Casting For A Blockbuster Film

movies 2[Blind Gossip] This famous and prolific Director is responsible for several of the biggest movies of all time. Want to hear an interesting casting story about one of them?

One of his first big hits was Film 1. He cast Actress 1 in a human role, and the movie went on to become a huge hit.

When the time came to cast Film 2 (not related to Film 1), Director told Actress 1 that he wanted her for this role as well. He told her that he wanted to mentor her and help her become a huge star, and that Film 2 was going be the movie that would make that happen.

Actress 1 was absolutely thrilled that this esteemed and successful director wanted to nurture her career! She thanked him and gladly accepted the role.

A day or two later – prior to her signing the contract – the director phoned her at home and asked her to meet with him to discuss some details.

When she arrived at his office, he asked Actress 1 if she was still excited about becoming a big star. “Yes!” she replied.

“Good. Now get down on your knees and give me a blow job.”

The stunned actress refused.

The Director threw a fit. He threatened her. He told her that if she didn’t comply that he was going to give the lead role to someone else and that he would make sure that she never became a big star. She still refused.

The Director kept his promise. He replaced Actress 1 with Actress 2. Film 2 went on to become a blockbuster. Actress 1 went on to a successful career as a working actress… but she never became a big star.


Film 1:

Actress 1:

Film 2:

Actress 2:

BONUS CLUE: The Director became very close to Actress 2.

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  1. mbrown104 says

    I wanna say James Cameron as the director of Terminator with Linda Hamilton? Just because of the casting in a “human role”.

    The second film that was a blockbuster would be Titanic, with Kate Winslet.

    • JenJenJen says

      He married Hamilton, though, so it doesn’t quite fit. I would assume the director didn’t have a relationship with Actress 1?

    • penny1015 says

      That was my first thought too, but Linda Hamilton was married to James Cameron. I guess the blind can still make sense but that kind of throws off this guess for me.

    • KatarinaJ says

      But Linda Hamilton dated and MARRIED James Cameron. These guesses make no sense. He did make her a star in more than one Terminator. The human role thing made me think of it but Cameron/Hamilton don’t fit. The human role DOES fit for robotic Transformers too.

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      He was my first guess too but if Linda Hamilton was his wife it doesn’t fit with the bj thing. Unless she just doesn’t do that. :)

      • mbrown104 says

        Well, I’m an idiot. Terminator was before my time, and I didn’t realize they had been married. James Cameron just so immediately came to mind when I started reading

  2. theblindone says

    No idea but she should have agreed and then accidentally bitten it off. What a jerk.

    • stolidog says

      Because my first guess is too implausible, I’m changing to:
      Steven Spielberg
      Close Encounters
      Melinda Dillon
      Raiders of the Lost Ark
      Karen Allen

    • sfgal says

      Didn’t Linda Hamilton marry James Cameron though? (Too lazy to look it up). Other than that fact, it would all make sense.

  3. DdR says

    Director: James Cameron

    Film 1: Terminator

    Actress 1: Linda Hamilton

    Film 2: Aliens

    Actress 2: Signourney Weaver

    Hints are “human role”.

    • KatarinaJ says

      Again Linda Hamilton MARRIED James Cameron. Maybe people on here don’t know that? How would someone Cameron became romantically involved with be ruined by him over a no go BJ early in her career?

  4. Chumley says

    Director: James Cameron
    Film 1: Terminator
    Actress 1: Linda Hamilton
    Film 2: Aliens
    Actress 2: Sigourney Weaver

  5. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    Director: James Cameron
    Film 1: Terminator
    Actress 1: Linda Hamilton
    Film 2: Aliens
    Actress 2: Sigourney Weaver

    “Human role” reference to Aliens

  6. Ashlee says

    Director – Michael Bay
    Film – Transformers
    Actress 1 – Megan Fox
    Film 2 – Transformers 2
    Actress 2 – Rosie huntington-whiteley

    • Martini says

      The blind said that film #2 was NOT related to film #1, so Transformers wouldn’t fit.

  7. dra says

    Director: James Cameron
    Film 1: Terminator
    Actress 1: Linda Hamilton
    Film 2: Alien
    Actress 2: Sigourney Weaver

  8. lettyeverdeen says

    not sure but here’s my guess

    Director: Steven Spielberg

    Film 1: ET

    Actress 1: Drew Berrymore

    Film 2: Jurassic Park

    Actress 2: Laura Dern

    • Vampira says

      I could see Cameron, Bay or Oliver Stone, but I couldn’t imagine Spielberg doing this.

