Why She Has Never Been Wifed

bbwla season 3[Mouth To Ears] Which BBWLA star is creeping on her baller boo?

She wonders why she has never been wifed. This Basketball Wives Los Angeles star has always stood out from the rest. For one, she isn’t and never has been a wife. She isn’t even dating a basketball player.

But the way things are going… she may never get a ring. Word is this BBWLA star is creeping on her NFL baller with a hip hop artist. Can you guys who we are talking about?


Her Baller Boo:

Hip Hop Artist:

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  1. mugofmead111 says

    BBWLA: Draya Michele

    Her Baller Boo: Orlando Scandrick (NFL player)

    Hip Hop Artist: ?

  2. AnnieQ says

    Draya Michele dating a NFL player..never married

    hip hop artist no idea..dated Chris Brown years ago

  3. dallasshowgirl says

    That bobble-head Draya and her bf Orlando Scandrick…I just don’t know who the hip hop artist is

  4. tarap says

    Based on the pic these women all look like serious skank. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all cheat

  5. cheruboobomb says

    BBWLA: Draya
    Baller Boo: Orlando Scandrick
    Hip Hop artist: This could be anyone. Draya’s been getting around for a LONG time. I guess Wiz Khalifa

  6. trixa25 says

    Draya.. Orlando .. And maybe Diddy since she’s always patronizing his Ciroc drink.. Not Chris Brown he’s not hip hop, he’s R&B

  7. sweetcassie says

    BBWLA Draya Michele
    HIP HOP ARTIST Jay Z or fabulous (she’s in their video ‘where the money goes’

  8. tweety77 says

    Well it can’t be Chris Brown because he’s a Popstar not a Hip Hop star. At a push, I guess he could be classed as R’n’B… But definitely not a hip hop artist.

  9. Mandy G. says

    So please tell me why this woman is on a show called “Basketball Wives of LA,” and she’s neither married to one, nor dates one? Shouldn’t they all be actual wives of actual basketball players? Of course a title like “A Bunch of Women Who May or May Not Be Married to Basketball Players of LA,” would be too long a title.