Physically Big and Age Appropriate

couple 18[Blind Gossip] It’s always awkward when a celebrity ends a real relationship. They truly dread the press speculation and questions about the breakup. The best way to flip the script? A new relationship!

The search started as soon as she broke up with her ex. They needed someone physically big (as she is tall and well-built), age appropriate, good looking, single, masculine and without a gay rumor history.

They found him in house. Yes, they are both with the same agency. A perfect match on all counts.

It was a six-week plan. If they had put them together too soon after the breakup, it would have looked fake, and then accusations might have started about the new guy being the cause of the breakup. So they gave him a line to use about her in an interview to be published several weeks after the break up, gave her a few weeks to get some distance from her ex, and then announced their coupling. It looks “natural” and the new guy is not blamed for the breakup. It was actually a smart, modern, well-executed plan. Kudos to those who made it happen!

So, yes, the relationship is fake, but they are actors, so they will make it look real. Since they are both mature people, the relationship should go very smoothly for the next few months. And, since they are both gorgeous, it will certainly make for some very pretty pictures (dinner date, beach, shopping) in the meantime!



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