    • PinkSlip says

      Uh…in which universe is Drew Barrymore *not* a big star? Because that, as the blind says, was the result of her not conceding to the director’s demands. Drew is mega.

      • lettyeverdeen says

        Well, Drew Barrymore is very succesfull and people like and recognize her (me included, I’m a big fan), but it doesn’t mean she’s a big star. I’m not sure it’s her, I don’t even know if what this website claims is true at all, but “This famous and prolific Director is responsible for several of the biggest movies” can only be Steven; James Cameron is not very prolific, of his movies only two can be considered part of that list (Titanic and Avatar). “He cast Actress 1 in a human role” I suppose tt means she was not an extra-terrestrial?

    • tellmemore says

      Drew Barrymore was a LITTLE girl in ET, and Jurassic Park was several years afterward. It doesn’t fit the timeline described. Besides, Drew Barrymore is SS’s goddaughter and also a huge star of many movies.

    • Heilige Bimbam says

      My God, Drew Barrymore was a little child when ET was made, about 5 years old!

    • LStylinson says

      Ummmm, wasn’t Drew Barrymore like 5 when she was in ET? That is beyond just creepy, that is gross and illegal. I seriously don’t think it was Drew Barrymore.

  9. littleOP says

    Director: Ridley Scott

    Film 1: Blade Runner

    Actress 1: Sean Young – clue in the film her role is a replica human. I thought at first it might be the film alien but in that film the aliens were artificial/robotic something or other. Also this would have meant Sigourney Weaver as actress 1, but they continue to work together quite often. So not this.

    Film 2: Legend

    Actress 2: Mia Sara

    • grrrsuperlauren says

      I like this guess. The Megan Fox ones don’t make sense – not only has he recast her in TMNT, but she was in the Transformers sequel.

      And as far as James Cameron, it can’t be Linda Hamilton. He cast her in both terminator movies and married her.

    • Markray19 says

      I kinda like this guess except that “Legend” was not a blockbuster at all.

    • Nomad says

      I don’t think so. Ridley Scott was having an affair with the actress who played the snake charmer replicant. It’s what broke up his marriage. It’s not impossible that he could have an affair AND wanted a blow job from an actress, but it doesn’t fit as neatly.

    • jillphelps41 says

      You might be on the right track with this one. However, I think movie #2 might be Thelma & Louise. Actress #2 could either be Susan Sarandon or Geena Davis.

  10. bec215 says

    The only two directors on IMDB Top 100 grossing films of all time who have 2 non-sequels I *think* are Christopher Nolan – Inception and Dark Knight, and James Cameron – Titanic and Avatar. The problem is, Titanic and Avatar were a decade-plus apart, and so this wouldn’t make sense, even if Cameron probably is schmucky. Nolan’s Inception and Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises are a better fit. Inception was 2010 – the first Dark Knight was 2008, the second 2012. So that would put the two films in production within 24 months of each other.

    So I’m going for Christopher Nolan as the Director.

    But I’m stuck on Actress 1 and whether Film 1 was the first or second Dark Knight.

    Marion Cotilliard was in Inception, and so was Ellen Page. Dark Knight 2008 the only main female character was Maggie Gyllenhaal. Dark Knight Rises was Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotilliard.

    The Blind doesn’t say if Actress 2 was already well-known, so I’m assuming she is – which rules none of the female leads in Nolan’s movies out.


    • PinkSlip says

      This could work: Maggie Gyllenhaal, she’s known more because of her brother than her acting….”working actress,” the blind says, and yes, she is, but not a huge star. Could be this….

    • jasper says

      I would co-sign for Nolan if Maggie and Ellen, but Ellen has since come out. It’s likely she either didn’t get the same offer or was honest that she was not interested in the dick.

    • KittiePunk says

      I think your right with Nolan but chose the wrong actress.

      Katie Holmes was in the first movie but was replaced with Maggie in the sequel. Katie Holmes is more famous as a tv actresses than a movie star and being married to Tom Cruise while Maggie has risen in popularity.

  11. katekatebobate says

    Alfred hitchcck was notorious for his treatment of actresses. I think this blind however is about Tippi Hedren.

  12. HermioneG says

    Director: Steven Spielberg

    Film 1: E.T.

    Actress 1: Drew Barrymore

    Film 2: Scream

    Actress 2: Neve Campbell

    What a disgusting pig. Just like any other powerful man, for that matter.

