Physically Big and Age Appropriate

couple 18[Blind Gossip] It’s always awkward when a celebrity ends a real relationship. They truly dread the press speculation and questions about the breakup. The best way to flip the script? A new relationship!

The search started as soon as she broke up with her ex. They needed someone physically big (as she is tall and well-built), age appropriate, good looking, single, masculine and without a gay rumor history.

They found him in house. Yes, they are both with the same agency. A perfect match on all counts.

It was a six-week plan. If they had put them together too soon after the breakup, it would have looked fake, and then accusations might have started about the new guy being the cause of the breakup. So they gave him a line to use about her in an interview to be published several weeks after the break up, gave her a few weeks to get some distance from her ex, and then announced their coupling. It looks “natural” and the new guy is not blamed for the breakup. It was actually a smart, modern, well-executed plan. Kudos to those who made it happen!

So, yes, the relationship is fake, but they are actors, so they will make it look real. Since they are both mature people, the relationship should go very smoothly for the next few months. And, since they are both gorgeous, it will certainly make for some very pretty pictures (dinner date, beach, shopping) in the meantime!



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  1. raslebol says

    Sofia vergara and Joe “i can’t act” of True Blood and Magic Mike ( i think anyone believes it’s NOT a RP stunt)

  2. sophiedg says

    Actress: Sofia Vergara (“smart, MODERN, well-executed plan”)
    Actor: Joe Manganiello (Line he was given is about being “smitten” with her for a long time)
    Kudos to her team. Shame to hear it’s fake, but it’s a respectable “transition” relationship for her. Hope it means she’s really ready to move on and won’t reunite with that cringe-inducing jacka*s Nick Loeb yet again. Viva Sofia!

    • Okayeah says

      For whatever reason, Sofia stuck with Loeb for a long time. She seems to like…uh…complicated.

    • Bromance1979 says

      Absolutely this, but why does her team think she needs a relationship just six weeks after breaking off an engagement? It seems ridiculous. Too soon!

  3. JPH says

    The obvious answer, based on several factors is J.Lo/Caspar/Maksim, but:

    – J.Lo/Caspar wasn’t a ‘real’ relationship
    – Isn’t it clear that Caspar was the cause for the breakup because he got sloppy with his down low predilections?
    – Maksim isn’t an actor, which this BI states the male is.

    So……I’m stumped.

    • cassadaga says

      Uh, since Maksim isn’t an actor, how is this an “obvious answer”? Also, Jennifer Lopez is 5’4, that’s hardly tall.

  4. Virgo826 says

    She: Sophia Vergara
    He: Joe Manganiello

    They certainly are a good looking pair!

  5. wendy hood says

    sofia vergara and joe mangielllo

    I smelled phony as soon as that first article broke. His quote about her in the interview was so off, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Found it. Thanks, BG!

  6. neartstarlet says

    Actress: Sofia Vergara
    Actor: Joe Manganiello

    clues: “modern” = modern family; the line used “I’ve had a crush on her for ages”

  7. lisako says

    Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello. Easy Peasy! Too bad it’s fake, they look good together!

  8. travelingM says

    Actress – Sofia Vergara
    Actor – Joe M

    he was just featured in the People’s sexist bachelor issue – and mentioned Sofia Vergara in the interview as his dreamgirl… and now they are dating.

  9. lovefifteen says

    Actress: Sofia Vergara
    Actor: Joe Manganiello

    Clues: “modern plan” “Modern Family”; well-built = her huge breasts

    • lovefifteen says

      Age-appropriate might be a clue to the fact she is married to an old man on Modern Family

  10. kpopzz says

    Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron?? Seems appropriate ever since news are swarming over their beach PDA pics

  11. sassygurl1987 says

    Omg! Really?! Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello…I thought it’s real! They look good together.

  12. Lilac7 says

    Actress: Sofia Vergara

    Actor: Joe Manganiello

    That explains it! I didn’t buy the “He’s been smitten with her for years. He’s always had a huge crush on her.” for a minute. Gosh, is there nothing real in Hollywood anymore?!?

    • wendy hood says

      I don’t blame public figures for dating like this. Its really none of our business, so they give us satisfying fronts and they get to keep their private life a little more private. Everyone kinda wins.

  13. BexSteve says

    Sofia Vergara
    Joe Mangello (sp?)
    clues: “modern” and he has said “a line” he had a crush on her for awhile. Too bad, they do look good together!!

  14. curlytop says

    Actress: Sofia Vergara
    Actor: Joe Manganiello
    At least they look good together!

    • VoiceofReason says

      meant Sofia of course (that’s what happens when your own daughter is called Sophie lol)

    • Martini says

      Nope, not so easy peasy. This is incorrect. First of all JLo and Casper were NOT a real couple. This is Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello.

      • CelebrityGirl says

        Oops, I missed that bit about the “real relationship” at the beginning of the post! Completely agree with you. :)

  15. NOTellebee says

    Zac Efron and Michele Rodriguez. That screamed “PR” from the first “Zachelle.”

    Poor Cara :(

  16. Buckskinlady says

    Actress: Sophia Vergara

    Actor: Joe Mangenialla

    First pictures have already surfaced.

  17. Vampira says

    Sophia Vulgara
    Joe Manganell…whatever…the guy who always had a “crush” on her, just like Superman did with Kaley Cuoco.

  18. sassyolivia says

    easy (and nicely played!)

    Actress: Sofia Vergara (“modern”)

    Actor: Joe Manganiello

  19. paradisewithicecreamskies says

    Scratch my first guess
    It’s Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

  20. Sarah Connor says

    Sofia Vergara
    Joe Manganiello
    silly me I was actually happy for her after she’d been with that shady Nick douche for so long, oh well

  21. Layale says

    I’m guessing Zac Effron and Michelle Rodriguez. Only, I thought he had gay rumors. Still, that’s the best I’ve got. They’re both physically in shape.

  22. Raleigh says

    SofĂ­a Vergara and Joe Manganiello have been shown together and in many media outlets are saying in the early stages of dating. She just in the last month broke up with her boyfriend. They are both beautiful and they will look good in pictures.