His Proposition

man in a bar[Lainey Gossip] Maybe this is what the girlfriends are for. He expects them to look great. And to just… look?

A few weeks ago at a Hollywood bar, playboy was partying without his bonafide. He had two of his crew with him. He’d been drinking. Or something. He seemed very… accessible and uninhibited. Once he found his target, he made his approach, with his friends as backup. After spending some time flirting with the dude, a very cute, young gay dude, he made a special request:

He asked him if he would be into a three-way situation, but the third participant would be a woman. The woman would be watching as the two of them got down. In his line of work, it’s all about variety. After so many years of anything at any time, he needs as many flavours as possible.


His Girlfriend:

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    • ravenglass says

      “The woman would be watching as the two of them got down.”

      It could’ve been worse. Leo could’ve made Toni watch “The Great Gatsby.”

  1. iluvgossip says

    Wow, this could be anybody in Follywood, no clue!!
    Waiting to see the responses which are just as exciting as the Blinds.

  2. zilla says

    The only thing that rings a bell for me is that “bonafide” was the catchphrase word in “O Brother Where Art Thou”

    So I’ll say:

    Playboy: Clooney

    His Girlfriend (Fiancee): Amal

    • MNGossipHound says

      Ditto this! Maybe it’s a stretch but there is a brand of soap called Charlie’s Soap by a company called “Bonafied green goods”. I’m guessing that Ace was being cheeky…lol…

  3. KWDragon says

    Playboy: George Clooney (the pic looks like him)

    His Girlfriend: the lawyer/fiance Amal Alamuddin

    “Bonafide” sounds like “pro bono,” a legal term for working for free.

    “Variety” is the trade paper of Hollywood.

    The spotted tie? A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

    Am I on the right track here?

  4. SharmelleLaBoushh says

    Playboy: Bradley Cooper

    His Girlfriend: Suki Waterhouse

    My very 1st post here!

  5. scriptguy says

    Playboy: Leonardo Dicaprio
    Model: Whichever Victoria’s secret model he’s currently dating

  6. katt388 says

    I’m thinking Leo or Charlie Sheenan although the word “Variety” may be a clue in that case it may be Jimmy Fallon

  7. Karolina Amor says

    PLay boy : George Clooney

    His girlfriend: Amal Alamuddin

    hints: 1) his proposition (Costarred with Sandra bullock in Gravity who acted in The Proposal)

    2) “bonafide” played Everrett in O Brother where Art Thou who tried to convince his wife he was ” Bona Fide”

  8. TeacherKat says

    Leo? Lainey makes references to his crew sometimes, and she had talked about his partying and having everything available to him from a young age. Toni Garrn is his significant other.

  9. WILDKATer216 says

    Playboy: Bradley “just come out already” Cooper
    His girlfriend: Suki Waterhouse

  10. PghDude says

    George Clooney, Amal Almudin.

    Clue: Bonafide, “he’s bonafide” from the movie “Oh Brother where are Thou.”

  11. Bamadex says

    I’m going with Leo for this. It sounds like it could be Clooney but, IIRC, Lainey thinks GC and his beard are real.

  12. PandoraWolf says

    George Clooney. “Bonafide” – reference to O Brother Where Art Thou.

    Amal Alamuddin (sp?) –

  13. blrothwell says

    Playboy: Charlie Sheen
    Girlfriend: Brett Rossi

    Clues: “Playboy” – Brett Rossi has posed for Playboy, as has many of Sheens exes.

  14. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    George Clooney
    Fiance: Amal

    I know it says girlfriend but the “bonafide” clue from O Brother Where Art Thou are just too much for it not to be him.

  15. rudy says

    George Clooney shows his stripes.
    Amal is saved by the bell. She has got to be an idiot if she didn’t know.
    This must be why her mom is saying she is against the marriage.
    I thought George looked guilty.

    And bonafide? Straight from My Brother Where Art Thou?

  16. GalWriter says

    Leonardo DiCaprio? Has dated a lot of models (“look great”), “crew” refers to movie Titanic, has had a wide “variety” of roles and known to support a variety of causes

  17. Tracy Bee says

    Hey all, I’m new here – so my guesses may be a little wacky. I’ll enjoy YOUR responses though!

    Playboy – Leonardo DiCaprio
    GF – whichever Victoria’s Secret model he’s with at the moment

  18. ceegee1522 says

    Mr. Clooney!!! “Bonafides” is from O Brother, Where Art Thou!! Who knew?! I guess he needs a smart political lady to make him look good for his Senate Run….but he better watch out! All this dirt is going to come out!!

  19. FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

    I guess it could be B. Coop or Leo though. The pic looks like Clooney to me!

  20. MacTalk says

    Playboy: Leo Dicaprio or Bradley Cooper
    Girlfriend: Toni Garrn or Suki Waterhouse

  21. Alexicon says

    Playboy: George Clooney
    His Girlfriend: Amal Alamuddin

    Clues are the British spelling of ‘flavours’ — Amal is British, and the use of the word ‘bonafide’. Its synonym is ‘lawful’, which makes sense because Amal is a lawyer. Also the dude in the photo reminds me a lot of George.

    • platox3 says

      Lainey’s Canadian & spells “flavor” with a “u”, so that, in particular, isn’t a direct hint to Amal, although it could still be her 😉

  22. rosiedoes says

    This sounds like Clooney and his fiancee (notably, not his girlfriend, I guess) because he does the coffee adverts and the capsules come in “flavours.”

  23. gossipzilla says

    Oh nice that’s a juicy one. A few months ago I’d have guessed Clooney but now he’s engaged and I’m guessing Lainey would have hinted at that… Also accessible and uninhibited? Maybe Ryan Gosling?