    • HermioneG says

      Ha, just realized that Scream is from Wes Craven although Drew was indeed offered the lead at the time (for some reason I thought Spielberg was a producer on it, oh well).

      Maybe Jurassic Park/Laura Dern then. Just please tell me this isn’t anything before that year otherwise I will have to bleach my brain.

      • KatarinaJ says

        Gross. Spielberg is like a second Dad to her and knew her in ET and took her under his wing. WHY would he ask for a blow job 20 years later from her?

    • HermioneG says

      Ok third and final guess. I’m still sure about the E.T. part (“phoned at home” is too obvious to be random). The twitter clue points at his wife. So:

      Director: Steven Spielberg

      Film 1: E.T.

      Actress 1: Dee Wallace

      Film 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark

      Actress 2: Kate Capshaw

      Well he does seem to have a type.

      • Martini says

        REALLY? As if Spielberg would want a BJ from Dee Wallace? She’s a sweet lady after all, but come on. Time for another guess.

      • PinkSlip says

        That’s more like it. Can we leave Drew out of this? I mean please, people, the blind says she never became a big star. Helloooo….DREW BARRYMORE! :)

    • pinkworldfullofunicorns says

      did you read the Blind Item before saying Drew, Spielberg and ET? Drew was 7 when she did ET.

    • CountessLurkula says

      the full answer:

      Director: James Cameron
      Film 1: Strange Days
      Actress 1: Juliette Lewis
      Film 2: Titanic
      Actress 2: Kate Winslet

      • DAMage says

        Strange Days was directed by another one of Cameron’s ex-wives, Kathryn Bigelow.

  13. sashas says

    Director: Michael Bay

    Film 1: Transformers

    Actress 1: Meghan Fox

    Actress 2: Rosie Huntington-Whitley

    • jillphelps41 says

      It says that movie #2 is not related to #1. So it can’t be a sequel. I thought the same thing until I re-read the blind.

  14. BangTidy says

    Just to be different I’ll go with…

    Director: Peter Jackson

    Film 1: Lord of the Rings

    Actress 1: Miranda Otto

    Film 2: King Kong

    Actress 2: Naomi Watts

  15. chicklette says

    Director: Ridley Scott
    Film 1: Alien
    Actress 1: Sigourney Weaver
    Film 2: Blade Runner
    Actress 2: Sean Young

    • missmissy says

      I like this one but tweak it…

      Ridley Scott
      Veronica Cartwright
      Blade Runner
      Sean Young

      Sigourney Weaver isn’t know for TV, she is a film actress and her film career wasn’t sidetracked after alien, in fact she went on to win a golden globe for gorillas in the mist. She is also set to work with Ridley Scott again in a film with Christian Bale.

      Veronica Cartright though might be Actress 1. She in a working TV actress. She did Alien and then mainly TV.

    • kspeedian says

      LOL You may want to reread the blind. With your guess, you’re saying Zoe Saldana is a bigger star than Kate Winslet, and also that Kate Winslet went on to a “successful career as a working actress.. but never became a big star.” Which couldn’t possibly be Kate Winslet; Winslet became a HUGE star years after Titanic, and went on to win an Oscar, and be nominated for many (as well as win and be nominated for Golden Globes). Anyway, I’m guessing you just misread it.

      This is a really hard one. I, of course, thought Michael Bay and Megan Fox first like a lot of other people, but it doesn’t fit. The “phone to home” clue makes it think it must be Speilberg, although IDK which actresses it’d be if it were him (GROSS to the people saying Speilberg did this to DREW BARRYMORE after ET!!!! She was like 5 when she filmed that! Even if he waited TEN years to proposition her, she would only have been a teenager. Also, Barrymore is a HUGE and very successful star not a “working actress,” it’s not her. Again, GROSS! Let’s leave this one at perv, not pedofile, OK?) SOOOO since I can’t come up with anything for SS, and I don’t notice any other obvious clues, I’m gonna go with what makes the most sense to me:

      Director: Ridley Scott
      Film One: Blade Runner
      Actress One: Sean Young
      Film Two: Thelma and Louise
      Actress Two: Susan Sarandon

    • kspeedian says

      Or what about….

