Four Celebrities and One Engagement

engagement ring 21SOLVED!


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[Blind Gossip] This relationship started out with the best of intentions. Two good-looking and successful people – both at the top of their game – fell in love and got engaged.

Of course there was the obligatory giant diamond ring (which he helped to design), the open displays of admiration for each other, and declarations of happiness all around when the engagement was announced.

Sweet, right?

Oh, hell no!

He was so used to women flocking to him that he just couldn’t seem to settle into only having one woman. In the past six months alone, he has cheated on her at least twice… and both of the women that we know about are famous!

Mistress 1 is probably the most famous person in this story. She was working on a project with Fiance, and there were some whispers that the two of them had gotten close. Our Bride-to-be initially dismissed the rumors as gossip, but later found out that the rumors were all true. Bride was furious… but her Fiance managed to convince her that it was nothing more than a few casual hookups and that it was totally over.

Groom-to-be and Mistress 2 worked on a project together a few years ago. Nothing happened then, but as soon as Groom got engaged, Mistress 2 was suddenly all over him! This was no one-night stand either. It was an honest-to-goodness full-blown affair. Bride has no clue about Mistress 2, and you know that there is zero chance that Groom will voluntarily tell her about it. So we will.



Mistress 1:

Mistress 2:

BONUS CLUES on Twitter!

BONUS CLUE: Mistress 1 is single. Mistress 2 is married. This affair may have broken up M2’s marriage.

BONUS CLUE: One woman was pregnant while these affairs were occurring!


future ciaraSOLVED!

Bride-to-be: Ciara

Groom-to-be: Future

Mistress 1: Rihanna

Mistress 2: Keyshia

We were not at all surprised when it was announced today that Ciara and Future broke up. The reports are saying that Future cheated. Blind Gossip told you about this two months ago… and we also told you with whom he was cheating!

While Ciara was pregnant with Future’s baby, Future was screwing around on her with Rihanna and Keyshia. Ciara gave birth to their son, Future Zahir, three months ago. However, by that time, the relationship with Future was broken. Now you know why.

All of the details of the cheating scandal are contained within our original blind item (above).

Here is the announcement of the breakup from UsWeekly:

Ciara Calls Off Engagement to Future After He Cheated;

Pair Welcomed Baby 3 Months Ago

She’s out! Ciara has called off her engagement to Future, multiple sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly. The “I’m Out” singer, 28, has called it quits with the rapper, 30, just three months after welcoming their son Future Zahir Wilburn.

“He cheated on her. Game over,” an insider tells Us of the “Turn On the Lights” rapper. Another source adds: “She’s devastated. Ciara’s focus now is the baby.”

Together for more than a year, the duo got engaged on Ciara’s birthday in October 2013. They were celebrating in New York City when Future surprised her with a stunning 15-carat diamond ring. She gave birth to their son seven months later, on May 19.

“Our label put us together,” Ciara dished to Brides magazine back in July about meeting her now ex. “I went into the studio strictly to work, but he was very calm and sweet, a gentleman… I knew right away that he was different. Now he’s my best friend in the world, my partner.”

Congratulations to Mirna, who was first with the right answer (without making multiple guesses)! She also did a great job with all the clues in this one (and there were a lot)! Well done, Mirna!


Aaaand… they’re back together again. Sigh.

From TMZ:

Future and Ciara Back Together For Good Of Their Baby

ciara pregnantFuture and Ciara didn’t stay apart for long … and it’s all because Ciara feels strongly about her son needing his father around 24/7.

Sources close to Future tell TMZ … he and Ciara are living together again — and trying to make things work between them — so Future can help take care of their 4-month-old son, Future Zahir.

Ciara must be willing to overlook the past … since she was the one who claimed Future cheated on her while he was on tour — and then broke off their engagement last month.

We’re told Ciara wasn’t interested in a shared parenting situation … saying she believes Future’s a good father and that it’s best for their son if his dad’s there.

Pretty selfless of her, if she really believes he cheated.

In case you didn’t know, Future now has four children with four different women and a lot of child support drama. We expect more in the future. Pun intended.

Until the next bit of drama in this relationship, let’s just look at a pic of their cute baby, Future Zahir Wilburn:

baby future ciara


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183 comments to Four Celebrities and One Engagement

  • ccattwood

    amal alamuddin

    george clooney

    hmm…sandra bullock for one of the mistresses

    • Okayeah

      You are not seriously suggesting that Sandra Bullock is more famous than George Clooney?

