1. Vampira says

    Probably Matt Lauer, hasn’t he had affairs with everyone, including Natalie Morales?
    Today Show

  2. dpoma says

    If it’s Matt Lauer again, I think his penis has had enough air time over the years. Would like it to be someone from Fox.

  3. vampyre927 says

    David Muir-ABC NEWS
    Do not know, but this man is sooooo HOTT that he could bang anyone he wanted and they would let him.

  4. missmissy says

    I will just go and pick one just to be different

    Joe Scarborough
    Mina Brzenzinski’s Asssitant (?)
    Morning Joe MSNBC

  5. spoofbyrd says

    That wrestling womanizer Matt Lauer who has probably taken em to the mat in every position . His proclamation of love for his wife after he first got hitched sounded so fake. I wonder if any of his Amores have ever tried to stretch it over his Goober head .