      Director: Woody Allen
      Film One: Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask
      Actress One: Louise Lasser (consistently, and still working over the years, was successful in TV and movies, and was most recently filmed for HBO’s hit show “Girls,” but she is definitely not considered a huge star or household name that held up over the years. I’d bet if you put ten people on the spot, it would take them time to come up with who she is)
      Film Two: Sleeper
      Actress Two: Diane Keaton (became very close with Allen, and still is.. she just recently defended him during his scandal. She became a household name because of Allen and his films, and went on to star in several of his movies… after Sleeper came Love and Death… and then Annie Hall, which changed her career and made her and Allen world famous)

      I don’t see any way this one doesn’t fit. I especially like the fact that when she was in the movie with him, he wasn’t hugely successful yet, and so this makes even more sense. Plus Keaton went on to be Woody’s muse, so “very close” makes sense. Also, he’s a goddamn pervert!

      What do you all think?

      • QubbuQ says

        Except that Louise Lasser was married to Woody Allen, so I doubt she’d have taken issue with the bj. Although IMDb says they divorced in 1970 and the movie was released in 1972, the way the blind was written makes it sound like the actress wasn’t connected to the director prior. Seemed fairly ingenue (but with a backbone and strong personal morals).

        I like the Alfred Hitchcock guess someone else made. The blind said the actress “went on to a successful career as an actress” so to me, that sounds like she’s old now and we’re looking at her career in retrospect. Many of these guesses about movies post 2000 are just too recent.

  16. zilla says

    “Human role” implies a sci fi director, like George Lucas or James Cameron. I’d be inclined to believe it’s James Cameron, given that he’s slept with and/or married several of his leading ladies.

  17. RMGossip says

    Director: Speilberg

    Film 1: ET

    Actress 1: Dee Wallace

    Film 2: Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom

    Actress 2: Kate Capshaw

    • saromat says

      I like this guess – except The Abyss was released in 1989, and Titanic in 1997. I feel like the movies are too far apart to fit this blind.

  18. CariBean says

    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Film 1: RoboCop
    Actress 1: Nancy Allen
    Film 2: Total Recall
    Actress 2: Sharon Stone

  19. Sarah Connor says

    Michael Bay

    Film 1: Bad Boys (1995) “One of his first big hits”
    Actress 1: Tea Leoni
    Film 2: Armageddon (1998)
    Actress 2: Liv Tyler

    Film 1: Armageddon (1998)
    Actress 1: Liv Tyler
    Film 2: Pearl Harbor (2001)
    Actress 2: Kate Beckinsale

    some actress from E.T. or Close Encounters of the Third Kind “in a human role”

    • BlindNotDumb says

      Neither Bad Boys, nor Armageddon have “non-human” roles. So that doesn’t seem to fit.

  20. tellmemore says

    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Film 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Actress 1: Karen Allen
    Film 2: ET
    Actress 2: Dee Wallace

    It doesn’t say that Actress 2 went on to be a huge star, just that the film was a blockbuster. Actually, I hope my guess isn’t right, because I’d hate to think he’s such an azzhole.

  21. cantthinkofagreatname says

    I’m not going to guess…just leaving a comment that this disgusts me on many levels.

    If this is ever solved I will never watch another movie by this scumbag. I don’t care who it is.

  22. LovelyLiar says

    Director: James Cameron

    Film 1: Terminator

    Actress 1: Linda Hamilton

    Film 2: Aliens

    Actress 2: Jenette Goldstein

  23. gcreptile says

    Very difficult. It should be easy to find out, but nothing fits completely, in my opinion.
    Film 1 must have been a sci-fi or fantasy movie given the “human” role. So it must be something with aliens or elves or robots…
    James Cameron isn’t prolific.
    Maybe Michael Bay
    Film 1: Transformers
    Actress 1: Liv Tyler
    Film 2: Pearl Harbor
    Actress 2: Kate Beckinsale

  24. Obeah says

    Director: Ridley Scott

    Film 1: Alien

    Actress 1: Sigourney Weaver

    Film 2: Blade Runner

    Actress 2: Mimi Rogers

    I’m aware it’s a stretch

  25. abbyg says

    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Film 1: Close Encounters
    Actress 1: Teri Garr
    Film 2: ET
    Actress 2: Dee Wallace

    • SammynSophie says

      I considered this, but Terri Garr was around for years and years before Close Encounters. But I don’t like the “ET” guess, because I don’t necessarily consider it one of Spielberg’s first big hits. One of his early hits, yes, but not “one of his first,” considering Jaws, Raiders and Close Encounters all came before it. If it’s Spielberg, I would think “one of the first” would refer to either Jaws or Close Encounters. But both of the lead actresses in those movies were already established. Maybe I’m just hoping it’s not Spielberg.

