Miserable Media Moms

mother and baby 18[New York Post] What media executive is making office life miserable for the new moms who work for her? They’re being forced to choose work over family — or else risk getting the fashionable boot.



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45 comments to Miserable Media Moms

  • BlueHerons

    Anna Wintour, Vogue, Fashionable Boot is the clue.

  • junkxmas

    Anna Wintour
    Editor-In-Chief, VOGUE
    Artistic Director, Condé Nast

  • SupremeBeingofLeisure


    Marissa Ann Mayer

  • Bamadex

    Who else? Anna Wintour and Conde Nast/Vogue.

  • emarie

    Anna Wintour- Vogue?

  • tellmemore

    Anna Wintour?

  • libertyharlow

    Clearly Anna Wintour

  • separatrix

    Anna Wintour

  • south chicago

    Easy peasy —

    Executive: Anna “Nuclear” Wintour

    Company: Vogue

    As I see it, the clue is “…the fashionable boot….”

  • sammieeeee

    Anna Wintour, Vogue.

  • redstilettos

    Nuclear Wintour?

  • lovelylovely

    The only person I could really think of was Anna Wintour who works for Vogue.

  • brendles

    Anna Wintour at Vogue seems a likely candidate.

  • superstarfish

    Anna wintour

    Vogue….”fashionable boot”…..

  • twinklefairy12

    executive: tory burch?
    company: tory burch

  • DetroitGirl

    Executive:Anna Wintour

    Company: Vogue

    Really, who’s surprised?

  • boyjack4

    Martha Stewart? Hope not!

  • cynv

    Executive: Marissa Mayer

    Company: Yahoo

  • eyecandy

    Heidi Klum/executive
    Walk the Runway/company

  • CassieC

    Executive: Anna Wintour
    Company: Condé Nast

  • sabrina325

    Anna Wintour from Vogue?

  • sue

    Anna Wintour…..VOGUE??

  • MNGossipHound

    Sounds like Anna Wintour. Key words being “fashionable boot”.

  • usernamemilo

    Wild guess –

    Anna Wintour, Vogue?

  • salamanca

    Giuliana Rancic (jealous much?)
    Company: E!

  • spoofbyrd

    Only media executive I can think of is Barbara WAWA but i dont watch those fashion shows so it has to be one of them. White collar men used to have to endure this over half a century ago and they usually gave in because they had a stay at home spouse and there were many kids who hardly ever saw their Father. Modern day societal women in power like to pretend they accommodate working Moms but they dont Prospective single moms with no partners should beware . The greed is good ethos that has shaped Capitalism since the Reagan era is an equal opportunity parent crusher and derailer of child nurturing.

  • RitaSkeeter

    anna wintour?

  • db8ng1

    Executive: Anna Wintour

    Company: (American) Vogue

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    Isn’t that what most “media” companies are like? So my answer is: all of them!

  • Bobolots

    Anna Wintour, Vogue?

  • riversong7

    Could this be Anna Wintour at Vogue?


    No idea, but I’ll go w/Anna Wintour since ‘fashionable’ must be a clue. The above is normal in the fashion industry – good luck getting your job back after you go on maternity leave. That’s why I left and now work in the baby industry!

  • Vampira

    Anna Wintour?

  • mastik8

    Can it be this easy? Anna, of course. We should ask her kids how they felt about their upbringing.

  • Kerzep

    Sounds like Anna Wintaur


  • SassySeaDweller

    Marissa Mayer


  • brainy

    Melissa Mayer, Yahoo or Sheryl Sandberg, Google

  • popculturenut

    I don’t think this is Anna Wintour bc there’d be nothing “blind” about that, it’s old old news.
    Melissa Mayer makes the most sense. She had a nursery built next to her office at Yahoo so she could bring her son to work with her; you can bet that choice doesn’t exist for all her underlings, though she did lengthen maternity leave and adopt a policy of cash bonuses for new parents (similar to what both Google and Facebook does for its employees). She also changed Yahoo’s work-from-home policy, requiring all remote employees to come to the office instead.

    Sheryl Sandberg (who’s at Facebook, not Google) is a good choice too, given her “Lean In” book. But she’d be less surprising than Mayer, given that she’s already kind of let it be known by her book that she thinks women basically should be willing to work like men traditionally have done if they want to succeed.

    It’s a shame, really, because what the world needs is for men to be more nurturing like women traditionally have been, NOT for women to be more absent like men traditionally have been. Just another victim of our capitalist society, where the only true measure of a person’s worth is how much money they have.

    • FairyMay9

      Completely agree, not Wintour, Vogue is not a media company. This is Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, there’s no question in my mind.

  • cassandra007

    Not Anna Wintour. She’s tough, but it has nothing to do with motherhood. Also has been around too long to have rumors circulate now that new moms find her hard to work for. Most likely Marissa Mayer. Did Vogue spread (which weirdly promoted Apple products). Is a new mom herself, but had private nursery built next to her office. Ended working from home option for Yahoo employees. And has been increasingly hard on others striving for work/life balance. Also, in the media world, an editor (like Anna, despite her title bump at Conde) and an executive (like Mayer) are two totally different descriptors. Editor = creative and strategy. Executive = $ and strategy.

  • Furfle

    Anna Wintour. Can we just dethrone her once and for all? Surely, there must be plenty of qualified Americans to take the reins of American Vogue.

  • peppermint twist

    UGH if this is Anna Wintour when are they going to give that old dinosaur the actual “boot” from Vogue. I don’t get why everyone thinks she is the queen of fashion, she has sported the same haircut since she was 7…Her look never changes.. she’s about as fashionable and cutting edge as beige wallpaper. She is boring as watching paint dry and what the hell is she doing torturing new moms? Isn’t she supposed to be empowering women not making new moms choose between home and career, she sounds like a sexist boss from the 70s.

  • suzq

    no guess but I love that sweet happy baby face!!

  • UncleEntity

    I don’t see a problem with this. I don’t see why a woman (or a man for that matter) should get special privileges just because she has kids. If she can’t do the same work or quality of work that a childless person can do then she shouldn’t have that job.

  • itsmejg

    I’m going to add… I think this IS Marissa Mayer (as opposed to Anna) based on the M M M in the post title.