Her Big Fat Evil Plan

hamburger fries[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which famous for being famous person is soooo desperate to get back into the spotlight that she is telling friends she plans to put on a lot of weight, and then lose it, to get the cover of People Magazine.

This celebrity has made a brand out of weight loss, but after her career has disappeared she will do anything to get back into the spotlight.

The plans is to disappear for several months and eat as much as she can. Then return and let people attack her, this way she will win back the public’s support. Then she will lose the weight and sell the pictures!


BONUS CLUE: She is currently skinny.

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    • tellmemore says

      Kirstie Alley isn’t famous for being famous. She’s an actor and she currently has a sitcom on Nick at Night. I think this is someone who is famous, but really has no real reason to be (i.e., Paris Hilton, the Kartrashians, etc.).

    • CindyB says

      I think, though, that Kirsty Alley is famous in her own right. She was a true TV star when she appeared on Cheers and also starred in several movies; that one talking baby movie was a huge success. (sorry, too lazy to google additional info and name of that movie)

    • Mixtape says

      This is it. “brand out of weight loss” is her Skinny Girl brand of cocktails. But more importantly, she’s “famous for being famous.” All of the other guesses on here (Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson, Kirstie Alley) were famous as entertainers before being known for weight loss.

    • tellmemore says

      I like this, because she’s getting so much backlash for wearing her preschooler’s clothes the other day. I could see her thinking that a weight gain would win her a little public sympathy. Plus she’s lost her tv shows.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Bethenny? She seems so uptight about staying super skinny that I can’t see herself allowing herself to get fat on purpose. Didn’t she post a picture of herself rocking her *toddler’s* clothes?

  1. lisako says

    This sounds so much like Paris Hilton, and the burger picture makes me think of her connection to Carl’s Jr. But the part about “made a brand out of weight loss” confuses me.

    • EastlakeGirl says

      I thought of her too, but when I read that she has friends, then I knew it couldn’t be her.

    • pinupgirl says

      I like the Bethenny Frankel guess.

      I first thought of Paris Hilton, though, because she was recently interviewed and talked about losing 5 lbs due to eating healthier. Thought it was odd since she doesn’t have a weight problem.

    • ravenglass says

      “Then she will lose the weight & sell the pictures!”

      Pictures of herself in toddler clothing again? I hope that isn’t a trend that catches on. I’m dreading the Kim K, stuffed in North’s onesie, selfie.

  2. stolidog says

    Maria Manounos?
    Hint: “Her Big Fat Evil Plan” = “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”
    Manounos is Greek, and was fired from E (Evil Genius)

  3. MissLortie says

    haha i have no idea who it can be but this is very funny story…but it’s sad.
    if you dont get recognition because of some/any talent, gtfo.

  4. iluvgossip says

    Kim Kardashian…Famous for being famous,
    Got the cover of Vogue, now she wants the cover of People.
    She was attacked during her pregnancy for vaious reasons, her weight, how she dressed, how she complained…blah blah blah
    so make sense to put on weight, get attached and gain sympathy like her brother Rob.

    EVIL…YES!!!! Genius…LIKE NO WAY!!…She needs to disappear for good…like forever.

    • KatarinaJ says

      I don’t think she’d DARE get fat. She might never make it back. She fights weight issues at moments… and not issues… I mean she looks great. But unless she is going on Speed or Meth I can’t imagine her having a full on full proof plan to be skinny. And is Kim Skinny? Bethenny Frankel I don’t think would dare get fat either…. although she is just famous for being famous. Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar and musical talent. Kirstie Alley is famous for her sitcom work.

  5. evilbubbles says

    It seems like a Kardashian plan but they haven’t left (let go?) of the spot light yet…interested to see who this is

  6. donaclny says

    I’m thinking Kirstie Alley. Her major claim to fame in the last few years has been her weight gains and losses. She represented Jenny Craig and did a reality show about a fat actress in addition to DWTS. Her weight has always been an issue and she seems to play it up for a buck. This sounds like something she would do for the money. What happened to all the money she made over the years? What would she do if she had to have a real job with a realistic salary? It’s pretty pathetic, but I wish her well. Maybe she can call Jenny.

    • stolidog says

      You, and several other posters, are showing your age. Not to defend Kirstie Alley, but, she’s certainly famous for being talented. Won a Golden Globe for her role in Cheers, and was nominated for 5 more. Also won two emmys, with 6 additional nominations, and she’s won/been nominated for a slew of other awards.
      She may be crazy, but she’s not famous for nothing.