  26. BlueHerons says

    The other one that comes to mind but doesn’t really work out for me is:

    James Cameron


    Linda Hamilton


    Sigourney Weaver

    James Cameron fits but Linda Hamilton doesn’t because he married her. Or maybe it does.

  27. I Am PunkA says

    New Transformers is out, so this has to be Michael Bay. Everyone knows he is the biggest pig in Hollywood.

    Film 1: Armageddon
    Actress 1: Liv Tyler
    Film 2: Pearl Harbor
    Actress 2: Kate Beckinsale

  28. delilah763 says

    Director: Michael Bay
    Film 1: Transformers
    Actress 1 : Megan Fox
    Film 2: Transformers 2
    Actress 2: Rosie HW

    • jasper says

      Rosie didn’t come in until TF3. Also, it clearly states it wasn’t a sequel recasting.

  29. missmissy says

    James Cameron
    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
    True Lies ??
    Jamie Lee Curtis??

    If this is true, it would make some sense. I always thought she was a strange casting decision in the film. That said I am not sure that was a hug hit for he

  30. donaclny says

    I am going to go back in time, but not all of the pieces fit. I’ll say Alfred Hitchcock and The Birds with Tippi Hedren. The Birds was not his first blockbuster but was a great hit. Tippi was supposed to be the next Grace Kelly. She made the movie and we didn’t hear much about her after that. Years later, it came out that Hitchcock,who didn’t like to be rebuked by his leading ladies made sure that star status eluded Tippi.
    The other more up to date possibility is Gretchen Mol and Harvey Weinstein (not a director, but a BIG producer). He ruined her career by making sure she didn’t work for a long time. She was on track to stardom and appeared everywhere for a while. She wound up working again on stage and on the HBO mini series, Boardwalk Empire, but never achieved the status she was supposed to get. Bad boys.

    • PinkSlip says

      This is intriguing, the “human role” in the movie The Birds was her first with Hitchcock. It was after that, when she signed the contract, that he started to get bizarre and hit on her. She tried to get out of her contract, but couldn’t. He threatened her and told her he owned her and she would never be huge in Hollywood, and he stalled her career deliberately, binding her to her contract yet never using her for work. What a pig! French director François Truffaut wanted her for a film while Hitchock yet Hitchcock refused to release her from contractual obligations. The movie was Fahrenheit 451 (1966), starring Julie Christie.

    • KatarinaJ says

      but Weinstein is not a director. And if other blinds are to be believed not only did Weinstein full on USE Mol and sorta set her out for stardom but when he tired of her he shut her down completely. She gets rave reviews from the BE cast for being professional, kind, etc. I think the poor girl has been digging herself out of the Weinstein hole for years (supposedly he passed her around or promised other people favors from her for parts in return and it all imploded.) I think she was WONDERFUL and complex on BOARDWALK and hope she continues to work!

  31. weeblywoombly says

    Director: George Lucas

    Film 1: American Graffiti (1973)

    Actress 1: Cindy Williams

    Film 2: Star Wars

    Actress 2: Carrie Fisher

    Clues were ‘cast her in a human role’ so I’m assuming the director is most widely known for sci-fi films, films with non human characters.

    It says on Cindy Williams’ Wikipedia page that she auditioned for the role of Princess Leia but lost out to Fisher. She went on to star in ‘Laverne and Shirley’ as Shirley, a ‘working’ woman at a brewery, the word ‘working’ in the blind being another clue. She was successful but never a big star.

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    • whitetigger says

      I think you are right. It also says “she never became a big star” … STAR Wars?.

    • SammynSophie says

      I’m still being thrown by the “human role” in relation to American Graffiti, but learning that Cindy auditioned for Princess Leia, I’m signing on to this guess anyway.

  32. AliekaZola says

    Director: Michael Bay
    Film 1: Transformers (hint being she was given a human role. The Autobots referred To Sam & Mikaela as ‘the humans’
    Actress 1: Megan Fox (not a major actress but still pops up here & there)
    Film 2: Got no clue
    Actress 2: Got no clue

  33. ghostrider44 says

    director: james cameron

    film 1: aliens (actress one of the “humans” in it

    actress 1: sigourney weaver (“working” actress – starred in Working Girl

    film 2: the abyss

    actress 2: Mary Mastrantonio

  34. redstilettos says

    Are we to assume that actress 2 gave the creep a BJ? Good for Actress 1 refusing. I have no clue who this is actually about. It could be ANYONE in Hollywood. There’s also no time frame here. What era of Hollywood are we talking about?

