1. Vagabondage says

    Michael Kors merger with Luxottica.

    (And he has every right to be pissed – his line is selling at TJMaxx now.)

    • Booboo1068 says

      Good point but I’ve been directly involved with a business sale/ merger and there is alot of pre-negotiation about branding etc. prior to the actual sign off. Im guessing if this is Michael Kors. (who I love BTW) he maybe wasnt as involved as he should have/ could have been before the final papers were signed and that wouldn’t surprise me at that level – Im sure he pays alot of money to very good legal and business team he trusts to handle things for him.

      This is a very common problem with most business mergers. It’s like combining two families. There’s going to be growing pains. It’s just business.

  2. ritzee says

    Hmm maybe Juicy Couture and Kate Spade? JC will start being sold in Kohl’s and many of the old JC stores are being converted into KS stores. Not sure how well JC is going to go over in Kohl’s stores as it may be too pricey for those customers but still keep it as an upscale clothing company. They really need to shift the focus off of tracksuits because their regular clothing and accessories are great but at this point, everyone just sees them as bejeweled track suits which no one buys anymore. That may be part of KS’ dilemma.

    • MissNormaDesmond says

      You know, I thought with the shuttering of Juicy’s physical stores that they were done but this made me do a little digging and according to Forbes, the brand isn’t dead yet. My only modification to this good guess would be the KS side seeing Juicy as cheapening the Spade name and image.

  3. iluvgossip says

    Designer- Kimora Lee
    Merger- Just-Fab and Shoe Dazzle

    That merger was last summer though…so hhuuumm not sure about the answer

    • Samra1116 says

      That was a serious mistake —Shoe Dazzle has the cheapest shoes, I’ve ever seen..
      Payless has cheap leather shoes for cheaper—they all probably hurt your feet.
      Those cheap 5-6 hooker heals are tacky n women fall down or sprain their ankle….
      Kimora is definitely not happy with that merger. She has said as much

  4. PatioPrincess says

    Michael Korrs brand. You constantly see pop up ads for “how to get a Michael Korrs Purse Cheap.” I wouldn’t want my brand popping up all over the internet, only at high end stores, so, I’m guessing it’s his brand. It could also be Coach and/or Kenneth Cole as they have two unique lines: one for their high-end, full-price, upscale stores and another, cheap, low priced “outlet” line for the rest of the folks. So silly. Most of it is all just over-priced crap for gullible people.

    • tarap says

      Those ads are for penny auctions. They generally are semi-scams because they have a program written in to automatically up a bid and extend the time available to get you to bid more. Why such an effort? It costs money to buy bids and it can cost you more to bid than the purchase price.

      • PatioPrincess says

        Thanks, that makes sense. I personally don’t care to buy any of that crap anyways. I prefer Brighton! What really gets me though, is that my Mom thinks she’s buying high end Coach purses. I’ve told her over and over that it’s a cheap line just for outlets and online but she doesn’t seem to understand that. Ugh….such a crock.

  5. bec215 says

    Armani bought out the rest of A/X in May with plans, according to WWD, to turn it into a “fast fashion” brand (a la H&M, I assume)…. perhaps it’s not turning out the way he thought, finding out what it’s like to have your own ‘knock off’ brand in-house?

    • bec215 says

      One other possibility – Steve Madden acquisition of Brian Atwood… Madden shoes could be considered a ‘knock-off’ brand, while Atwood has a high-end “indie” rep.

    • creeping_thistle says

      I have a tiny, minuscule speck of inside knowledge about how the Armani maison works, and you will never, ever see a ripoff/H&M-sytle brand, at least not as long as the old man is alive. This blind isn’t about Armani.

    • BlueHerons says

      Georgia Armani is one of TWO designers (Tom Ford is the other) that owns 100% of his business and did that on purpose. He does not license his name for anything. He owns all of the stores and everything in them and is head designer.

      So that doesn’t make sense, he would discount himself to himself and would not let him self be acquired.

  6. funny says

    from what i know, patrizio bertelli often pushes miuccia prada into more commercial grounds??
    that or charles james maybE??

  7. deermee64 says

    Love this site!! Long time lurker, first time poster……..
    Designer: Betsey Johnson
    Merger: Steve Madden

  8. Katmandu says

    I buy 80% of my clothes at thrift stores, including silk, wool, cashmere, and designer clothes for a few dollars. I can’t wait for 5-10 years when I can browse and buy (or not) any of these fabulous overpriced designers. I refuse to spend hundreds to put in the pockets of these sordid fools.

  9. annabelle77 says

    Sounds like I need to check out TJMaxx. Does anybody know if that pink purse has been seen there???(yes, I know I’m pathetic. I don’t care. :)