You Can’t Replace Dynamite

dynamite[Blind Gossip] We can’t answer the question as to why this actor is usually such a jerk. However, we can answer the question about why he has been particularly out of control lately.

His ego.

He came of age as a star. With a recent film opening came the harsh reality that his star has fallen and that he is replaceable. His friends say that he “goes back and forth between depression and lots of crazy activity that eventually turns into a drinking session.” Unfortunately, “He just isn’t capable of having a drink or two to relax.” They say that he has actually been rampaging for the past two or three weeks, drinking and swearing and arguing, and that it isn’t just a coincidence that this all happened while the film was opening.

“He said that ‘they’ are going to be sorry” that they replaced him because he is “still the biggest f*cking star on the planet” and that the fans “are with me on this.” He also claims that when the film flops the producers “are going to come crawling back to me” because “you can’t replace dynamite with geriatric.”

No, it doesn’t make much sense, but, then again… neither does he.



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  1. ArrestedDevelopment says

    Shia. Hope it’s not a serious mental issue, though he’s about the right age for that. If it is, I hope there are people around him who care enough to get him the help he needs, whatever it may be.

    • GrannyGoose says

      Thanks for pointing this out ArrestedD. Shia is about the right age for schizophrenia, and I hope that he can get the help that he needs.

    • huhwhoami says

      is the crazy, erratic behavior due to molly, or some other drug cocktail ala lindsay, amanda, zac, miley, justin etc, makes me wonder , too bad

      • ArrestedDevelopment says

        His behavior is a bit more erratic than we typically see with “simple” substance abuse; his outbursts seem more psychological, although you can never rule out a combination, it’s incredibly common for people with mental issues to self-medicate, which is why it’s important for him to get substantive help, not just a couple weeks in rehab.

      • mugofmead111 says

        amanda bynes had been 5150ed after she had set that fire in someone’s driveway, so apparently she has a legitimate mental health issue (in addition to the alleged substance abuse). britney (in)famously had been 5150ed as well. it could be possible that shia has some other, underlying issue in addition to the suspected substance abuse.

    • UKGoss says

      There’s no right age or wrong age for anyone to develop mental health problems – anyone at any age can experience them.

      • Tay Starla says

        Well, actually, around the time they go to college is when many develop mental health issues. I don’t know how old he is though, I just feel kinda sorry for him. He’s clearly unhappy. Hope he gets better.

      • SammynSophie says

        There may be no “right” or “wrong” age, but I think the point being made is that in a vast majority of cases, the onset of schizophrenia occurs in young adulthood, under the age of 30.

      • leannael says

        Actually, that is incorrect. Schizophrenia comes on usually in young adulthood, so ArrestedDevelopment was correct that Shia is at the right age.

    • OohDoTell says

      I’d say you are right, but I might look at manic depression rather than schizophrenia. He sounds like he is exhibiting delusions of grandeur and his rage could indicate a mixed state, during which he could become dangerous to himself, or potentially to others. This is when most suicidal ideations occur.

      • la.dolce.vita says

        I don’t think Shia has a mental problem tbh.I read an article written by Mara Wilson (the girl who plays Matilda in the Roald Dahl movie) and she explained on first hand basis what child stars go through and why they end up acting out later in life. They grow up getting love and attention, it’s all they’ve known and all of a sudden when they get older they’re replaced. But acting is all they know how to do because they’ve never been trained for anything else growing up. Here’s something else she wrote: Having to live up to your fan base/general public is a little like having to deal with a million strict parents who don’t actually love you. They reward you for your cuteness and cleverness, but are quick to judge and punish. And they do not want you ever to grow up. How do you react? The way any sullen teenager does: You get resentful, and as soon as you have the freedom, you act out.

    • Okayeah says

      100% Shia. And mark my words, he’s gonna have a bad “accident” real soon. Wahlberg is a complete jerk, and he will kick Shia’s azz for calling him geriatric!

    • bec215 says

      Just to add that often people with mental health issues ‘self-medicate’ with alcohol and drugs… we all thought my cousin was just a run of the mill pot-head, but he was actually szchizophrenic and the pot quieted the chaos in his head. This looks more like bi-polar to me – and there are different types of bipolar… one type cycles very slowly, the other faster. He seems to be in the throes of mania lately. Sad.

  2. Stackhouse says

    Shia LeBeouf. He’s been erratic and unstable for quite some time now. It almost seemed like it came out of nowhere. Highly disturbing.

  3. clink1833 says

    Shai LeBouf – too lazy too look up the spelling – with Transformers being the movie.

    Hope he gets some help. I remember him in a Nickelodeon movie where he played a mentally handicapped kid and he was great.

