Chef Serves Up A Big Banana

eating banana[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which TV chef has a full frontal nudie picture of himself floating around? The dirty picture was sent via text message to a lover, but has now made its hands into many more people. The fully nude photo, showing his impressive erect penis, does include the guy’s face! His legal team is doing everything possible to prevent the photos from being made public.


BONUS CLUE: The Chef is American.

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    • CindyB says

      I agree… “…does include the guy’s face!” Gordon Ramsey has been known for his (god forgive me) “basset hound” wrinkly face.

      BUT… I just noticed “the guy’s face” could possibly mean Guy Fereari (sp.)

  1. ravenglass says

    Rocco DiSpirito

    And I’m guessing the caption under the photo reads NOW EAT THIS!

  2. lisako says

    I REALLY hope this is Robert Irvine.

    “WHAAAAAAT is THAAAAAAAAAAT???” -Irvine at some point during every episode of Restaurant Stakeout

    • NinaMelpomene says

      Ewwww!!1 But… you’re right!!! “Jeremy Irvine Nude Photos Leaked Online” *super-shivers*

      • NinaMelpomene says

        Oh lol I messed up Jeremy and Robert… LOL SORRY!!!
        Shows how much I know about today’s stars. XD

  3. Mia444 says

    Sounds like something Gordon Ramsey would do and… ew. Please don’t let that picture go viral!

  4. gigglega215 says

    KMSL!!!I hope it is not “Molten” Mario Batali but, I think it could be Gordon Ramsey.

    • gaelgirl says

      Oh, ugh. I think you’ve sussed out the hidden clue. Horrific.

      If it is him, I think everyone hopes his legal team succeeds in keeping the photo from going public.

    • Mystical says

      I think you might be right about that! That sentence seems a bit awkward and makes more sense in the context of it being a clue. How gross indeed!

  5. iluvgossip says

    That mean Chef…Ramsey? I hope it’s him…sound cocky and full of it.
    Total guess though.

  6. LeeLee12345 says

    I would guess Gordon Ramsay … but mean, little people usually have tiny peckers … Hmmm … “stumped” 😉

  7. GeorgiaR says

    TV Chef Guy Fieri, with the massive hint, “The fully nude photo, showing his impressive erect penis, does include the GUY’s face!”

    • south chicago says

      this. does Fieri ever bathe? that hair, those tats, the jewelry all over — yuck! Hope his legal team earns their keep by making sure no one in the world has to see that photo.

  8. KWDragon says

    Is “guy’s face” a reference to the Heat Miser himself, Guy Fieri?

    I would want nothing to do with that man’s donkey sauce!

  9. sunshine702 says

    I would love it to be that fuzzy bear Emeril but he seems really normal and happily married.

    Gordon Ramsay. And his Ram Horn

  10. donaclny says

    Probably Gordon Ramsay. There are always stories going around about him being very well endowed. Don’t know if he started the rumors himself.. If it is true however, he seems so self-absorbed that he would be delighted to show off to the world.

  11. slantrhyme says

    Guy Fieri because of the “guy” used in the blind, and the pic. When I picture him (thankfully not often) he’s always got his mouth biting into something.

  12. britlady says

    If it’s Gordon Ramsey I hope his legal team work hard to stop it being published, don’t want to click on that on the Daily Mail sidebar of shame when I’m having brekkie:( Sounds like something he would do though, and he is said to be well endowed.

  13. frog780913 says

    its gotta be bobby flay – hes been caught cheating on his wives – so why not send a nudie!!

  14. clarkster says

    I think it’s Guy Fieri. (Guy’s Face) …and he would need to send an impressive dick pic b/c he’s not attractive otherwise. The other ‘Hot’ chefs wouldn’t need to do that to score. Excluding Flay…. he’s just gross.

  15. radmom says

    Solved it! It’s Anthony Bourdain!! If you Google “Nude Chef”, you see a lot more of him than you ever have before! 😉

  16. doggiez says

    Wasn’t there another blind about Guy Fieri recently about him being a cheating womanizer? If so, that and the “guy’s face” clue in this blind point to him. Eww.

  17. 2BEAUCOUP says

    I’ll bet good money,GIADA knows “fully” who this is.
    She WON”T UTTER A PEEP.She’s under a “GAG ORDER”-a first for her,from all I hear.

  18. LaPerla says

    Extra hint: Rob mentioned this on the Elvis Duran show and dropped an extra hint: the chef is American.

  19. DuchessofSilly says

    Dear God, I hope this is not a photo of Phil Harben (may he rest in peace…).