham cheating on Victoria with Sarah Jessica Parker? Lol! Talk about weird pairings..

  14. CoCoJoe says

    Ooh! “Posh” must be a clue.

    David Beckham = Athlete
    Posh = Wife

    Could the horsey woman be Gwyneth? Maybe I’m a little unimaginative in my guesses.

  15. NettieHoney says

    I’ll go along with the herd (ba-dum-dump) and say: Nasty Drawers Beckham and Victoria. I still can’t get past the whole underwear modeling yuckiness.

  16. memary says

    I’m probably way off base, but I’m going with David Beckham (obviously), and tying in Adam Levine bringing us our blinds today, posit that he’s cheating with Gwen Stefani, who is a judge on the Voice.
    They didn’t ask for the ‘cheatee’, but I’m throwing it out there anyway.

  17. fishfish123 says

    I hear horsey and I think Sarah Jessica Parker. I really have no clue who this is about though.

  18. Talisker says

    Wayne Rooney (wife Colleen)? He’s notoriously cheated with hookers before, and he owns at least one racehorse….

  19. susanmarie79 says

    I was going to say John Terry just because he is a dirty rat, but i think it might be David Beckham, clue being Posh and Horsey.

  20. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Athlete: Todd Carney (known in the US as the guy peeing in his mouth)

    Wife: Camilla Park-Your-Balls, current wife of Prince Charles.

  21. Nelly Bly says

    As it’s a British newspaper, I’ll go with the nasty John Terry….and his fame hungry, put-up-with-anything desperado of a wife, Toni.

    He’s always playing around and she always accepts it.

  22. carriebradshaw says

    David & Victoria Beckham, because of “posh” in the blind, other guess- Wayne Rooney, he is really horrid.

  23. irishinoz says

    Beckham for the Athlete
    posh for the wife

    Clue being:
    Horse as she has been referred to as having horses mouth, teeth, smile etc
    posh as in there’s no other :)

    Poor woman cos i actually like her terrible cycle this no confidence leading to affairs drama. Girlfriend needs to toughen up cos that’s what he wants and needs not someone admiring their own reflection at any given!!

  24. gilly says

    Athlete – David Beckham

    Wife – Victoria Beckham aka Posh spice, clue from the blind?

  25. PinkSlip says

    David Beckham

    Wife: Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham

    Would love to know who the blonde horsey woman is!

  26. sle says

    Footballer and Posh tend to lead me to the Beckhams. Not sure though.

    Athlete: David Beckham
    Wife: Victoria Beckham

  27. pikasupageti says

    When I hear or read the word “POSH” I can only think of Victoria & David Beckham.

    I hope this isn’t true.

  28. buckeyechik says

    Athlete: David Beckham
    Wife: Victoria Beckham (based on the word “posh” in the blind)

  29. ioannes says

    John Terry? Notorious cheater, lives in a posh enclave of Surrey, and his wife rides horses, I do believe.

    He wasn’t selected for the World Cup squad, so he would have plenty of time and opportunity for extracurricular activities.

  30. Becky S says

    Why doesn’t Ms. posh leave him and take everything he has. Bet he stinks anyway.

  31. BritishPound says

    Beckham isn’t seen to he horrid by the general population, though he does have affairs… I’d say John Terry (who deffo is) or Rooney.