  4. hihotintin says

    Actor : shia labeouf
    Film : Transformers

    There was just an article on Hollywood Life about how the fans want him back in the movie. I’m guessing the Geriatric is in reference to Mark Wahlberg. Also he was a disney kid on even stevens and was pretty popular because he became a jack@$$

  5. ConfusedHarpy says

    Oh, oh, oh, I know this one! Shia LeBeouf and the Transformers 4.

    I strongly suspect mental illness. Throw in alcoholic benders and a lack of coping skills and I’m amazed he’s spent as little time in the judicial system as he has.

  6. raslebol says

    Shia Laboeuf and Transformers 4! I thought it was him who wanted to do “serious” movies

  7. mistertl says

    Transformers Age of Extinction

    Only clue I saw was the word “age”. But this is so obvious, you don’t really need clues.

  8. mandyleigh says

    Actor: Shia LeBeouf
    Movie: the new Transformers starring Mark “geriatric” Wahlberg

  9. RMGossip says

    Actor/Dynamite: Shia Lebeouf
    Film: Transformers: Age of Distinction
    BONUS – Geriatric: Mark Wahlberg

    he came of “age” (nod to “Age of Distinction”)
    “rampaging” (a nod to the recent “New York Rampage” / drunken night at the Cabaret headlines)

  10. Grammaticator says

    Actor: Shia LaBeouf

    Film: Transformers

    Two things:

    1. Transformers is a awful series. And don’t I remember Shia going on and on, in an interview, about how he was “done” with big studio films?

    2. He better not have interrupted Michelle Williams’ performance during Cabaret!! She is a national treasure.

  11. ashanean says

    Actor: Shia LaBeouf

    Film: Transformers Age of Extinction

    Didn’t he wanted to leave the franchise?? To do more meaningful work? Stupid guy. He liked that Transformers money. Hmm Mark Wahlberg is laughing all the way to the bank. He makes his money.

  12. Katmandu says

    Certainly sounds like Tom Cruise, as his latest film didn’t exactly do landslide business, etc. That diatribe sounds like it came right out of his mouth!


    I’ve never heard of him drinking and swearing and carrying on like like a lunatic, because I have always thought of him as a super control freak. And don’t Clams have special super secret ways of dealing with the world that we ordinary mortals don’t?

    So, I dunno. Sounds like Tom Cruise freaking out behind – waaaaay behind – the scenes.

    • Katmandu says

      DOH! of course, Shia ! I haven’t been keeping up, sorry.

      And what a pity, I kind of had hopes for him, years ago. All going down down down the drain, What a pity.

      We don’t have any stars any more, and we don’t have stars in the making. The best we can hope for are a few decent actors, a few people with a little talent and charisma. not here.

  13. Jinkies says

    Actor: Shia LaBeouf
    Film: Transformers Age of Extinction

    He’s accomplishing one goal – people are certainly talking about him thanks to media reports of his out of control behavior.

    The comment above reminds me of Mickey Rooney’s line about having been “the biggest star in the world” at his peak.

    Both Rooney and LaBeouf were child stars with big egos. It’s a long fall when the pedestal of popularity is taken away, isn’t it?

  14. audreyyy says

    shia lebeouf & the newest transformers movie

    i feel sorry for him, isn’t he rumored to have been a victim of one of those gay rapist pool parties?

  15. MerryB says

    Shia Labeouf. But I think it’s more than that–I think it’s the highs and lows of bipolar disorder. He clearly has an untreated mental illness, and is in the “manic” high when these outbursts & crazy behaviors occur. Hope he can get help.

  16. lexicross says

    SHia Laboohf
    The new transformers movie

    I’ll take mark wahlburg over him any day!

  17. EastCoaster says

    The obvious guess is Shia and the opening the latest Transformers movie. I have thought for years that he suffers from some kind of mental illness, not limited to (just) depression and substance addictions.& Shia often says and does things so profoundly strange and irrational that there’s really no explaining them. It’s very sad and scary to see someone in such a state. I sincerely hope it’s possible that Shia can get better. I am very very concerned for him.

  18. tmartex says

    This would have to be Shai LaBeouf and the film is Transformers 4. I was hoping this kid was just pretending to be losing it for attention.

  19. lovefifteen says

    Could this be Shia LaBeouf getting “replaced” by Mark Wahlberg in the new Transformers move? He thought it would flop without him, but it hasn’t? Just a guess. Probably wrong.

  20. MizGrandma says

    Shia? Though I never considered him a star, just someone who’s been around a few years. Never saw him in a movie, just that Greenlight show.

  21. emilybee29 says

    Actor: Shia LaBeouf
    Movie: Fury

    Geriatric actor, Brad Pitt.
    In the trailer for this movie Shia is barely seen, with heavy emphasis on Pitt and a younger actor in the film. Although Shia still has second billing, his dynamite performance looks like a minor sparkle in comparison to the older Pitt time in the trailer.

  22. pocklekul says

    Shia LeBeouf? The clue being “he came of age” referencing the new transformers movie