1. ravenglass says

    Model 1: Cara Delevingne

    Model 2: Suki Waterhouse

    Model 2’s Man: Bradley Cooper

    • bec215 says

      This. The timing of the blind is intended to leverage the press around Efron-Rodriguez hook-up to create confusion, however a June article from the Daily Mail has photos and interviews with Delivigne and Waterhouse hooking up in their hotel lobby and partying at Cannes. I didn’t know that Waterhouse wants an acting career – and she’s signed on to the sequel to Divergent, with friend (and also rumored lesbian) Shai Woodley…So it would make the most sense that Waterhouse is ‘double-bearding’ with Cooper, probably they share an agency. Especially in the photos of them at Wimbledon, I get more of a father-daughter vibe, and they are hardly ever pap’d doing normal everyday stuff the way Witherspoon and Gyllenhall or Cooper and Zelwegger were. I mean, what would a 39 year old into ‘big and buff’ types really have in common with a 22 year old lesbian into crazy models?

      • Littlehorse says

        Not to mention that Cooper is gay. He should just come out of closet already! No one is buying his female hook-ups!

  2. proud2bblonde says

    Model 1: Cara Delevigne

    Model 2: Suki Waterhouse

    Model 2′s Man: Bradley Cooper

  3. ktbell05 says

    Something with Cara Delavigne (sp?) It could be her and anyone-she seems to get around. I dont get the deal with her-she is not attractive and looks nothing like a model IMO.

  4. KatarinaJ says

    I’d tend to say Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington and only one husband listed because I think Randy Gerber would NOT be shocked and has been gossip-linked to George Clooney. I think the ‘model 2 husband’ who might be surprised would be Ed Burns. Cindy is also supposedly close to Naomi Crawford but I honestly think that because a husband is mentioned and I don’t think it is Randy Gerber, I am going with the Christy-Cindy guess.

  5. lanscar623 says

    Model 1: Cara Delevingne
    Model 2: Suki Waterhouse
    Model 2’s Man: Bradley Cooper

  6. gagirl says

    First instinct says Brooklyn Decker and Chrissy Tiegen w/ John Legend. “Saucy” would be a nod to Chrissy’s love of food. Well this would also expose her as John Legend’s beard…

  7. KitKat73 says

    Model 1: Cara

    Model 2: Suki

    Model 2′s Man: Bradley

    Ya I’m on a first name basis with them, no big deal.

  8. shelaur22 says

    Budget Sookie Stackhouse and Cara Dev-whatever her name is. Suki’s bf is the gay Bradley Cooper.

  9. cookoo says

    Obviously Cara Delevigne Suki (had t Google surname no talent) Waterhouse and Bradley ‘likes them big and buff’ Cooper

  10. kardashian_west says

    Model 1: Jordan Dunn (if that’s her correct name)

    Model 2: Chanel iman (ignore mistakes lol)

    Model 2’s man: Asap Rocky

  11. GrannyGoose says

    Well this is actually a hard question. they all want us to think that they’re bi right now to keep our eyeballs on them. But, since this is the Daily Mirror (British), I’m guessing

    Cara Delivigne
    Karlie Kloss

  12. jenabelle4 says

    Model 1: Cara Delevigne
    MOdel 2: Suki Waterhouse
    Model 2’s Man: Bradley Cooper

  13. Vampira says

    This is a British site again, so I’ll guess:
    Cara Dela-pig-nose
    Rosie Huntington-smug-face
    Jason Macho-whatever

  14. lolachristina says

    Model 1:cara delevingne

    Model 2:Michelle Rodriquez

    Model 2′s Man: Zac Efron

  15. sweetshe says

    I think one of them is Kate upton…”big” for her boobs. And saucy for her Carl jr add…not sure about the other.

  16. britlady says

    Model 1: Cara Delevingne

    Model 2: Suki Waterhouse

    Model 2’s Man: Bradley Cooper

  17. warm sunshinekisses says

    Model #1. Cara delevinge
    Model #2. Suki Waterhouse
    Model #2. man. bradley cooper

  18. ashanean says

    Yeah it sounds likebCars and Suki

    I mean Michelle was all over Cara and kissing her so they were not hiring nothing really

    Suki it oes not really seem like she is more than friendscwith Cara

    And Cara’s man Mr. Cooper

  19. checkin1234 says

    Even I know it.
    I have always suspected. Just look at Suki and Cara’s Instagram.

  20. sb17 says

    This isn’t Cara and Suki, Cara is already obviously bi-sexual or a lesbian and it wouldn’t be a huge shock if half the couple was already out. My money is on Toni Garrn and Karlie Kloss with the boyf being Leo. D!

  21. doggiez says

    Ohhhhh, I get it now. The Cara-Suki-Bradley trio makes everything make sense now. Thanks Ace!

  22. mizzavrid says

    Tsk tsk tsk, Bradley, WHY?

    Cara Delevigne
    Suki Waterhouse (sounds like a corp., not a name
    Bradley Cooper———careful folks!