Bubbling Singer

todd carneyBG Warning: NSFW!

[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which male celebrity loves “bubbling”? Plus, what on earth is it?

Bubbling is a strange new trend of urinating directly into ones mouth! Yes, you read that right. It is apparently already huge in Australia, and now it is happening in Hollywood with at least one male singer enjoying it.

He tells ladies that he is a human water fountain and surprisingly, it works. This guy gets more dates with celebrities than anyone else. When you think of guy singers who would do this, he is the first one that comes to mind!

Todd Carney, an Australian Rugby League footballer, apparently decided to give it a shot in the bathroom at a pub, but after the photo (see below) went viral the team sacked him and dissolved his $3 million contract.

Male Singer:

todd carney bathroom

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  1. ravenglass says

    John Mayer

    I can’t picture him urinating in his own mouth but he has dated more celebs than anyone I can think of.

  2. Okayeah says

    NO, NO, NO. Just. No. Ew. And how warped does a girl have to be to find that a turn-on? No guesses, because who cares? The guy’s a flippin’ weirdo.

  3. graysonsmama says

    What in the actual hell is wrong with people? This is a new low. And “bubbling”? Nope, don’t give it a cute name- it’s pissing in someone’s mouth. I am going with R. Kelly or Robin Thicke on this one, because they are THAT sick.

  4. iluvgossip says

    Male Singer: Only 1 person comes to mind- Justin Beiber!!!!!!..GGGGRRROOOSSS!!!!!

  5. Ana-nj says

    I dont know who could be but thats freaking nasty, I dont want to know…. just kidding I cant think of anyone right now but I will be waiting for the other ones answer. They should change the name of Hollywood to Hollyweird, every nasty thing happens first in Hollyweird.

  6. stolidog says

    Robin Thicke

    Why would that rugby player get sacked for being stupid? I’ve seen and read far, far, far, far, far, far worse things than this

    • MademoiselleRose says

      Straw that broke the camel’s back. He’s done plenty of other stuff. Probably won’t be able to play overseas because of his criminal record. NRL is one of Australia’s top sports, if not the top, and they try to keep it family friendly as kids look up to and emulate these men. They’re sick to death of these guys bringing the sport into disrepute. Good on them for taking a stand, someone has to in this sick world.

    • LoneHazelEyes says

      Todd Carney has a long history of bad off field behaviour with various clubs.
      He’s been known to have an alcohol problem in the past and has been sacked by other clubs for alcohol related incidents. This was his third alcohol related incident this season alone and we are only two thirds of the way through.
      The NRL are trying to be more family friendly so they are coming down hard on repeat offenders now.
      He is an awesome player but just can’t stay out of trouble off field and they have finally had enough of him.

  7. LeahLynn28 says

    Eww,that’s gross!I honestly don’t want to know who this creep is…
    But the first name that came in my mind was Justin Bieber,tbh.Since he peed in a restaurant bucket once,why wouldn’t he do this nasty thing too?He’s creepy and stupid enough to do it…
    Oh,and eww again.

  8. brobdingnagian says

    Male Singer: John Mayer

    Nasty boy. Hey Taylor & Jessica, how were his kisses?

  9. Sure says

    I have no clue. Drake? But then again he looks to pretty for that lol. That’s just plain nasty. Now you really have to watch who you kiss. Ewwww

    • Vampira says

      It said he gets more celebrities. For R. Kelly, that would only be those on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

  10. evilbubbles says

    John Mayer was the first person that I thought of…

    And that is disgusting!

  11. SouthJerseyGirl says

    This is one of the most most revolting things I’ve ever heard of. Ughhhhh! Don’t even want to know.

  12. JulianneBrown says

    First of all I need to say ….Ewwwwwww!
    So many candidates for this blind, but the first name that popped in my head was Justin Beiber.

  13. luvprue1 says

    I do not know who this guy is, but I do know that he is gross. He should never tell anyone that

  14. KWDragon says

    Because of Kim K, I’m gonna be about the 200th person to guess Ray J. Gross. Just gross.

    • traherne says

      I’m guessing based on the fact that he dates a lot of celebrities. I’m guessing “first one that comes to mind” is a clue but I’m not familiar with his music.

  15. audreyyy says


    why would anyone want to do this or be attracted to this? guess a lot of groupies are into watersports…

  16. celebs-r-weird says

    Is it April Fools Day? Are you joking? If not we have reached a new low in humanity. Oh, and didn’t Bieber pee in a bucket or something?

  17. lrg says

    Gross..this is so something Bieber would do. What girl could dig a dude that drank his piss….gross!

  18. emmalinasaurus says

    Wait, I’m confused. The description makes it sounds like the boy is weeing in someone else’s mouth, but the picture suggests it’s weeing in your own mouth. I can see Bieber wanting to wee in a girls mouth, because he seems like a misogynistic asshat. But weeing in his own mouth, not bieber.

    Think we need clarification on this one.

  19. kavavaledos says

    Drinking your own urine is ONLY acceptable if you’re lost in the wilderness or desert and dehydrated! It’s not to drink for giggles. More like gagging. Some guys are just disgusting. Not ALL guys. Makes me glad I have a girlfriend. Lol

  20. KatarinaJ says

    I am not saying do this by any means BUT this is not as odd as you think. Everyone from some Hindus to the Ancient Romans to SOME CLAIM ion the Bible it says to do this, that it is therapeutic. Your urine is sterile unless you have an infection of some kind and has been employed for thousands of years for various homeopathic purposes. Google or wiki it. I am not saying it isn’t atypical but it isn’t as uncommon as one might think. If you are doing it for a gag or to sexually ‘get off’ I guess you can think what you want about those indulgences, but there is some merit to it according to some people.

    • KatarinaJ says

      That being said, I say John Mayer SCREAMS this. The guy is more known for his skunk and sexual prowess than Biebs yet and his conquest list is longer/more intense. Plus I think Bieber screams dumb dumb but not straight up deviant sexual indulgences yet. One look at Mayer I can imagine him spanking someone or getting spanked etc.

  21. raiyax says

    I don’t know why but Justin Bieber doesn’t seem like the type. He doesn’t get as many dates as most other celebs because of his obsession with Selena.

  22. Jaqaranda says

    Ack! CANNOT UNSEE!!!

    I’m going with John Mayer. He’s left a trail of broken celebrity hearts and I can totally see him bragging about this to girls and somehow still getting laid (seriously, ladies… STANDARDS!).

  23. CelebrityGirl says

    Ewww…John Mayer is the obvious first choice, but I wouldn’t put it past Bieber, either.

  24. PatioPrincess says

    What a loser (the rugby player) he literally “pissed away” his sports contract. People are getting so dumb lately we’re going to be like the movie “Idiocracy.” Glad this happened outside of the US (at least there are other morons around the world.)

  25. annabelle77 says

    Holy crap! Okay, I gotta ask- how the hell does somebody even come UP with the idea to DO this??????? Seriously. Good GOD!

  26. libertyharlow says

    This isn’t ‘huge’ in Australia … Trust me. It’s just been brought to light by one d***head on a drunken night out. We aren’t all trailer trash!