    • gossipalooza

      Why are there so many people guessing George Clooney? This blind and the last few. If this were the case, then all of those blinds about him being gay wouldn’t be true…

      • FrankensteinsMonster

        Agreed. The clues appear to rule out Clooney and Brad Pitt, if the mistress is the most famous person in the story.

        Someone engaged longer than six months but not A+ list.

      • FrankensteinsMonster

        adding that it’s not definitely a 6 month plus engagement, it just doesn’t sound like a recent engagement.

    • Katmandu

      I don’t know ANY of these people, nor do I CARE! I’m pleased they have enough money to throw away to buy that gorgeous RING. I would kill to have that emerald cut rock.. KILL.

  • Alexicon

    Bride-to-be: Amal Alamuddin
    Groom-to-be: George Clooney he helped design the ring
    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock
    Mistress 2: Jessica Chastain (not sure what they worked on together, if anything, but I think the clue is ‘zero’ — Jessica was in Zero Dark Thirty, and George has his hand on her waist in a very possessive way in this photo:

    • Alexicon

      Apparently links didn’t work, but just do a Google search of George and Jessica!

    • Bromance1979

      The only reason I suspect it isn’t him is because it says, “Mistress 1 is probably the most famous person in this story.” While Sandra is very famous, I wouldn’t say she’s more famous than George.

  • Elisa

    Bride-to-be: Amal Alumuddin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock

    Mistress 2: Eva Longoria

  • bumblebea63

    Bride: Behati Prinsloo
    Groom: Adam Levine
    Mistress 1: Christina Aguleira (The Voice, Moves like Jagger)
    Mistress 2: Me! Jk. Not sure about this one.

  • PC1

    Good looking: Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo. No clue on the Mistresses he has worked with.

    • Bromance1979

      It can’t be Adam Levine, as it says the ring he gave her he helped design, and Behati’s ring is an antique ring from the 20’s.

  • bec215

    Hmm… Levine evidently bought her ring – it’s 1930’s vintage one…

  • haley1020

    Behati prinsloo?
    Adam Levine?
    Keira knightley?
    Christina aguilera?

  • wfreshie

    bride to be angelina jolie

    groom to be brad pitt (he designed their rings)

    mistress 1 don’t know

    mistress 2 robin wright (Money ball)

  • phippskat

    George Clooney
    Amal Alamuddin
    Sandra Bullock
    not sure of 2nd mistress

  • Sunshine11

    Angelina Jolie

    Brad Pitt

    Lupita Nyong’o

    Jessica Chastain (zero change…Zero Dark Thirty)

    • jezzadezza

      Lupita is def not the most famous person in this tale. The only person more famous that Brad and Ange is…. Oprah!

      Whooooooo happens to be in/producing a filming-in-the-last-six-months-movie that Brad is is also producing. I’m just saying.

    • jezzadezza

      Edit: than**

    • KatarinaJ

      I think Lupita has been the subject of blinds where she is seeking set ups and her own idea of a beard to look straight. Also, is either Lupita or Jessica the BIGGEST CELEB in the blind (your guess) – Brad and Angie are way bigger than either Mistress and it says Mistress #1 is the most famous in the blind.

  • Sunshine11

    Oops…make that “zero chance”…

  • ravenglass

    Bride-to-be: Angelina Jolie

    Groom-to-be: Brad Pitt

    Mistress 1: Cate Blanchett

    Mistress 2: Jessica Chastain

    • ravenglass

      Twitter clues have me even more confused.

      So, “…there is zero chance…” isn’t a clue pointing to Jessica Chastain of “Zero Dark Thirty?”

      I’m scratching all four answers & returning to Google.

  • I Am PunkA

    It’s George Clooney. That looks exactly like Amal’s ring

    Bride: Amal Alamuddin
    Groom; George Clooney
    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock (during promo for that movie)
    Mistress 2: Cindy Crawford (marriage rumors just popped up, and they are known to hang)

  • ashanean

    Bride-to-be: Kim Kardashian

    Groom-to-be: Kanye West

    Mistress 1: iggy Azalea

    Mistress 2: Rita Ora

    • cafe_au_lait

      Kim and Kanye are married though…

      • ashanean

        I know, I realize that now. Well not too any men design te rings fo teir ladies. I would say. Maybe Bead Pitt. Angelina is always traveling.mbut I don’t know two mistresses. Maybe Lupita would be one becuz there were rumors that they were getting close. Have think one more.