  35. chickflix says

    Director: Steven Spielberg

    Film 1: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Actress 1: Melinda Dillon

    Film 2: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

    Actress 2: Dee Wallace

    • jasper says

      I like this, as ET was rumored to originally be a sequel to CE3K. Not sure how accurate that rumor is?

  36. MommyPalooza says

    James Cameron. Terminator. Not sure the actresses, though. Doesn’t say whether Actress 2 became a huge star, but Linda Hamilton is known for this iconic role… ?

  37. Dana5570 says

    I’m thinking:
    Director: Speilberg
    Film 1: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Actress 1: Either Teri Garr or Melinda Dillon
    Film 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark or ET
    Actress 2: Karen Allen or Dee Stone

  38. BleuDog says

    Steven Spielberg
    Film 1: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Actress 1: Teri Garr
    Film 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Actress 2: Karen Allen

  39. MrsBreeder says

    Going to go out on a limb here…

    1. Alien
    Actress 1: Veronica Cartwright
    Film 2: Thelma and Louise….though successful, don’t know if it was considered a blockbuster (Though it did gross pretty well at the box office)
    Actress 2: Sigourney Weaver?

  40. legalista says

    First time poster…this is SO:

    George Lucas
    American Graffiti
    Cindy Williams
    Star Wars
    Carrie Fischer

    This from Wikipedia: Williams picked up important film roles early in her career: George Cukor’s Travels with My Aunt (1972); as Laurie Henderson, Ron Howard’s high school sweetheart in George Lucas’s American Graffiti (1973); and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation (1974). She auditioned for Lucas’s next project, Star Wars, but lost the role of Princess Leia to Carrie Fisher.[3]

    Cindy don’t blow; she rocks!

    • GayleStorm says

      Sounds very plausible…

      I hope this is Cindy Williams. I’ve always liked her. If this is her, I like her even more!

      “Cindy don’t blow; she rocks!” <— Love it!!

  41. MzDBDB says

    I thought this was from a few years ago, Transformers/Megan Fox/Michael Bay/Transformers 2/Whoever replaced her. Sounds familiar.

    • MzDBDB says

      Okay, can’t be this because Megan was replaced in the 3rd movie. Didn’t know there were so many transformers movies.

  42. timesink says

    For some reason I have Terri Garr in my head, but I can’t imagine those directors are who this could be about.

  43. FreddyCellophane says

    Director: George Lucas

    Film 1: American Graffiti

    Actress 1: Cindy Williams

    Film 2: Star Wars

    Actress 2: Carrie Fisher

    There’s footage on youtube of Cindy Williams (“Laverne & Shirley”) testing for Princess Leia.

  44. Alexicon says

    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Film 1: E.T.
    Actress 1: Dee Wallace
    Film 2: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    Actress 2: Kate Capshaw, his future wife

    Clues ‘human role’ and ‘phoned (her at) home’.

  45. PapillonLover says

    Director: James Cameron
    Film 1: Terminator
    Actress 1:Linda Hamilton
    Film 2: Aliens
    Actress 2 Sigourney Weaver

    • PapillonLover says

      I read somewhere that Geena Davis was up for the role in Terminator than Cameron went with Hamilton……Hhmmmmmm!!!

  46. Franciss says

    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Film 1: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Actress 1: Teri Garr
    Film 2: E.T.- the Extra-Terrestrial
    Actress 2: Dee Wallace
    Clues: The firs role was described as “human” and both films deal with aliens. Also, “the Director phoned her at home,” riffing on the “E.T. phone home” line. Teri Garr was indeed successful, but never a true household name.
    Gross, Spielberg. Very gross.

  47. scumby says


    Dee Wallace -ET
    JoBethWilliams -Poltergeist

    Kate Capshaw (his wife)
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

  48. Stubbs says

    I doubt the James Cameron/Linda Hamilton/Sigourney Weaver connection as Cameron and Hamilton were married from ’97 to ’99 long after both Aliens and Terminator

  49. grrrsuperlauren says

    Director: Christopher Nolan

    Film 1: Batman Begins

    Actress 1: Katie Holmes

    Film 2: The Prestige

    Actress 2: Scarlett Johansson

    My guess doesn’t make sense to me. Sigh. This is a tough blind to figure out.

    A clue por favor!