      • Martini says

        I wouldn’t judge people on their “age” as your Maria Menounos answer was way in left field as well. Maria didn’t get fired from E! — she just got HIRED at E!… And because of her broadcasting career (in front of the camera) she wouldn’t dare get fat as her contract would likely frown on that.

  7. Ahem says

    Kim K? I wouldn’t put this pass her. The “genius” clue is probably a hint at Kanye.

    • tellmemore says

      Ha! Nice! This makes me think of her, too, although I don’t know how she’s made a brand out of weight loss?

      • iluvgossip says

        She successfully promoted Trimspa..no one really knew about it until Kim endorsed it.

  8. sunshine702 says

    Jessica Simpson

    Now that the wedding is over she needs the next publicity stunt. She’s certainly not acting or singing lately.

    • Ahem says

      I think that’s because her clothing business has morphed into a billion dollar empire. Good guess tho!

  9. mugofmead111 says

    It can’t be Jessica Simpson; she already has a relationship with Weight Watchers and she just got a People cover for her second wedding.

    Right now I am stumped.

  10. Jaqaranda says

    Paris Hilton? The burger is reminiscent of her Carl’s Jr add and she tried to convince everyone that she was secretly a genius a while back. She’s been out of the spotlight for a few years and this sounds like something she would cook up. I don’t know about making a brand out of weight loss though. She was always a twig.

  11. AnguaDelphine says

    I have no idea who this is, but I´d dub her plan cynical, not evil. Also just what we deserve, seeing as we put way too much weight (heh) to women’s sizes. As long as she’s healthy about it, I’ll cheer her on.

  12. audreyyy says

    This is actually really damaging to your body. Hope she enjoys having her hair fall out!

  13. Atalanta says

    This sounds like Paris Hilton… the clue being the big cheeseburger and that Carl’s Jr. ad she did a while ago. Pretty good idea though! Gotta give her some credit for the amount of work this will take!

  14. Sure says

    I’m really clueless. Too many options, so I’m going to take a stab at it and say Paris Hilton

  15. luckysiu says

    Oh no! Don’t do it Jennifer Hudson!! Clues being “spotlight” one of her singles. She is also currently skinny and was an ambassador for Weight Watchers.

  16. m0m0ntherun says

    I hope it’s not Jennifer Hudson but she does have a song by the name of “Spotlight” and she has lost a lot of weight and I haven’t heard of a new album or movie recently. I hope it isn’t her tho!

    • Mandy G. says

      I thought about her, too, but isn’t she still getting lots of attention? It sure looks like it to me, but for her, maybe it’s not enough.

  17. calumsmom says

    Jessica Simpson? The only good part of this plan is the “disappearing for several months” part. She is sooo overexposed!

  18. Martini says

    Not Jessica Simpson as she’s legitimately famous (singer, clothing brand) and not just for being famous..
    Kirstie Alley….also legitimately famous…
    Jennifer Hudson…also legitimate talent…

    Can’t think who else has made a career out of weight loss aside from these ladies so clearly I’m missing a ton.

    • Bery says

      Thank you! Finally someone that read AND understood the BI, haha!

      But I’m also lost and cannot think of anyone that fits (see what I did there?) the profile.

    • missmissy says

      I agree with you on these guesses. They don’t fit.

      Paris Hilton is also working
      Nicole Richie has some design projects and a tv show in the works
      The Kardashians are in the entertainment headlines everyday.

      The only other famous for being famous person I can think of is Kate Gosselin, but there is no weight loss connection. The blind said “made a brand” out of weight loss. I think this is Frankels Skinny Girl cocktails.

  19. creeping_thistle says

    Which side of the pond is Rob from? The only two silly women who’d do this are Jessica Simpson in the US and Kerry Katona in the UK.

  20. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Well it’s not Jessica Simpson Johnson since she was just on the cover of People. Kirstie Alley? Not sure if she is currently skinny but this seems like something she would do.

  21. OoLaLana says

    Jessica Simpson is the 1st person that comes to mind… but she seems sweet rather than evil so I’ll have to think some more on this.

  22. Vickiefantastico says

    Jessica Simpson. The clue is the cheeseburger. Wasn’t she in a Hardee’s/Carl Jr ad once?