  • jiip


  • PinkG

    Oh, George!

  • PIncorrect

    OMG…this is SO Clooney…and look at that “ethically mined” ring. What a joke…this entire political hookup.

    Anyhow: 1: Eva Longoria
    2: Anna Kendrick

  • ShennanigansOHoolihan

    BtB: Amal Alamuddin
    GtB: George Clooney
    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock – Gravity
    Mistress 2: I’m not sure, but maybe Evan Rachel Wood or Marisa Tomei from The Ides of March

    Ring picture – similar to Amal’s giant emerald cut.

  • Nini

    Bride-to-be: Amal Alamuddin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock

    Mistress 2:????

    BONUS CLUES on Twitter!

  • miumiu

    Neither Ashton, nor Adam Levine designed their engagement rings.

    Brad Pitt – I can’t think of any mistress more famous than Brangelina.


  • MyAimIsTrue

    Bride-to-be: Jenny McCarthy

    Groom-to-be: Donnie Walhberg

    Mistress 1: Bridget Moynahan

    Mistress 2: Jennifer Esposito

    • jillphelps41

      ^^^^This! I think you might have it!

    • gaelgirl

      This makes TOTAL sense!!! Wahlberg and Moynihan are both on Blue Bloods and were rumored to be close a while back, and of course Esposito worked with him on Blue Bloods, too. Damn, Donnie.

      But Wahlberg did help design the ring. From an ABC story: “When Donnie Wahlberg was ready to propose to Jenny McCarthy, he wanted the ring to be special. So, he worked with Daniel Arik of Happy Jewelers and Newport Jewelers to create a one-of-a-kind piece.”

  • tink

    Ok, i think i got it. Angelina jolie, brad pitt, miranda kerr, jessica chastain (zero hint) omg!!!!!

    • NYCMEL

      The clue says that Mistress 1 is the most famous of the group – in what world is anyone more famous than Brad or Angie??

  • shayjay

    bride-jenny mccarthy
    groom-donnie wahlberg

  • kerlec

    George & Amal Allamuddin. Don’t know about the mistresses.

  • scooby

    Groom: George Clooney

    Bride to be: His Fiance

    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock

    Mistress 2: Eva Longegoria

  • Bingo

    George Clooney!!

  • scooby

    I meant Longoria

  • PIncorrect

    Wait…number 2 was married? EVAN RACHEL WOOD. She starred with him “The Ides of March” and divorced her hubby in May, just after the big engagement announcement. OMG….

  • rpca26

    Amal Alamuddin
    George Clooney
    Sandra Bullock
    Catherine Zeta-Jones

  • kerlec

    Also looks the ring George designed for her…

  • shanshan

    Bride-to-be: Olivia Wilde

    Groom-to-be: Jason Sudekis

    Mistress 1: Jen Aniston (!) They worked together on “We’re the Millers” and “Horrible Bosses”

    Mistress 2: No clue here, going to go out on a long limb and guess Amy Poehler? (Someone who he had worked with whose own marriage ended in divorce)>

  • Ivanna Funkalot


    Is Robin Wright the divorced one?

  • orangeblossom

    Based off of the ring pictured, I’m guessing
    Mistress 1: Rihanna
    Mistress 2: ?

    • missmissy

      I like this guess. Now who was pregnant and now divorced.

    • Bromance1979


      Future gave Ciara a 15-carat (!!!) ring that he helped design with Joseph Aranbayev. It’s an emerald cut, like the one pictured.

      “Mistress 1 is probably the most famous person in this story.” – definitely true of Rihanna

      “She was working on a project with Fiance” – Rihanna and Future did “Love Song” together

      There was also rumours that Ciara and Rihanna had beef with each other.

      “Mistress 1 is single.” – yes

      Mistress 2: No clue, but possibly Kelly Rowland, because he worked with her in 2012.

      “Mistress 2 is married.” – yes

      “This affair may have broken up M2′s marriage.” – not sure about that one, as she’s now having a child with her husband.

      “One woman was pregnant while these affairs were occurring!” – Ciara was pregnant.

    • tuckerlee123

      I think this is the winner.

