She Made Millions Lying To You

[Naughty But Nice Rob] A celebrity who has made millions selling thin products secretly gets lipo and laxatives!

Which famous fool has been hocking [sic] products for years misleading consumers that they will get thin if they use them? However the real secret to her amazing body is laxatives and liposuction at least once a year.

She has made millions off her products and if the truth was revealed it would destroy her career.

Take a guess.


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    • PuffyBiggs says

      I think so too. “Famous fool” could refer to her not knowing if Chicken of the Sea is tuna or chicken, and not knowing that buffalo wings don’t come from buffaloes.

    • Preesi says

      It is definitely NOT Jessica Simpson. Shes not promoting PRODUCTS. Shes promoting Weight Watchers which is FREE.
      And there is no way you get those legs with LIPO and Laxatives. Shes worked HARD…

      However Suzanne Somers is a huge Plastic Surgery addict

      • iknowits says

        Weight Watchers is NOT FREE. Also Jessica Simpson is paid millions of dollars to represent Weight Watchers.

      • august says

        How would you exsplain her sudden skinny body?? Just weeks ago she was like huge.

      • Preesi says

        Weight Watchers IS FREE! You just go online and create a free membership and can do it for free online.

        She didnt gain as much weight with her son so it was easy to lose

      • Mystical says

        The point system itself is free, but the products (food, upgraded membership, cookbooks, exercise equipment) are definitely NOT! She is a paid spokesperson to push products and generate more revenue for Weight Watchers, which is a for-profit company. Also, her body is very curvy and petite (in stature) and women with that body type have a very difficult time losing weight in the best of circumstances, let alone right after having her second baby! And haven’t there also been recent rumors that she may be using cocaine to help with the weight coming off so fast?? I don’t recall her ever being as thin as she is currently and no way is that being accomplished with diet and exercise alone. Even if it’s not coke, there is prescription amphetamine and we all know celebs can (and will) get whatever they want. Having said all that, I do tend to agree that the blind itself may be referencing Suzanne Somers. It sounds like someone who has been known for this sort of thing for many years (which doesn’t fit JS, but definitely does fit SS). Also, she has clearly had a ton of plastic surgery and seems to be a bit on the nutty side. And her biggest role has always been “famous fool” Chrissy from Three’s Company.

      • dween2000 says

        If Weight Watchers is free someone should tell my mother in law that all that money she has spent on them was for nothing. I think this may be Jessica because I remember a blind a while ago about her getting her colon cleansed for …well you know… and I can see her doing all sorts of things to lose weight, sucking her poop out, sucking her fat out, etc so yea, I’m on the Jessica train.

    • lobsterbabe says

      I don’t think this is her because it says she has been getting lipo every year. Jessica had two babies just over a year apart and wouldn’t be getting lipo or taking laxatives while pregnant. My money is on Jennifer Hudsen.

      • PuffyBiggs says

        A while back, there were rumors that Jessica got lipo and was using laxatives after her first baby.

    • chola_eyebrows says

      Yep! With the Trimspa crap and trying to promote certain work out gigs that she claims to do. How can someone go to the gym as often as her and never be sweaty, disheveled, TONED????

      • terry123 says

        but the blind said AMAZING body – I don’t think any part of Kim is all that amazing

  1. Moonpie says

    Marie Osmond on NutriSystem is my official guess.
    Jennifer Hudson is my alternate guess.
    Careers no longer destroyed by this type of lie though.

    • redstilettos says

      It seems it would be someone famous for fitness. Also, didn’t she just pose nude? I can see it being a bigger deal with someone like her rather than Marie, Jennifer or Jessica.

    • separatrix says

      I agree. How many millions of dollars has she made with her fitness DVD’s and other products?

    • apeygirl says

      That was my first thought, too, as this has to be a celebrity whose main bread and butter is fitness. Also, she just did a naked photoshoot to show off all her muscles. Also the measuring tape in the photo could be a clue to the TBL measuring tape logo.

      Then again… as much as her body looks strong and all, no one really oohs and ahhs over her body, just her level of fitness. Also, lipo and laxatives don’t exactly dole out the muscles.

      Or maybe I just don’t want this to be true. My Biggest Loser watching days, I was always rooting for Team Jillian — didn’t hurt that her contestant always won.

    • katekatebobate says

      YES! Its her! She’s also completely out of shape; she has no athletic stamina, she only looks like she does.

  2. vbchica14 says

    I think everyone is going to say Bethenny, although I don’t think the clues truly fit. She’s not exactly claiming her cocktails will make you thin, just that they’re a low cal alternative that go towards here “skinnygirl” lifestyle.

    • Zackster says

      Definitely Bethenny. She’s made millions off her Skinnygirl products. Her whole business model depends on her being thin.

  3. roseo says

    I don’t know anyone else so I’m going for Mel B even tho I liked the dancing one :)

  4. august says

    Jessica Simpson, she’s gotten too skinny way too fast after just seeing quite heavy just some weeks ago. She made Millions because her fans are all suckers.

    • kcphilly says

      She’s never sold a “thin product” She was a Weight Watchers spokesperson and WW is a lifestyle change that actually works for a lot of people. This sounds like someone selling lose weight fast “magic” pills.

    • KanganManga says

      Tots this. The blind sounds like this person has been selling products for years, which SS has. Most of the others are selling products because of a fairly recent weight loss. Plus, she played Chrissy who was definitely the fool on Three’s Compnay.

  5. iluvgossip says

    Celebrity- Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser??
    Just guessing …she is a personal trainer,was just let go or quit from the show Biggest Loser

  6. ravenglass says

    Celebrity: Suzanne Somers

    “…famous fool…”= Chrissy Snow

    Anyone who’s used a ThighMaster & had it accidently spring up & smack them in the crotch knows what a fraud those products are. ‘Cause this has happened to everyone right? Right?