  24. KatarinaJ says

    Is it Clooney, yet another blind about him? Maybe THIS is part of the current gf and marriage. She is into watching if she has to be a beard or they have some ‘arrangement.’ ? Or Johnny Depp? I think GC will be the major guess on this one.

  25. Hotchilli says

    I’m going for George Clooney too..didn’t he do an advert for a Japanese whiskey? That’s what the pic looks like..first time poster and love love BG!

  26. Pinky310 says

    Bradley Cooper

    Suki Waterhouse

    Lainey gossip solved this by saying “Does Suki Waterhouse seem…kinda overdressed? I mean, deliberately dressed. To be photographed. Rolling my eyes now.”

  27. Pinky310 says

    In other words she wanted people to “look” at her BC she’s his beard!!!!!!!

    • Pinky310 says

      Bradley cooper

      Suki Waterhouse

      This weeken she wore a dress tags was photo worthy

  28. bec215 says

    Not sure that the variety reference is a legit clue, but in 2014 the male celebs who’ve covered Variety mag so far are: Clooney, DiCaprio, Bale, Leto, and McCaunaghy. Bale and DiCaprio have been working in entertainment since childhood, while Clooney broke late but has been a working actor for a long time too. Of those three, I’m picking DiCaprio because a) he has a ‘crew’ that follows him out to party – the others do not, b) he is known for having models and beautiful women around all the time for years, so has to be bored by now with them, and c) the ‘anything at any time’ seems much more fitting of Leo than Clooney or Bale, who seem more mature than Leo the perpetual teenager. Clooney even called DiCaprio out in a recent interview for being a bad sport/sore loser/big talker…

    • AL-911 says

      Many hints point to Georges Clooney and his fiancé Amal Alamuddin.. But I agree with you, Leo fits better.

  29. slantrhyme says

    Can’t judge a book etc., but Amal doesn’t look like she’d be into watching two men, especially if she is in a double-beard situation with GC. The “bonafide” clue may be a red herring. The British spelling and the word “variety” seem to be clues.

    Leo has a crew and there’ve been blinds before about his inebriated behavior so Leo is my guess.

  30. LeahLynn28 says

    Bradley Cooper and whoever he’s dating right now?
    Leonardo DiCaprio and any of the VS model he is dating?
    George Cloney and that lawyer,his beard?
    Simon Cowell and the cheater?

    • LizD says

      What a great guess! Hugh has acknowledged sex with men in the past and his crew/friends could easily have been his ‘bunnies!’ Hysterical. Get it, oldie!

  31. Miss Tink says

    George Clooney. The clue is “bonafide” from the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”. In the movie, his character’s daughters kept saying, “He’s bonafide,” when referring to their mother’s new suitor.

  32. Beans200 says

    I think the Blind refers to Leo DiCaprio. Lainey referred to his gf, Toni Garrn, as his “bonafide” in a fairly recent post about Leo. Not sure that I believe the story though.

  33. platox3 says

    I can’t believe no one’s at least guessed Johnny Depp/Amber Heard yet.

    I agree it seems to be obviously either Clooney or DiCaprio, but, it should be noted, Lainey DOES use the word “bonafide” for A LOT of celebs on her blog now (e.g., Jake G, Idris, etc.).

    • platox3 says

      Also, I think it’s fairly safe to say this is NOT Bradley Cooper as he was just revealed as the last (or 2nd last?) subject of a Blind Item. Doubt she’d put him in another blind so soon, right?

  34. shelby says


    I read a lot of Lainey and it totally fits with how she writes about him. She referred to Toni Garn as his “bonafide” in a recent article about him and often comments on his lifestyle.

  35. fraublucher says

    I’ll go a little differently here: Lainey never specified the line of work, so doesn’t have to be an actor or singer. Lainey DOES use the work bonafide in her blog to describe gf’s.

    My guess is Tiger Woods. She mentions “target” and “made his approach” = golf terms. Variety and flavors — in recent history, Tiger had his own line of Gatorade flavors.

  36. PIncorrect says

    Please note that the Daily Mirror story that ran yesterday about her mom saying she could do better followed quickly by an obviously staged appearance by both mothers laughing, shopping, and giggling is are GONE. Nowhere. Scrubbed, it seems. Scroll all the way down…NADA. They were gone by the time I went to bed last night. Funny this blind came out the same day…Cindy and Randee being papped hand in hand everywhere in L.A., too, with a mention in every story about attending the nuptials in Italy in September…Benghazi anniversary day….

  37. shelby says

    Don’t think it’s Depp/Heard. She mentions “girlfriends” and how they might need to do more than “look good”. That sounds like models to me. I associate Leo with lots of different ones (the Victoria Secret catalogue!), but not Depp. Lainey can’t stand Heard either and I don’t think she’s ever said anything nice about her that would put her in the category of looking “good”.

  38. LizD says

    One of the stranger things about this blind is the notion that a publicly perceived straight guy would have a “crew” of friends that would help him hook up with other dudes?? Seems bizarre and highly implausible. I’ve not often heard of straight guys acting as wing men for gay hookups but maybe if you’re in the inner circle of someone super famous and super rich, you do what you’re told?
    That said, totally agree that these portions seem the most significant:
    “In his line of work, it’s all about variety. After so many years of anything at any time, he needs as many flavours as possible.”
    We’re all assuming this person is an actor but the first sentence might suggest something else, otherwise why even mention “his line of work?” “Anything at any time,” seems significant, as does “variety.” I have to say Ryan Seacrest was the first person who came to mind but I’m not sure Lainey cares enough about him to feature him in a blind. Guess I’m back to Leo, too.