  50. scriptguy says

    Definitely not Linda Hamilton and James Cameron – they were married to each other at one point.
    Not Michael Bay and Megan Fox either – clue says movie #1 and #2 aren’t related to each other.
    Stephen Spielberg and Drew Barrymore is crazy! She was like, what? 8? when she did ET!

    I think the Ridley Scott/Sigourney Weaver/Alien/Sean Young/Bladerunner scenario fits best (“human role” the hint – Ripley’s a human in Alien, Sean Young’s a repilcant in Bladerunner). What a creep! And YAY to Sigourney!

    • pitbull says

      I agree…this fits the best, but my only doubt is that Sigourney was and is a Big Star.

      • j2020 says

        I agreed, but Sigourwey had a “successful career”, but I don’t think she is a “A-LIST” Star.

        and another clue: successful career as a working actress… but she never became a big star.

        WORKING ACTRESS = She was in working girl

      • BlueHerons says

        Yes, Sigourney Weaver is definitely an A+, big time star so it can’t be her.

        Avatar, Aliens, Ghostbusters, Working Girl, Gorillas In The Mist, she’s been nominated for several Academy Awards and won a ton of other awards.

        She’s too big a star for this to be about her.

    • KatarinaJ says

      He could have offered Fox another movie altogether with the added fall out later being no Transformers 2 either.

  51. katt388 says

    Quentin Tarentino. Not sure of the movies or the actress but I bet Uma Thurman is one of them. He has been known for his ego and has a reputation for being rough with woman

    • scriptguy says

      Certainly QT is a douche. But who’s the other actress and movie? Reservoir Dogs had no women in it. Pulp Fiction’s next – and Uma has certainly worked with him again. Then he directed Four Rooms and then Jackie Brown? It doesn’t fit. Not QT.

      • mere22 says

        I don’t think this is the answer (I think it’s Spielberg) but if this were true…actress 1 could be Patricia Arquette from True Romance with Actress 2 being Uma.

    • KatarinaJ says

      I think Uma was already a star before Pulp Fiction and he HAS worked with her since.

    • jillphelps41 says

      Plus, Quentin Tarentino and Uma Thurman are supposedly dating now. There is video of them out to dinner looking very cozy recently. They shacked up together while in Cannes a few weeks ago. More importantly, the only female that comes to mind when I think about Tarentino is Uma(Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 1&2)

  52. Martini says

    The blind said that the film was NOT related to film #2, so the second Transformers wouldn’t fit.

  53. Erin says

    This is an interesting one, since there are several scenarios that fit perfectly. I’m leaning towards Ridley Scott, but could totally this as George Lucas or Steven Spielberg

  54. j2020 says

    FILM 1: Aliens
    ACTRESS 1: Sigourney Weaver
    FILM 2: Blade Runner
    ACTRESS 2: Sean Young

    Clue: “human role” and “working actress”. Sigourney was an oscar nominee for “working girl” and her career has had a really successful career but I don’t think she is a big star. Never was A-LIST

  55. Sarah Connor says

    so manny plausible guesses it’s so sad that it could be any blockbuster director really… ugh

  56. Bebeccalu says

    It can’t be James Cameron and Linda Hamilton. She was in both The Terminator and Terminator 2, and she moved in with him the same year that T2 came out. They then had a kid, got married and divorced 8 years after T2 came out. Doesn’t fit the bill.

    Could be Spielberg and actress 1 could be either Close Encounters (Teri Garr or Melinda Dillon) or Raiders of the Lost Ark (Karen Allen) and Actress 2 could be Raiders of the Lost Ark (Karen Allen) or ET (Dee Wallace).

  57. dadou81 says

    Director; Micheal Bay


    ACTRESS ! Liv Tyler

    FILM 2 : Pearl Harbor

    ACTRESS 2 : Kate Beckinsale

  58. leosgrl88 says

    Director: Michael Bay

    Film 1: Bad Boys

    Actress 1: Tea Leoni

    Film 2: Armageddon

    Actress 2: Liv Tyler

  59. law45 says

    Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
    Film 1: Men in Black
    Actress 1: Linda Fiorentino
    Film 2: Men in Black 2
    Actress 2: Lara Flynn Boyle

    • Virgo826 says

      Good out of the box thinking, but Fiorentino got the role in MIB by winning a poker game. I doubt the bj scenerio would come into play when she gambled her way into the first role.