  • sssss

    Ok so can’t be Adam Levine because he didn’t design Behati’s ring (it was vintage). Probably can’t be George Clooney because who is going to be more famous than him (says 1st mistress is the most famous of the bunch) and Amal wasn’t a celebrity before she started dating him (at least by Hollywood standards). Not Ashton because there is no info about him designing Mila’s ring. Ahhh I’m stumped!

    • PIncorrect

      says they were both at the top of their professions and good looking, not both Hollywood types. Could be Bullock for the first one not Longoria. Either way, it’s Clooney.

  • across777

    Bride-to-be: Amal Allamudin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock

    Mistress 2: Eva Longoria

  • GrannyGoose

    Bride-to-Be: Behati Prinsloo
    Groom-to-Be: Adam Levine
    Mistress 1: Anne V.
    Mistress 2: Christina Aguillera

  • chandler02

    Bride-to-be: Amal Alamuddin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock

    Mistress 2: Evan Rachel Wood

  • mrsrocknroll

    i have no idea who they are but i think its not george and amal..
    first amal isn’a a celebrity ,she is just a famous(?) lawyer
    second mistress 2 is most famous so she isn’t sandra because george is equally famous as she or julia.. if second mistress eva longoria she isn’t married or mistress 1 is julia,she isn’t single?
    also not brangelina come on who is more famous than them..

  • Erin

    Amal Alamuddin/George Clooney/Sandra Bullock/no clue on mistress #2.

    There was that bizarre Eva Longoria story last summer, but she doesn’t seem to fit.

  • jiip

    Evan Rachel Wood

  • lisako

    I find it very hard to believe this would be about any of the top guesses (Brad, George, Adam Levine) because the blind clearly says the first mistress is the most famous person in the story. All of those three guys are very, very famous. I do like the Jason Sudeikis/Jen Aniston guess, because she is definitely the most famous in that one, but apparently Jason chose a vintage ring for Olivia, so that part doesn’t fit.

  • shelaur22

    Well if it’s really George Clooney, then Mistress #1 has to be more famous than him. That should really narrow it down. More famous than George Clooney but single? Angelina Jolie is not single.

  • stolidog

    Having actually read the blind, there is no way that this is:
    1) Angie & Brad, or
    2) George Clooney & Amal Allamudin
    because of the simple fact that “mistress 1″ is the most famous person out of all 4, and there is nobody more “famous” than Angie, Brad, or George Clooney, not even Sandra Bullock.

  • andyhatesyou

    Bride-to-be: Amal Alamuddin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock

    Mistress 2: Evan Rachel Wood

    First time commenting!!!

  • Sunshine11

    Well now I change my Brad Pitt theory.

  • aliskru

    Don’t think this could be Clooney or Pitt — the blind says that Mistress 1 is probably the most famous one of the group. Not sure the mistress could be more famous than either of them.

  • missmissy

    Not Clooney. First of all I read the blind to reference a longer term relationship – long enough for there to be rumors of infidelity and for a grooms project to have been completely in the past. Their engagement is too new.

    Secondly, why get engaged if you are not interested in being monogamous. Clooney has been single long enough that it is more surprising that he is marrying than not. Doesnt fit.

    Others that are high profile dont work either – The mistress is the most famous of the four. Its hard to out fame Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, etc.

    These are B listers with a lower A list mistress #1.

    Hey, Ace is this the same couple referenced in the Hampton’s mistress blind?

    • PIncorrect

      Clooney and Amal were first spotted together in May of 2013 when he was over in Europe after Stacey left while Eva was following him around hoping to land him. None of us know the exact date of their “First date” which is supposed to be the reason they picked the wedding date (SWOON!). None of us know when they actually got “engaged”, either…when the contract was signed. I mean, his MOTHER has stated several times it was October, now it’s September. His PR firm puts out feelers every week, including our obligatory Friday/Saturday staged pap shot of her “running errands” in London. He’s not been seen ANYWHERE. He has no intention of staying monogamous. His ego is too big, and he fancies himself a Clinton or Kennedy in that regard. This entire arrangement is for political gain on both their parts. How is she going to continue as a “high profile barrister” (sure…she’s only been practicing since 2010) and live in London while he’s putting out feelers for running for Gov of CA? There is no intention of them actually “being married”. They are playing the public with this “love story”. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like many are biting.