  23. NickBos says

    Kirstie Alley first became famous on Cheers. Then she had the Look Who’s Talking films among other things. She’s not famous for being famous. Neither are Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Hudson and Paris Hilton doesn’t fit the clues. I think this is Nicole Ritchie. Definitely skinny beyond belief and she’s not in the spotlight at all.

  24. annabelle77 says

    Definitely fits Bethenny, unfortunately. “Famous for being famous” fits; her fame came from reality shows . And her “career disappeared”- her talk show was cancelled and her skinnygirl products are tanking. And she’s “desperate to get back in the limelight” according to all the scuttlebutt. And she’s skinny now. VERY skinny. She would be the rare person who would be willing to get fat like this and know she has the iron discipline to lose the weight on schedule. I get tired just thinking about it.

  25. spikelb says

    Bethenny Frankel

    Famous for being famous person . . . Housewife
    Soooo desperate to get back into the spotlight . . . Failed talk show . . Divorce/custody battle
    This celebrity has made a brand out of weight loss . . . Skinny Girl Cocktails

    Also, she has no previous relationship/contract with a weight loss company . . you better believe if any previous spokesperson pulled this, ie JHud and Weight Watchers, there would be serious consequences.

  26. Mandy G. says

    How sad that this person craves attention so badly that she’s willing to do something so unhealthy. She should really spend some money on therapy so that she can build up her self-esteem. People who are content with who they are, don’t need validation from others.

  27. Katmandu says

    Sounds like something the loathsome Kirstie Alley would do. Only quibble: SHE IS NOT AT THIS TIME IN ANY WAY “SKINNY”, the fat load.

    I hate her. Her recent show was a major FAIL, and she’s casting about for future attention. IF this is her.

  28. jackballjonez says

    so many people are guessing names without reading the clue specifically, the one that says the person made a name for themself already regarding weight loss. What brand does Paris hilton have regarding weight loss?

  29. kathystr says

    I am not sure who this is but I don’t think there is any way this Kim K. She is way to vein to gain weight.

  30. iknowiknow says

    This is Jennifer Hudson. She was the celebrity ambassador for Weight Watchers for several years and she would talk about her weight loss in the media all the time. She has a song called “spotlight” too. It’s a good song. She parted ways with weight watchers and is currently skinny.

  31. cyberbrownie says

    This reminds me or Nicole Richie but she has an eating disorder or something so I’d say Jessica Simpson or Paris hilton… but paris hilton doesn’t come to me of a person who would like being fat…

  32. CoCoJoe says

    A lot of people are saying Paris Hilton, but if it is her, I think she was joking. Besides, I don’t think she’d be willing to make that sacrifice.

  33. stonn says

    Ooh this has Paris Hilton written all over it. Didn’t she once do a cheeseburger commercial for Carl Jr.’s? Eating a big ol’ fat burger (very much like the one pictured) while wearing a bathing suit or something like that.

  34. LeahLynn28 says

    Bethenny Frankelstein?The last time i saw her pic,she looked like a walking skeleton…very skinny.But i don’t see her getting fat on purpose for attention…
    Or Jessica future ex-Johnson Simpson…or Jennifer Hudson.
    But can’t be Nicole Richie…she would have to actually eat to get fat,and she doesn’t eat at all.I doubt she would eat a lot,she has a serious eating disorder.
    Anyway,whoever she is,she’s pathetic…to get fat on purpose only for attention is lame.

  35. splader says

    Kate Hudson
    Almost Famous
    Magazine articles have her referring to her baby weight loss as a lifestyle brand.

  36. amjxray says

    Like the Bethenny Frankel guess but thinking she is too vain and vapid to consider doing something like this. The fact that she recently posed in her 4 year old’s PJ’s though….hmmm. Kate gosselin, another stupid bitch I can totally see doing this too. Gain weight, seek a weight loss endorsement deal..oh, yeah this desperation totally reeks of Kate, it’s her!!!

  37. ClosetOrganizer says

    Bethenny Frankel (“famous for being famous” on the Real Housewives of New Jersey), whose talk show is tanking in the ratings and might be (or might have been) cancelled (plus has her “Skinny Girl” line of products as another blinder pointed out)

  38. opulence says

    Kate Gosselin- This woman just needs to go away.

    Paris Hilton- Clue being the burger.

  39. mugofmead111 says

    I think Maria is on the cover of latest issue of Health magazine. She talked about how she got thin and how she maintains her healthy weight.