Floppy Needs To Have A Quick Chat With Shooter

shot of liquor[Blind Gossip] We recently told you about a floppy-haired singer’s dr*g use. While Floppy was heavily into coke last year, he has sobered up quite a bit, which is good. We wish that his healthier habits would rub off on his friend Shooter.

Shooter is also a singer. He uses c*caine occasionally, has tried acid and ecstasy, pops a pill occasionally, and smokes weed once or twice a week. His biggest problem, though, is his drinking.

We’re not just talking about having a couple of beers after work. Shooter is definitely leaning into alcoholic territory here. He has been drinking day and night lately. Shots of hard liquor, beer, mixed drinks. All day, every day.

Shooter doesn’t even realize that the alcohol turns him into a jerk. He treats people badly and he does some some really stupid, physically risky things when he is drunk. he’s going to hurt himself one of these days. He thinks it’s funny. It’s not. And if you have ever wondered why his girlfriends come and go, his drinking is one of the big reasons. They hate it.



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  1. up-in-the-air says

    Floppy: This has got to be Harry Styles
    Shooter: Ed Sheeran? Could be him, but this is sad

    • caligrlth25 says

      I agree with this guess. Ed has said that he’s experimented with different drugs at times and he always talks about how he drink a lot. He just uses the excuse that he’s British as to why he drinks so much.

    • dtmsnsmhl says

      I think “floppy hair” is the opposite to “curly hair”, so, for me, floppy would be Louis and Shooter Liam

    • Elfe_345 says

      I don’t understand how you can even think for a second it’s about Harry Styles….

  2. Alexicon says

    Floppy: Harry Styles
    Shooter: Liam Payne

    Liam was photographed standing on the outside ledge of his apartment building (risky behavior) and has broken up with and gotten back together with multiple girls this year.

  3. RitaSkeeter says

    floppy is harry styles. the bg12345 was abt him and coffee, with the clever liking joke… and this drink is like an extremely mild coffee… (I think)

    the shooter I think is the Ellen degeneres impersonator… nial is it…?

  4. isabella_herrera says

    I dont understand anything, you confuse me. In “Sing was in deep powder” i thought that you were talking about louis tomlinson, but if this item is related with “sing was in deep powder” its impossible to be louis or not? Im confused. Please bonus clue, it is or is not on a member of the band one direction?

  5. deyaneira Bo says

    Floppy: Harry Styles
    Shooter : I’ll go with Liam Payne . his two last girlfriends Danielle and Sophia .

  6. TheBreakfastClubber says

    My initial guess were people from One Direction, but I’m pretty sure none of them have had multiple girlfriends, besides the beards for Mr.Styles and Mr.Tomlinson.

  7. dtmsnsmhl says

    I don’t think curls can be described as “floppy hair” and also don’t think Harry is hooked on anything so I’m going with

    Floppy: Louis Tomlinson

    Shooter: Zayn Malik

  8. TheBreakfastClubber says

    My initial guess was people from One Direction, but I’m pretty sure none of them have had multiple girlfriends, besides the beards for Mr.Styles and Mr.Tomlinson.

  9. augustmom says

    Harry Styles is Floppy, so I’ll say Shooter is another member of One D…I’m over 40, so I don’t follow this band outside of Blind Gossip, so I don’t know which one is Shooter.

  10. XxMileyXxMadonnaXx says

    Floppy: Harry Styles

    Shooter: Zayn Malik


    Floppy: Justin Bieber
    Shooter: one of his friends

  11. ChocoIateOxygen says

    I still think floppy hair is Harry. The other guy is probably someone out of the band.

  12. dtmsnsmhl says

    I still think floppy is Louis but I changed my Shooter guess to Liam Payne

  13. jillisyours says

    Floppy: Harry Styles
    Shooter: Liam Payne

    Hope they both will heal soon! I don’t want them to end up like Bieber
    Hey Ace, how’s larry going? :)

    • LoneHazelEyes says

      Yeah…I wanna know how Larry’s going too!
      Give us some more goss Ace!

  14. dumbelina says

    First time commenting been a forever lurker! Love you Ace!!!
    Just a guess but
    Floppy: Harry Styles
    Shooter: Zayn Malik
    Even though Liam seems to be going to the Funky Buddha a lot, I believe that the gun on the glass looks so much like Zayn’s tattoo
    Again just a guess!

  15. thelasthigh says

    Floppy: Harry Styles

    Shooter: Liam Payne

    clues: physically risky things – he was photographed standing on the ledge of a building while drunk, ever wondered why his girlfriends come and go – off and of with all his girlfriends

  16. chellebelle says

    Floppy: Harry Styles
    Shooter: Justin Bieber
    Clue: His girlfriend comes and goes = Selena and their on and off again relationship

  17. slantrhyme says

    Floppy is Harry, Shooter is Bieber, who engages in risky stupid behavior.

  18. LeahLynn28 says

    Floppy: Harry Style?
    Shooter:Liam,Niall or Louis?
    This blind is confusing…

  19. ohhjenna says

    Floppy: Louis Tomlinson
    Shooter: Liam Payne

    I don’t know what it is, but I can’t see Floppy being Harry Styles despite what everyone is saying.

  20. whitesox23 says

    Floppy hair is Harry Styles, from what is written it can’t be Louis since he has had the same “girlfriend” for three years. If it is Louis he is going to lose everything he’s trying to build with buying the soccer club, so I really don’t think it’s him. Zayn Malik is engaged so that knocks him out. Liam Payne has had two girlfriends in four years, so I don’t see that as coming and going. That leaves the Irishman Niall Horan, who has been linked to three or four young starlets lately. Niall’s dad once asked Harry to watch over Niall because he was worried about him drinking too much. But I truly think it is someone outside of the group. So for shooter I’ll go with Ed Sheeran.