  • valleygal

    If you google it, you’ll see George Clooney did indeed help design the engagement ring – fairly confident he’s the guy. Guessing Sandra Bullock for Mistress 1, not so sure about the second though…

    • popculturenut

      But Clooney’s fiancee is NOT famous (at least not before they got engaged). Also says he’s cheated on her at least twice in the last SIX months, but George hasn’t been engaged that long.
      And finally, mistress 1 more famous than George? Sorry, but Sandy doesn’t qualify. Probably nobody does.

      It’s not George (or Brad) for that reason alone.

      • chandler02

        It doesn’t say the bride-to-be is “famous”, it says she is “successful” and “at the top of her game”, which she is as a human rights lawyer. Also, when they were engaged in April, per E!, they had been dating for 7 months (they met in September of 2013). They don’t have to be engaged for 6 months in order for it to be “cheating”, they just have to be dating.

      • I Am PunkA

        They’ve been together since October. Don;t have to be engaged or married to cheat on someone.

      • valleygal

        As someone else pointed out, it merely says she was ‘good looking’ and ‘successful’, not necessarily famous, but anyway….I did however miss the bit about Mistress 1 being the most famous person in the blind, so yeah guess that poss rules out George and Sandra

    • popculturenut

      The HEADLINE is Four CELEBRITIES — that implies a level of fame that a barrister (no matter how successful) simply does not meet.

  • Arsinoe

    Okay, got it now. FTW it’s the following:

    Bride-to-be: Amal Alamuddin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock

    Mistress 2: Julia Roberts

  • binkyD

    How can this be George when there’s all the gay rumors???

  • bec215

    Blind says “Mistress 1 is probably the most famous person in this story”, which IMO rules out Clooney, Kanye, and Pitt. Levine would’ve been my guess, with Aguilera as the “most famous”, but Levine did not design the ring – he bought a vintage one. I like shanshan’s guess, with Olivia Wilde/Jason Sudekis, except I don’t recall him being viewed as a guy women ‘flocked to’ before…I think OrangeBlossom’s got it, with Rihanna being the ‘most famous’ – note that the blind says “projects” and “celebrity” and avoids any statements that would imply the blinders are actors. Future hit the scene around 2010, and the only female collaborator I could find other than Rihanna is Kelly Rowland, around 2012.

    Groom-to-Be: Future
    Bride-to-Be: Ciara
    Mistress 1: Rihanna
    Mistress 2: Kelly Rowland

  • shane1080

    Bride Amal Alamuddin
    Groom George Clooney
    M1 Sandra Bullock
    M2 Julia Roberts

  • robin

    Bride: Amal Alamuddin
    Groom: George Clooney
    M1: Sandra Bullock
    M2: Evan Rachel Wood

  • Arsinoe

    Somehow I don’t see Clooney cozying up with Julia Roberts but I do see him cozying up with Catherine Zeta-Jones since they worked together on Ocean’s 12 and Intolerable Cruelty.

    So, a new FTW is:

    Bride-to-be: Amal Alamuddin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Sandra Bullock (Single status)
    Mistress 2: Catherine Zeta-Jones (Marriage on the rocks)

  • sugarbread

    george clooney
    m1 sandra bullock or eva longoria
    m2 evan rachel wood

  • Sunshine11

    Bride Amal Alamuddin
    Groom George Clooney
    M1 Sandra Bullock
    M2 Julia Roberts

  • lvsoxfan

    I’m confused. Because wasn’t it not too long ago there was a blind about a male celebrity having limos full of gay hunks delivered to his regular NYC hotel room for a night of romping and everybody guessed Clooney, confirming (gasp!) the “Clooney is Really Gay!” rumors?

    If this bit is true and so many of you have guessed it, he’s not gay–he’s just a total womanizer (which is not hard to believe), so that means all those public GFs are NOT beards.

  • lalaworld

    Bride-to-be: Amal Aladdin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Sandra Buttocks

    Mistress 2: Evan Rachel Wood

  • izzie

    I totally figured this one out.

    Groom to be: Tom Hardy
    Bride to be: Charlotte Riley (they’ve been engaged since 2010)

    Mistress 1: Jessica Chastain (“the most famous person in this story”, “Zero” clue for Zero Dark Thirty, single per the Twitter clue. Has been Tom’s co-star.

    Mistress 2: Noomi Rapace. Also one of Tom’s co-stars, was married (per Twitter clue) around the time they worked together but divorced shortly thereafter, AND her last name means “Birds of Prey” which goes along with the “He was so used to women flocking to him” clue in the blind.