  60. good2know says

    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Film 1: ET
    Actress 1: Erika Eleniak (played the role of ‘pretty girl,’ went on to other films, Baywatch)
    Film 2: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    Actress: Kate Capshaw

  61. eternally218 says

    Director: Michael Bay
    Film 1: Pearl Harbor
    Actress 1: Kate Beckinsale
    Film 2: Transformers
    Actress: Megan Fox

  62. wonderwoman2.0 says

    I wonder if “human role” could refer to a movie with ghost in it. It doesn’t have to mean aliens or robots or sci-fi…..

  63. mojomarlin says

    Ok, first timer– Love this site, so I’ll take a guess:

    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Film 1: Jaws
    Actress 1: Lorraine Gray
    Film 2: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Actress 2: Terri Garr

  64. spoofbyrd says

    Cameron seems to be an aggressive man but he married Linda Hamilton and wasnt the Abyss a flop? Who was that author of YOULL NEVER EAT LUNCH IN THIS TOWN AGAIN Anyway she French Kissed Steven Spielberg during a production and he doesnt strike me as a man who would do this . He prefers relationships. Doesnt Sigourney Weaver have a show biz Dad with some clout and wouldnt there have been some fallout from an incident like this George Lucas back in the day was of the hippie school and didnt like Glamour Dolls and him and his wife got mysteriously divorced but I think he would want a full blown passionate makeout whoopee session with Cindy if he had the hots for her not a cheap BJ and he is hardly a mentor to actors type. This a mysogonistic act and the talented but assholish Oliver Stone fits the profile and Daryl Hannah might be the victim but I dont know who the beneficiary would be .

  65. whowassheilahgraham says

    Director: George Lucas
    Actress 1: Shirley Williams
    Film 1: American Graffiti
    Actress 2: Carrie Fisher
    Film 2: Star Wars

    Shirley Williams was in the only full-length film he made with humans only. Star Wars is known for redefining the word “blockbuster”. Carrie Fisher has said she got the role in Star Wars because she slept with a nerd.

  66. rudy says

    Why all these Steven Spielberg guesses? I never heard a peep about him being a perverted ahole director.
    I’m going with Michael Bay and Megan Not Foxy. They have this sleazy public thing going on right now.

    Sooo…what was the first movie and who was the actress who refused to sell HER soul to the Devil?

    Armageddon and Liv Tyler. She works steadily but has never really broken into the big time.

    But Megan Fox went down on the casting couch for Transformers. She is considered a pretty major celebrity even though she is not a very good actress.

  67. mere22 says

    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Actress1: JoBeth Williams
    Film 1: Poltergeist
    Actress 2: Kate Capshaw
    Film 2: Temple of Doom

  68. apeygirl says

    I’m going to go with, for my first guess:

    Director: James Cameron
    Film 1: Escape From New York (it was a big hit in its time, making 25M)
    Actress 1: Adrienne Barbeau (getting an action hit might have taken her out of being a “scream queen” and given her a more well-known career. She’s always worked, as far as I know, but she really dropped off after the mid-80s)
    Film 2: The Terminator
    Actress 2: Linda Hamilton
    BONUS CLUE: The Director became very close to Actress 2. James Cameron married Linda Hamilton

    My second guess is:

    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Film 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Actress 1: Karen Allen (she did drop away for a while after Raiders and I could see them having changed the plot if she didn’t reprise her role as Willie was soooo annoying as compared to Marion)
    Film 2: Temple Of Doom
    Actress 2: Kate Capshaw was the love interest there
    BONUS CLUE: The Director became very close to Actress 2: He married Kate Capshaw

    I’ve never heard of Spielberg being a sleaze, so I don’t want this to be true. I actually don’t want either to be true, but the timeline could fit.

  69. f. flintstone says

    Director: Christopher Nolan
    Actress 1: Katie Holmes
    Film 1: Batman Begins
    Actress 2: Mggie Gyllenhaal
    Film 2: The Dark Knight

  70. Funnster says

    James Cameron with Sigourney Weaver in Aliens
    James Cameron with Linda Hamilton, wife, in Terminator 2

  71. ericaomega says

    reverse your order everyone:

    James Cameron with Sigourney Weaver in Aliens (1979) then
    Linda Hamilton in Terminator (1984).

  72. lovefifteen says

    Now that we have the bonus clue, it’s pretty clear this is Steven Spielberg and Actress 2 is his (now) wife Kate Capshaw in Indian Jones & the Temple of Doom. Not sure which actress is Actress 1, but probably someone in ET considering the “phone home” clue.