Wacky Baccy Bacchanal

mari 7[Daily Mirror] Which rock star offspring likes to get high on wacky baccy and snog boys who aren’t her boyfriend?

This former wild child still likes to go cray crazy, but behind closed doors at her raucous house parties. Tsk, what would the old man say?

Rock Star:


Her Boyfriend (may or may not be famous):



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32 comments to Wacky Baccy Bacchanal

  • Vampira

    This is a British site, so who knows… Maybe Phil Collins’ daughter Lily?

  • ShockingDayGlo

    Rock Star: Ozzy Osbourne

    Daughter: Kelly Osbourne

    Boyfriend: ?

  • bbc

    ummmm… all of them…

  • bridge

    Kelly Osborne??

  • phippskat

    Ozzie Osbourne
    Kelly Osbourne

  • jerzeegurl

    Beings that they used the word snog I’m gonna say that they are British………yeah that’s all I got.

  • whosamelia

    Georgia May Jagger?

  • jdubble07

    First thought was Kelly/Ozzy Osbourne. Kelly has really cleaned her act up in the past few years. No clue who she’s dating now, but her past few boyfriends have been rumored to be into dudes as well.

  • missmissy

    I don’t know who the boyfriend is but Kelli Osborne?

  • amanda84

    Daisy Lowe

    Gavin Rossdale’s daughter

  • smd1004p

    one of the richard’s girls- or micks younger daughter

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Stella McCartney

  • biatcho

    No idea what she’s dating.

  • ChattyKathy

    hmmmm snog is British so I’m guessing Ozzy’s offspring, Kelly Osbourne?

  • ChattyKathy

    Mick & Keith’s girl never really had a rep for being wild?

  • trewhitt

    British site says English gal, and clue of crazy as in crazy train….from the famous Ozzy song….says Kelly Osborn.

  • popculturenut

    It’s not Kelly; she and her second fiancee just split a few months ago and she’s not dating anybody new yet. Don’t think Daisy Lowe has a current bf either (unless you believe the Harry Styles rumors). Stella McCartney is married.

    Could be Lily Collins, I guess, but I think Georgia May Jagger is the best bet. She’s a gorgeous model, no doubt has plenty of opportunities. And runs with a fairly raucous crowd I think.

    I feel like we’re missing some clues here. Does “old man” spark some ideas? Wild child? Cray cray?

    But really, does snogging someone when you’re stoned suggest a scandal anymore? Thought that was fairly common party games, to be honest.

  • crystal75

    Daisy Lowe, daughter of Gavin Rossdale. Although, I’d hardly call smoking a spliff and kissing other boys crazy behaviour!

  • Marina

    One of Rod Stewart’s daughters?

  • catty84

    Crazy, crazy Liv Tyler. Starred in all her dad’s videos. Boyfriend is Theo something.

  • iloveyourteeth

    I think this is

    Rockstar: Gene Simmons from KISS
    Daughter: Sophie Tweed-Simmons
    Boyfriend: Christopher James

    Clue is “crazy crazy” KISS did “crazy crazy nights”

  • bilbo

    Cray crazy made me think of
    Liv Tyler and the music video of Crazy by Aerosmith! I couldn’t find her current boyfriend so maybe her newly engaded sister? Chelsea Tyler?

    Famous rockstar: Steven Tyler
    Daughter: Chelsea Tyler
    Boyfriend: Jon Foster

    If Liv has a bf than;

    famous rockstar: Steven Tyler
    Daughter: Liv Tyler
    Boyfriend: Orlando Bloom? ( rumour has it!)

  • tink

    Zoe Kravitz, Lenny kravitz, noah becker

  • morgannicolesmith

    kelly osbourne is the only “good girl gone bad gone good” that is alive so her

  • Khadafi

    Dakota Johnson

  • slantrhyme

    Kelly Osborne, Ozzy, no idea if Kelly has a new bf though.

  • jennycee

    Kelly Osbourne makes sense, kind of, I don’t know that she has a boyfriend, since she and her fiancée broke up. She has her career with Fashion Police and as a recovering addict is it something she would compromise? I also believe Kelly spends most of her time in America.

    My guess is Pixie Geldoff – she used to party a lot with Peaches – and the implication of what her father would say could be in relation to her sister having passed from a OD (yes I realize one can not OD on weed – really other than snogging other guys, which really only should bother her boyfriend, there is nothing that horrible with what she is doing – therefore the father thing seems like an important bit) Pixie’s boyfriend George Barnett is a drummer.

  • Biglet

    “Waccy Baccy” must affect people different to me, last thing i want to do is be social let alone make out with people while i have the dry horrors.

  • mjandkatylover

    KELLY O.
    OZZY O.