    I like this because the cheating rumors with Chastain/Mistress 1 would have been something that put their wedding planning on hold – explaining the very long engagement.

    • keeley123

      This is a fantastic guess! I agree with this 100% – totally disagree with the Brad Pitt/George Clooney guesses.

    • azzizz

      Love this guess! If I’m not mistaken, Noomi would have been the pregnant woman. This makes a lot of sense, given the seemingly on-off engagement and all of the super affectionate/touchy-feely pictures between Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace, as well as between Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain

    • Camila

      The zero clue is about Mistress 2, who is/was married. Jessica is single and six months ago had already been dating an italian dude. According to the Daily Mail, Charlotte’s ring is vintage. Which of these three women were pregnant in the past six months? I’m scratching my head with this item.

    • Lelaina Pierce

      I so want to agree with you but Charlotte has a ring from the 1940’s so he didn’t help design it.

      this is a tough one!

    • raslebol

      Noomi rapace has divorced in 2010 and she worked with Hardy twice last year so it don’t fit

    • amy289

      Wow, great guess! I would have never even thought of Tom…this also fits the bonus clues; Jessica was (to my knowledge) single at the time and Noomi was pregnant with her son Lev in 2010 (same time as engagement) and ended up breaking up in 2011.

    • lisako

      But, but, but…

      Noomi’s son is like 12 years old or something. As far as I know, she’s the only one that’s been preganant, and the timeline doesn’t fit.

      Also, the zero clue that people think might allude to Jessica Chastain is in the clue about the second mistress… the one whose marriage fell apart. It doesn’t make sense.

    • stolidog

      Too bad tom hardy is as gay as George clooney

    • PIncorrect


  • Grammaticator

    Bride: Angelina Jolie
    Groom: Brad Pitt

    Mistress 1: Lupita Nyong’o (just announced last week Brad’s production comp is producing, Americanah, which she is starring)

    Mistress 2: Catherine Zeta Jones (there were rumors that she was cheating on Michael Douglas when they separated..MAY HAVE broken up marriage, cuz they are still working things out.)

  • bookworm

    Jason Sudekis
    Olivia Wilde
    Don’t know who the mistresses are

  • AnnieQ

    I second Izzie’s guess above of Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley.Engaged since 2010 or 11.I found an article that says he chose the ring (period design that she loves).
    They are English which I thought the roses on her skirt were a clue-English rose .

  • fallenangelx

    Groom: Simon Cowell

    Bride: Lauren Silverman

    M1: Britney spears

    M2: Cheryl Cole

  • jiip

    Olivia Wilde
    Jason Sudeikis
    Jennifer Aniston
    Gwyneth Paltrow

  • iknowiknownotreallybutmaybe

    Bride-to-be: Mila Kunis

    Groom-to-be: Ashton Kutcher

    Mistress 1: more famous is easy here, but can’t think of one.

    Mistress 2: Gwyneth Paltrow(?)

    • WorkProduction

      YES – I vote for Ashton. I read that he had Arpita Navlakha create Mila’s ring, and he specifically directed her to make a classic, simple ring. He didn’t want Mila to have a Kardashian ring.

  • kitteekat

    I wanna say Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy. Goop being mistress one…not sure about 2?

  • lisako

    I’m still leaning towards the Olivia/Jason/Jen/? guess, even though the ring part doesn’t seem to fit. The second mistress might be an old cast member from SNL… or maybe someone who appeared as a guest host? Hence “worked on a project together…” could have just been a one time thing.

  • grrrsuperlauren

    Bride-to-be: Mila Kunis (currently pregnant)

    Groom-to-be: Ashton Kutcher

    Mistress 1: Natalie Portman

    Mistress 2: Melanie Lynskey (her marriage is dunzo)

  • morgana

    Sweet Mother of God, Brangelina. Brad Pitt helped design the ring!
    The mistresses? I don’t know. Maybe Lupita is one of them.

  • law45

    I’m gonna go way out on a limb here, just because I love this site. :)

    Groom: Future

    Bride: Ciara (though I wouldn’t say she’s “at the top” of her game)

    M1: Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus

    M2: Tiny

  • ecksor

    Adam levine
    Behati Prinsloo
    Cameron Diaz
    Adriana Lima

  • PIncorrect

    No…no…no…follow me on this:
    The ring is almost a perfect picture of the “ethically mined” one by Clooney.

