Harry Potter Nastiness

harry potter cast[Pop Bitch] Which member of the Harry Potter cast was recently overheard referring to one of their fellow former cast mates as “that c*nt”?

Talking Cast Member:

“That C*nt”:

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59 comments to Harry Potter Nastiness

  • augustmom

    I don’t know, but I can tell you that the slur was referring to a man…Brits don’t use that term the same way it is used in the US. It was likely one male referring to another male, that would be its common usage there.

    • mostlylurker

      actually it could be either way. Could be using it to refer to a woman or a man and in the later context, either nasty or affectionately.

    • rosiedoes

      I think that may be something colloquial to your area.

    • SharmelleLaBoushh

      Agreed…the term over in the UK is different than in the US.

      I say it’s Rupert Grint about Daniel Radcliffe.

  • ravenglass

    Cast Member: Rupert Grint

    “That C*nt”: Emma Watson

  • TxGal

    Daniel R.

  • stolidog

    Ron Weasley was chatting up Lavender Brown in herbology, and called harry potter the c* word because he was getting all the attention.

  • valdecyr

    Talking Cast Member: Rupert Grint

    “That C*nt”: Emma Watson

    Someone needs to tell ginger jealousy is a terrible thing. Misogynistic asshole.

  • iluvgossip

    Talking Cast Member- Daniel Radcliffe
    That C**t- Emma Watson

  • augustmom

    And it could easily be a comment made in jest, as that is also very common for the men of Britain.

  • Ivanna Funkalot

    Robbie Coltrane about Maggie Smith

  • Booboo1068

    Possibly ginger hair and probably under the influence (wait that could be Daniel R). Not going to judge. Yes, I think that term is a REALLY low form of language, there’s alot of detail missing in this BI of what sounds like hearsay. We’ve all said things we’re not proud of but I guess because it’s an HP group member its’s headline worthy. Sure.

  • KWDragon

    Not defending, but just saying, that word has a lot more power in the US. In many British-influenced countries, it’s just not as bad as it is here. That said, it is still unpleasant.

    Talking Cast Member: Robert Pattinson

    “That C*nt”: Emma Watson

    I am guessing that he is jealous of her continued success, while he hasn’t received a lot of positive attention since the whole Twilight debacle wrapped.

  • zilla

    Rupert Grint re: Emma Watson.

  • RitaSkeeter

    ok… maybe this is Dan and Rupert.

    Dan made it clear that he doesn’t care abt Rupert and maybe they actually hate each other… I think it might be Rupert who said this…

    or maybe it was said by someone for Helena Bonham carter!?!

  • Lauren

    Ron Weasley and Emma Watson.
    I’m the only person I know, who refuses to watch the films.

    • Okayeah

      Interesting…why do you refuse? They aren’t the books, of course, but they’re still very well done.

  • ashanean

    Talking cast member: Rupert Grint

    That C*unt: Emma Watson

  • Mtlmeee

    Tom Felton?

  • waitinonthesun

    Talking Cast Member: Daniel Radcliffe

    “That C*nt”: Emma Watson

  • SharmelleLaBoushh

    Talking Cast Member: Rupert Grint

    “That @*^!”: Emma Watson

  • MissNormaDesmond

    I can’t remember who said it but it was about Emma Watson. It was definitely not Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Mtlmeee

    Change my guess… Rupert Grint

    The c*nt : Daniel Radcliff

  • lollie99

    Talking cast member: the guy with no nose
    “That c*nt”: the man with the beard

  • I Am PunkA

    TCM: Michael Gambon
    That: Maggie Smith

  • Lisa33

    Rupert Grint

  • robert3242

    I’ll guess this was Daniel Radcliffe talking about Emma Watson.

  • mquinn

    Talking Cast Member: Daniel Radcliffe, according to some blind items he is drinking again

    “That C*nt”: Emma Watson

  • ericaomega

    Rupart Grint referring to
    Emma Watson?

  • haley1020

    Matthew Lewis?
    Tom Felton?

  • sidhu105

    Rupert Grint
    Emma Watson

  • graysonsmama

    Cast Member: Tom Felton
    C*nt: Rupert Grint

  • kedskicks

    Maggie Smith

    C*nt: Michael Gambon

  • MikeInSanJose

    It’s not a word, it’s an acronym…



  • slantrhyme

    Daniel about Rupert or Tom Felton

    Daniel is a drunk and British people use the term differently than we do in the US.

  • orangeness

    Alan Rickman
    Richard Harris

    • missmissy

      We all know though that ben the word C*** coming from Alan Rickman would sound marvelous! I swoon every time.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    In UK slang, a c*nt could be referring to a man or a woman. It’s used interchangeably. I think tw*t is the same. I’m an American, we use a**hole more for this type of insult. 😉

  • augustmom

    No, it is not used interchangeably in the UK!! That is a term used in regards to men.

    • doobiedoo

      I’m British, have always lived in England and trust me – it can be used for women or men. It is very much interchangeable. I have no idea where this idea comes from.

  • kgreen2332

    Talking Cast Member: Daniel Radcliffe
    “That C*nt”: Emma Watson

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Daniel recently did an interview and said that they don’t talk or keep up.

  • iSojourni

    Emma Thompson
    Helena Bonham Carter.

    HBC supposedly (definitely?) had an affair with Kenneth Branagh whilst Emma and Kenneth were married. Though I think it’s public knowledge they didn’t like one another and Emma now is more ok with HBC.

    • creeping_thistle

      This one sounds very plausible. However, the whole British acting industry basically starred in the Harry Potter movies, so it could be basically anyone. I like this one because I can definitely see Emma Thompson swearing with gusto.

    • missmissy

      Gary Oldman also just gave that interview where he spouted off something about Jews in Hollywood.


      John Cleese on Gary Oldman

  • DetroitGirl

    Cast Member: Rupert Grint
    C*unt: Tom Felton

  • smoolie

    I can’t see this being Rupert Grint talking about Emma Watson. He’s forever posting wonderful things about Emma.

  • kitteny2

    talking cast member: Rupert Grint
    ‘That C*nt': Daniel Radcliffe

  • missmissy

    Given the last blind posted about a British actor I will change to David Bradley on Luke Newberry?? Doesn’t really make sense tho – Since teddy Lupin had such a small role I doubt they would have even met.

  • batgirl6

    Talking Cast Member: TOM FELTON