This BAFTA Winner Really Hates Everyone

stay away from me[Pop Bitch] At the recent BAFTAs, which of the winners refused to eat with fellow actors, asked to be in a separate hotel and – when asked to share a people carrier – said “Not goin’ with them c*nts”?

BG Note: People carrier = Minivan

BAFTA Winner:

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47 comments to This BAFTA Winner Really Hates Everyone

  • Adri00

    BAFTA Winner: Christian Bale?

  • Stars In My Eyes

    I just got a case of the warm fuzzies. Calling a minivan a “people carrier.” That’s just so sweet. :-)
    As for the BAFTA winner who wouldn’t use it, have no idea.

  • CountessLurkula

    Steve Coogan

    • Okayeah

      Definitely someone British – based on the wording of the quote, not an American winner…

  • PoniTayl

    Jennifer Lawrence / American Hustle

    • dlove

      Not Jennifer Lawrence… she was filming and wasn’t at the event. David O Russell accepted the award on her behalf and gave a weird speech.

      I have no guess, not familiar with most of the british TV actors.

  • augustmom

    I’m going with Steve Coogan. My second guess is Steve McQueen.

  • IlanaStar

    Man, I hope the isn’t Jennifer Lawrence :(

  • slantrhyme

    Helen Mirren

    (Really, I have no idea.)

    • HermioneG

      OMG I never knew I wanted an audio or a video of Helen Mirren saying “Not goin’ with them c*nts” with utter contempt that much. We should have a petition to make that happen.

  • lovefifteen

    It says recent BAFTAs so it should be referring to the TV awards. Richard Ayoade, Sean Harris or David Bradley? My guess would be David Bradley.

  • missmissy

    Ha!! David Bradley

    Filch from Harry Potter and Bafta winner for Broadchurch. Is this related to the Harry Potter c*** blind from yesterday??

  • zilla

    BAFTA Winner: (and all around prick) Christian Bale

  • BritishPound

    BAFTA Winner: Steve ‘Hacked Off’ Coogan.

  • hihotintin

    Complete guess Actor- Chiwetel Ejiofor he won best actor

  • CanaryCry

    Steve Coogan.

  • astarisborn

    BAFTA Winner: Steve Coogan

    He’s my guess because “Not goin’ with them c*nts” sounds British, so it must be a British actor, and also because he seems like a grade-a prick.

  • I Am PunkA

    Steve Coogan

  • Bromance1979

    Steve Coogan?

    No clue, but assuming the actor is British.

  • britbitch

    Has to be Helen Mirren, although I can imagine cate b saying that too…hmm

  • jonesing

    Steve Mcqueen

  • lizt

    Sean Harris who won tv bafta for southcliffe. Most of the other winners were either american or very well spoken so wouldn’t make a basic grammatical error like saying “them” when they mean “those”. That’s a working class Brit thing!

  • Vampira

    It’s probably a Brit, since they use the “c” word much more loosely than Americans…
    Steve Coogan?
    Helen Mirren?

  • PapillonLover

    Oh…please…please…please!! Let this be Dame Judy Dench!!

  • Katmandu

    They throw around the ‘C’ word with impunity in England and Australia. Got to be a Brit.

  • whowassheilahgraham

    David Bradley? Alan Partridge – I mean Steve Coogan – would never be such a snob. Neither would Helen Mirren. Richard Ayoade is too much of a sweetie, and he’s definitely not working class.

  • augustmom

    Yes, now that you mention it, it could definitely be David Bradley.

  • Minderella

    I have no idea, but this person has to be a Brit, and a likeable one at that, since they don’t put up with nonsense. At least I’d like to think it is since the “c” word usually refers more to men than women in the UK.

    If this is an American, they are most likely a male and a misogynist jerk since this particular word is used in an almost completely different and much uglier context here.

  • FairyMay9

    I”m absolutely going with David Bradley on this one, and I do think it’s related to the Harry Potter blind from earlier this week. Crossing the streams, here, sorry, but I’m guessing on that one that David said it about another adult male, possibly Robbie Coltrane.

  • Weekenderbedford

    David Bradley has the right british working class northern accent to say this as it’s written in the blind.

  • peaudoce

    Without doubt, Steve Coogan. His attitude, his type of language.
    And no, we don’t all throw the c-word around here, it’s considered pretty unacceptable.

  • Atticus

    This must be Cilla Black, have read a lot of stories about how awful she is, even heard one from a member of my family who met her.

  • cookoo

    I have a feeling this is linked to Harry potter blind item so if any of winners have ties to Harry potter it’s probably them.

    As a British woman I have to say we may use c#nt more than Americans etc but it is still seen as the worst swear word u can say and most people I know would still gasp if we heard someone using it. (in a stiff upper lip English way of course) the person that sed this has no class

  • UKGoss

    This sounds EXACTLY like Cilla Black, and I can imagine this being said in her Scouser accent. The applause she got when she won the Special Award was noticeably lukewarm, and she doesn’t seem at all popular with her peers in the showbiz world. However she’s not an actor, she’s an entertainer, so the phrase “fellow actors” wouldn’t really apply to her.

  • DuchessofSilly

    William Wyler refused to get into ANY vehicle that wasn’t made by the Third Reich…and in which Charles Dance had heroin.

  • micban

    i have no idea, but he/she has to be british because of the “people carrier”.