    Bride-to-be: Amal Allamuddin

    Groom-to-be: George Clooney

    Mistress 1: Eva Longoria (she’s the more famous of the two)….remember last summer she followed him all around Europe with her boy-toy Ernesto supposedly showing Clooney what he could have? Well…he got it…and then when she wanted to go public as some “power political couple”, he sent her on her way. During last summmer….

    Mistress 2: Evan Rachel Wood was pregnant with her husband’s child. Baby was born in July. This past March, Clooney and the “human rights attorney” announced their “fabulous love story”. They’ve been seen together UNstaged NEVER and photographed more apart than together since (her not him). Evan got divorced in May right after the engagement announcement.

    The whole marriage is a political push. Notice how all the press around it now are “feelers” for possible Governorship of CA in 2018? Somehow he thinks (Obama’s people told him) a good, non-American Muslim would help his chances.

    • ppfxxx

      Just let it go Longoria is not more famous than Clooney, it’s not him. Not that I necessarily disagree about the rest

  • tarap

    Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade
    she had a body guard to protect that ring

    don’t know who the mistresses could be

  • rudy

    This is SO not George Clooney. He is not at all the type. Have you EVER heard of him fooling around on any of his significant others, ever?

    He is very private. How many pictures have we seen of Amal and George together – 3, 4?

    And Sandra and George? Are you kidding me? never,ever for either one. They are friends.

    • PIncorrect

      You can’t. All of his “girlfriends” sign non-disclosure agreements. He’d destroy them if anything concrete every got out.

  • GayleStorm

    All these George Clooney guesses don’t make sense to me.

    I think it’s hard enough for George to fake it with one woman, let alone three!

  • MiCorazoncito

    Can’t be Clooney or Pitt- the mistresses could never be more famous.

    And after some intense googling of “celebrities who designed the engagement ring”, Evan Ross popped up.

    So here goes:

    Groom to Be: Evan Ross

    Bride to Be: Ashley Simpson

    Mistress 1: Jennifer Lawrence?? Project= Hunger Games/ Mockingjay. REALLY reaching here, and for this to happen, those whispers/ rumors must have been SUPER hush hush.

    Mistress 2: Hilary Duff- Project = According to Greta. That affair may have broken up the marriage.

    Second Time Poster! Hah

    • aves

      I was thinking the exact same people, but I don’t know if I would say Ashley Simpson is at the height of her career??

  • Moonpie

    I just don’t know why they do it. Why marry and commit half your fortune to a failed union? Isn’t Clooney working on the mother of all pre-nups as if he knows it will be actualized. Why go through with the charade. He should continue with the two year contract thingy because they are more economical and less messy.

    • PIncorrect

      Because, as has been proven in the US of late, no governing skills or love of country is needed to rule here. He wants to get into politics for the money and power to push his international “human rights” causes. There is a different need for this relationship, not just a pretty girl for the red carpet and who puts out afterward.

  • Belser

    This can’t be Clooney if only for the fact that it says ‘the open displays of affection for each other’. The 2 of them haven’t even publicly spoken about either their relationship or engagement. There are only like 3 pictures of them even together.

  • fasterredhead

    Simon Cowell
    Lauren Silverman (was pregnant and married to someone else when their affair came out)
    Mistress #1 Demi Lovato
    Mistress #2 Betty white.

  • sallyrockwell

    Mills kunis
    Ashton kutcher
    M1: Cameron Diaz
    M2d Natalie Portman

  • sawyer

    Bride-to-be: Ciara (just had a baby)

    Groom-to-be: Future

    M1: Miley Cyrus

    M2: Keyshia Cole

  • DonnaStarla

    Mila Kunis
    Ashton Kutcher
    Miley Cyrus (guest starred on two and a half men)
    Jennifer Garner

  • jezzadezza

    I’m doing it.

    Catherine Zeta


  • KatarinaJ

    I agree that Clooney and Pitt probably can’t work, esp Pitt. What woman for Mistress #1 would be more famous than either of these guys. Plus, Angie and Pitt period would be the biggest celebs in a blind, not Mistress #1 no matter who she is.

    Ashton has worked with a slew of famous women in recent years…. Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman. He was rumored to have an open relationship with Demi… so maybe it didn’t matter he was a ‘cheater’ type. Natalie was pregnant in recent years. Cameron is often single… both have gone through long single periods. Still these were a long time ago.

    He hasn’t worked a lot. NEW YEAR’S EVE was 2011 but had a slew of women from Michelle Pfeiffer to Jessica Alba (she’s been prego twice) to Jessica Biel to Katherine Heigl.