  7. iocaine says

    Easy. This is Jennifer Hudson. It’s known for a fact that she also had gastric bypass. Total faker.

    • tellmemore says

      I can believe this about her, but it wouldn’t ruin her career if people found out. She was famous before she lost weight, and her career is singing & acting. Plus, she doesn’t hawk her own products, just Weight Watchers, which is one of the most successful way to lose weight and keep it off. I think this BI is about someone whose career is based on fitness – celebrity trainer and/or someone whose business is selling her own fitness products and weight loss supplements.

    • Katmandu says

      Kirstie Allie does NOT have an awesome body according to Hollywood, though I do admire me a BBW and think she looks scrumptious! I think this is someone thinner looking. Some diet supplement flogger, Jessica Simpson, Jillian Michaels. Maybe Jennifer Hudson. Sad, really, none of them ‘do the work’, have millions to spend on plastic surgery, gastric bypass, etc. But making a big fat profit off their thousands of fat Walmart mommies.

  8. boredblond says

    Everyone knows Jane Fonda was anorexic/bullemic for decades, all through her phoney fitness period. Suzanne Sommers had that thigh thing, and still shills books and ‘supplements’, but she has no career to lose. Hmm…maybe that bully Jillian Michaels.

    • Mystical says

      But SS does have a career to lose in the sense that her diet products are her entire career and she would be exposed as a fraudster!!

  9. Vagabondage says

    Suzanne Somers is the only one I can think of who sells her own line of dietary products.

  10. mikefox23 says

    Just a guess but…. Could this be Goop? Elimination diet, vegan products, etc…

    She is already a phony and a fraud, I doubt another lie being revealed could make people hate her anymore.

  11. Mandy G. says

    A celebrity lying about a product? No, it can’t be! They’re all so honest, and we should trust them implicitly. (Said sarcastically, of course).

  12. Coffee_Not_Tea says

    Jillian Michaels

    Yes, I am one of the gullible millions that bought her cleanse pills and workout tapes

    • HuckleBerryFriend says

      I shaped up and lost the weight I wanted with her DVDs and a few hand weights in my basement. Give them another try – they work. I am glad to have them.

  13. Vampira says

    My first thought was one of the Kardashians, but they don’t have amazing bodies. Other guesses:
    Marie Osmond – Nutrisystem
    Jennifer Hudson – Weight Watchers
    Duchess Fergie – Previous Weight Watchers spokeswoman
    Valerie Bertinelli – Jenny Craig

  14. EastCoaster says

    Vanna White? (the letter-turner on “Wheel of Fortune”)
    She has written at least 1 book on healthy weight.

  15. CoCoJoe says

    IF this is Jessica Simpson, then she really has gone too far. Have you seen how skinny her legs are now?

    But this blind sounds more like someone who been a more consistently successful spokeswoman. I hope it’s not Jennifer Hudson.

    The “fool” is probably a clue, but unless it refers to Jessica’s not-too-bright demeanour, I don’t get it. Other successful spokespeople that fit this clue…? Marie Osmond, Valerie Bertinelli? We already know Kirsty Allie and Mariah Carey cheat.

    What about Gwyneth? Although it to ally would not surprise anyone that she does laxatives.

    • CoCoJoe says

      I reread the blind and am thinking it is more likely to be someone whose career is primarily about fitness, so I am agreeing with the popular Jillian Michaels guess.

  16. SouthJerseyGirl says

    I thought I read years ago that this was Suzanne Sommers when she was hawking her “Thighmaster” but it could also be Christie Brinkley.

  17. TracieKnits says

    Suzanne Somers? I would like to look that good when I’m her age.

    Jessica Simpson? She does look good now, even if she can’t walk a straight line. But has she made millions and are they “her” products?

    I would say Kim Kardashian, but I don’t think she has a good body, and I don’t think they’re her products.

    Kirsty Alley sometimes has a decent body, but not a particularly enviable one, andI doubt she’s made millions on her stuff.

  18. GayleStorm says

    Which famous fool has been hocking products “for years” misleading consumers that they will get thin if they use them?

    This makes me think it’s someone who has been around for awhile.

    Suzanne Somers??

  19. WheresMyHalo says

    Bethany Frankel – “thin products” = SkinnyGirl.

    It can’t be anybody like Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, or Kirstie Alley who have other careers.

    Apparently she has at least one book out on how to be ‘naturally thin’ so if the truth comes out, it would really affect her career.

  20. tennisfangirl says

    Bethenny Frankel! Hint: “the real secret” …aka Real Housewives! I always felt she was full of it!

    • missmissy says

      Ironically an ad for lipo shows up on the side of this page :) Maybe it was because I searched for suzanne somers??

  21. robert3242 says

    The sounds like “The Goopster” to me. And to whoever wrote this, “…has been hocking products” is wrong unless she’s taking products to a pawn shop and pawning (or hocking) them. It should be “…has been hawking products.”

  22. Katmandu says

    The despicable Betheny Frankel, or the even more disgusting Jillian Michael. I can’t stand either of these creatures, and I believe they would peddle birdbath water and grass clippings to the slack jawed rubes who adore them. All the while doing their OWN things.

  23. tell me more says

    Everyone in follywood? Jennifer hudson?! Or jessica simpson. I do not believe any of them lost weight naturally

  24. 4sixx2 says

    Chrissy Snow- AKA- Suzanne Somersault. She’s always hawking weight loss and fitness products but her face doesn’t hide the amount of (awful) plastic surgery she’s had. And there’s no way her procedures stopped at her neckline.