  21. MsOverstreet says

    Floppy: Harry Styles
    Shooter: Ed Sheeran

    “… girlfriends come and go” sounds like there are quite a few. Louis has been with Eleanor for almost 3 years, Liam with 2 girls in the last 4 years, Zayn with his fiance for almost 3 years, and Niall doesn’t seem to have much luck with the ladies. If anything, Harry is the one with the girls coming and going. Therefore, going with an out-of-the-band guess. Also, very happy to hear Harry is working on his sobriety. Hoping that rubs off on his fellow bandmates’ rumored drug problems as well!

    • popculturenut says

      Niall doesn’t have much luck with the ladies? Are you serious? He shags everything with a pulse; he’s just (somewhat) discrete about it.

      Floppy is almost certainly Harry Styles (alluded to by him delivering the coffee for the 12345 today).
      Harry has LOTS of friends; he is a relentless networker and everybody wants to be in his orbit for the reflected spotlight these days. So it could be almost anybody he’s ever come in contact with, not necessarily another member of 1D.
      That said, I still think Shooter IS Liam Payne. The blind doesn’t say anything about LOTS of girlfriends, just that they “come and go.” Liam had a famously tumultuous relationship with Danielle Peazer (though I never heard any rumors that it was about his drinking) and he and Sophia have split up and gotten back together at least once in the last year. Paired with all those Funky Buddha nights (almost every ‘off” night when in London, it seems) and stunts like that ledge-walking, it just seems to fit too neatly.

  22. guiltywhispers says

    Shooter is Zac Efron: He recorded a song called “Every Day” with Vanessa Hudgens and he has been going nuts lately. Not sure who Floppy is: Not sure who his friends are.

  23. rednik says

    Floppy : Harry Styles
    Shooter: Liam Payne

    What has happened to that boy? It’s obvious his drinking has become out of control because his face is looking pale and bloated and those eyes always look sad. I was thinking its all become a bit too much for him and alcohol has become his way of coping.

  24. YoGo8c says

    Harry and Ed Sheeran without a doubt imo.

    Ed did an interview recently confirming taking drugs once. Experimenting. Then you have his Taylor-Swift-esque ratting out of girls who’ve let him down and he makes lots of press soundbytes about other people, which feels unprofessional to me, idk…

    I’m surprised at the number of guesses pinning this on members of One D that have been with, or ‘with’ girls for a long time. Louis has had a permanent gf, Liam has had two quite long relationships, and Zayn’s been with Perrie for ages now, all of which may be bearding arrangements but still. It could fit Niall as he never seems to have a fixed gf but, like Harry, his ‘relationships’ I think are just colourful fleeting innuendo or faux getogethers for the press to coo over.

    Ed seemed most upset with Ellie, supposedly, and there have been other girls that don’t seem to hang around long, one on his Twitter or Facebook or whatever. So Ed fits this well imo. Niall in second spot.

  25. kidteentitan says

    Floppy is NOT Harry. If you’ve actually been reading blind items on 1D. You’d realize Harry was very concerned about Louis doing heavy drugs. So yeah Louis Tomlinson is floppy.

    Shooter is definitely Liam Payne who’s always out there partying with a drink on his hands. The boy used to be muscular and ripped but now he looks very much bloated thanks to all the alcohol.

    Floppy: Louis
    Shooter: Liam

    • LoneHazelEyes says

      Thank you!
      I always thought floppy was Louis too because of the other blind relating to this one. I don’t know why everyone else thinks it’s Harry!? Harry has curly hair, not floppy!

  26. jpolanco says

    Floppy is Louis Tomlinson his coke problem was shockinh and his weightloss ugh he looks so disgusting.

    Shooter, Liam Payne with his stupid antics and Twitter rambling he needs to sober the f**k up poor guy. Got it all and now… suppose fame isn’t everything.

    Ex girlfriends would be Sophia and Danielle!

  27. HwoodHypocrite says

    Going with Louis for floppy and Liam for Shooter.

    Louis and Liam are both sloppy messes these days and they both look horrible. Louis’ teeth have been getting more and more British by the day and Liam is a total alcoholic now who seems suicidal most of the time (weird tweets and even weirder behavior).

    They all need rehab tbh. Drugs and alcohol are destroying them. The same thing happened to BSB’s Nick and AJ.

  28. ashley1214 says

    If Floppy is indeed Harry Styles then Shooter isn’t one of the other 1D boys. The “his girlfriends come and go” part eliminates them. Zayn Malik has been with Perrie Edwards since 2011 and the two are engaged. Louis Tomlinson has been with Eleanor Calder for just as long (even if it is or is not a real relationship.) Niall Horan hasn’t had a confirmed public girlfriend, like, ever. And Liam Payne can only be linked to two relationships really: Danielle Peazar, which ended in early 2013, and his current girlfriend Sophia Smith who hes been with for a while.

    My money is on Ed Sheeran for Shooter. The girlfriend thing suits, with Ellie Goulding, Nina Nesbitt, and TSwift rumors. Such a shame.

  29. micban says

    i don’t think that floppy is Harry Styles, so i don’t think it’s about One Direction.
    It says “And if you have ever wondered why his girlfriends come and go, his drinking is one of the big reasons”, none of the 1d guys had many girlfriends, so it’s not about them.