Her Fiance Is A Dirty Devil

devil 5[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which celebrity who is getting married better check her fiancé’s phone, as the dirty devil has been sexting with a young lady in The Hamptons!

It’s not naked pictures like Anthony Weiner, but the texts are certainly more than just flirting. Plus, he has been dropping the stars name all over town to make sure he gets the best tables in restaurants – for him and his bit on the side!



Her Fiance (may or may not be famous):

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  1. 4sixx2 says

    Since the ‘trashians are in the Hamptons, this must be Kourtney’s baby daddy, Scott Disick. Didn’t take him long to find a new side piece.

  2. ravenglass says

    I’m thinking this guy is a lot older than the girl he’s sexting so…

    Celebrity: Mary-Kate Olsen

    Her Fiance: Olivier Sarkozy

    • Moonpie says

      This is it. Supposedly this engagement is not moving forward into a wedding because of this. You are old (compared to your fiancé), not particularly good looking or wealthy, your fiancé is young and she is worth a billion with her sister and a growing empire, and you decide to screw around. I guess he forgot this is not France where mistresses can be the norm.

      • combatbaby says

        Sarkozy’s net worth may be less than MK’s but 60 million is nothing to sneeze at. Don’t think this is them.

    • mugofmead111 says

      They’re both famous; why would Donnie have to drop Jenny’s name around town? The blind makes me think that the woman is more famous than the man.

    • thisishilAHrious says

      the only place he’d have to use her name to get a table is a law library. that’s dumb.

  3. valleygirl86 says

    Celebrity: Jessica Simpson

    Her Fiance (may or may not be famous): Eric Johnson

  4. Lyrics and Chords says

    Celebrity: Jessica Simpson

    Her Fiance (may or may not be famous):Eric Johnson

    Just a guess??

  5. LK says

    Celebrity: Kourtney Kardashian

    Her Fiance (may or may not be famous): Scott Dissick

    They’re in the Hamptons right now, and she kicked him out.

  6. RitaSkeeter says

    George and Saundra bullock. “on the side” may be a clue to the blind side!?!

    • ginnynotjenny says

      Why in God’s name would Clooney need to drop ANYONE’s name to get a table????

      • thisishilAHrious says

        Yeah, duh. Def not Clooney. But I’d guess Sandra Bullock though, if she were engaged to anyone?

  7. voyeur says

    A lot of kourtney k and Scott d guesses, but are they engaged? I must have missed that kardashian news flash. Although, I don’t pay much attention to them.

  8. EastCoaster says

    Jennifer Aniston & Justin might fit this (although I hope not, for her sake). Clue: Justin has written, and will direct, a movie called “Swear to GOD.” Looks like it’ll be a big deal, too, as it’s starting Steve Carell & Will Ferrell.

  9. princessrebecca says

    For everyone that thinks its Kourtney and Scott, they aren’t engaged. Nor are they even talking marriage. Therefore they aren’t a contender, if it were them it would be boyfriend not fiance.

  10. captworth says

    Its not Scott Disick. Hamptons Mag would print it in the blind item column. Or a certain publicist ould have it all over town and on page six. And the K’s are not his clients.
    He is not stupid. every0ne is visible most of the time. And the cLub promoters wOuLd Never let a photo op pass. Try elsewhere.

  11. minx says

    Kourtney isn’t engaged. And I don’t think this is a real A list celebrity. I like the Christina Aguilera guess because of the “dirty” reference.

  12. gotsomemoxie says

    I’m going with Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson. The clue being “dirty devil.” He played for the New Orleans’ Saints; dirty devil = not saintly

    • gaelgirl says

      Honestly, isn’t the Kennedy the one with the bigger name? Nonetheless, I think this is correct, he’s supposedly been caught cheating on her.

  13. pmadore1 says

    ZERO, may refer to zero GRAVITY…George and Sandra starred in Gravity together.

  14. pmadore1 says

    AND…in the movie O’ Brother where Art Though, he sold his soul to the devil for the talent to sing.

    • tellmemore says

      George Clooney doesn’t need to drop anyone’s name to get a good table. Plus, Sandra’s marriage imploded because of her husband’s cheating. I seriously doubt she would allow herself to be the other woman in someone else’s relationship.

  15. EastCoaster says

    Further to my earlier post that Jennifer A’s fiancé might be the culprit… As Justin is in NYC much of the time, the Hamptons are just a few hours away. If you don’t mind intense summer traffic, that is! :-)

  16. FunnyFace says

    Robert Kennedy could drop his own name. More people know who he is (or who his father was) than know who Cheryl Hines is. Especially in an old money, snobby place like The Hamptons.