Her Husband Doesn’t Know About Her Affair

couple bed 12[Sunday People] Which A-list celebrity’s husband would be shocked to the core if he found out about her affair with a model?

Female Celebrity:



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  1. travoltasbeard says

    “To the core” (Apple)

    Female celebrity: Angie Jolie Pitt

    Husband: Brad Jolie Pitt

    Model: Sam Riley was a model

    • Okayeah says

      Apple as in Paltrow’s kid? GP and BP were involved 20 years ago, so probably not them. Plus, as noted, not married. Nor, I imagine, would Angie be particularly shocked. It’s presumed they have an open relationship.

  2. augustmom says

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Alexa Chung (HE was/is seeing her!). “Core” referring to daughter Apple.

    • KatarinaJ says

      IF it was Gwyneth or Angelina WHO would be surprised. That Alex Chung and ex model gf of Angie’s gossip have been around FOREVER.

    • missmissy says

      You beat me to it. The photo reminds me of their underwear ads. I think its her/them. The “core” may be the abs…its a stretch. But my first thought was core training.

    • db8ng1 says

      And Sunday People is a Brit mag, right? These fit. I just wonder who was the model. What was Victoria THINKING?!!? I mean you have DAVID F*CKING BECKHAM in your bed!

      Seriously, I hope it’s not them. I like them as a couple.

      • mrodnyc says

        rumour is DB is lacking in the downstairs dept… might be why she’d cheat

  3. missmissy says

    Victoria Beckham
    David Beckham

    And a wild guess on the model:

    David Gandy or Tyson Beckford… though it could be a woman. Then? I got nothin’

  4. eleanorh1995 says

    I’m thinking Gwyneth Paleo & chris martin, bc of core (daughter named apple). Blank on the model.

  5. sharziwan says

    Given this is a UK publication
    Female Celebrity: Victoria Beckham
    Husband: David Beckham
    Model: Cara Delevinghe (sp?)

  6. Ladieu says

    Is Sienna Miller A-list? or Victoria Beckham….maybe Nicole Schertzinger

    Cara or Miranda for the models

    or are we to assume that the model is male?

  7. spoofbyrd says

    Only one that comes to mind is Angelina Jolie who may still have the kinks from her Billy Bob Thornton days .

  8. bamagirl1980 says

    Quick guess…Halle Berry getting it back on with her ex boyfriend/babydaddy to Nalla. Gabrielle-He is a model.

  9. LeahLynn28 says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z…and i have no idea who the model is.
    But why would he be shocked?Jay cheats on her all the time and already has a girlfriend…even in a business arrangement’s marriage,both should at least try to be faithful until the end of the contract,because being caught cheating while married isn’t good.But it’s Hollyweird’s world,so…

  10. augustmom says

    If it turned out that Gwyneth had a fling with Alexa Chung, that would surprise Chris Martin, as he is/was also seeing Alexa Chung! Get it?

  11. Mandy G. says

    If these people can’t be faithful, why do they even get married? Why don’t they just stay single and sleep around?

  12. FrankensteinsMonster says

    The use of celebrity instead of actress/singer etc seems important. Not a lot of female A list celebrities. So I’m on the Posh and Becks train. Plus the pics look like them. No idea of the model.

  13. stonn says

    Halle. Husband is Olivier Martinez. Model is Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubry. That’s my guess.

  14. Arsinoe says

    Female Celebrity: Giada DeLaurentis

    Husband: Todd Thompson (He’s a clothing designer for anthropologie)

    Model: ?

  15. keeley123 says

    I think Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin – she has been doing the Hugo Boss campaign but she doesn’t seem to be linked to any models in the press specifically so I can’t figure out who the model would be.

  16. hihotintin says

    Female Celebrity – Jennifer Hudson

    Husband – David Otunga

    Model – david mcintosh