  • littleOP

    Bride-to-be: Amber Heard
    Groom-to-be: Johnny Depp
    Mistress 1: Michelle Pfieffer
    Mistress 2: Christina Ricci

    • littleOP

      Mistress 1 could also be Keira Knightley

    • KatarinaJ

      a lot of blinds peg Depp as a big drinker and THIS is the source of Amber Heard’s issues with him so I might say no, but then again maybe one makes bad choices when they are drinking… aka cheating ensues. Still is Michelle Pfeiffer bigger than Depp aka Mistress 1 biggest in the blind. She has been married to David E Kelly for a long time.

  • dandee79

    Agree this is a bunch of B Listers with an A as the first Mistress so…
    Bride to be – Ciara (one of the women is pregnant – its bride-to-be!)
    Groom – Future
    Mistress 1 – Rihanna
    Mistress 2 – Kelly Rowland
    The ring in the pic looks exactly the same as the one Future designed for Ciara and checking her Twitter on her engagement day she says it’s the ‘sweetest’ day of her life (the word sweet in the blind) and ends the tweet with roses (featured on the dress in the previous blind). Kelly had a story out saying she’ll ‘never be a size zero’…zero chance!
    First time poster!!

    • tuckerlee123

      This has to be it. No way is the groom an A lister like Pitt or Clooney. More a C lister like Future.

  • okiedokieloki

    Halle Berry
    Olivier Martinez

    I know they’re already married, but I remember that he made a big deal about designing her ring.

  • amelia

    Almost everyone is assuming its an actor. I think “top of their game” is a clue. What athlete/s recently got engaged?

  • prettybrowneyes

    Bride-to-be: Ciara (Bonus clue – the pregnant woman)
    Groom-to-be: Future
    Mistress 1: Rihanna (Most famous of the story; Also there were rumors about her and Future)
    Mistress 2: Tiny (Her marriage to TI is pretty much over; TI has cheated on her many times, but he seems extremely upset now which probably because he found out she cheated – ALL ASSUMPTIONS ON THIS ONE. LOL!)

    • prettybrowneyes

      Let’s change Mistress 2 to Keyshia Cole instead of Tiny. Now that makes more sense. Keyshia’s marriage is over too.

  • flower

    Groom: Adam Levine

    That’s all I have time for. He was the first person I thought of while reading it, and he likes women!

  • shlee

    It breaks my heart to say but I think this may be Mila/Ashton because of the clue that one of the women was pregnant (note, not one of the mistresses)
    Please say it ain’t so BG :_(

  • readinglines

    “Top of their game” – this sounds like the groom is a sports celeb.

  • Best Guess

    After reading through this it doesn’t make any sense to go with any of the A listers like Clooney and Pitt. No one is clearly more famous than them.

    If you look at the clues and the picture it is definitely

    Groom to be: Future
    Bride to be: Ciara
    Mistress 1: Rhianna
    Mistress 2: Kelly Rowland

    The clues are being over analyzed. Ciara was pregnant and gave birth a few months ago so all of this was easily done while she was pregnant. Future has “3 baby mama’s” and a long history of sleeping around with woman. He would be used to woman throwing themselves at him as a famous rapper. The ring in the picture looks just like the ring Ciara got. He helped design it. Rhianna is by far the most famous of this group and worked with him in 2012. Kelly Rowland worked with him a while back too.

  • sonoviva

    Keyshia Cole

  • tommybelle

    Top of their game = sport

    Golf Rory McIlroy
    Tennis Andrea Wozniacki

    Were engaged they posted a lot about each other on Twitter. He broke it off when they sent out save the date notices for wedding saying he’d realised he wasn’t ready to get married. Don’t know who the other women were though.

  • shortied


  • ShortJackie

    Hayden Panettiere? Her engagement ring looks EXACTLY like the one in the picture….she’s also pregnant apx. 4 months along judging by her bump. I have no idea who the 2 mistresses would be though, but he does charity work all the time and has many side projects Inc being a producer on the Rocky musical…so who knows what celebs he’s worked with.

    • ShortJackie

      ALSO “giant engagement ring”…he’s very huge and often referred to as a giant in tabloid stories about them…PLUS…Hayden said they worked with Mont Blanc to design her ring (the ring looks exactly like that pic above..look it up)

  • idontgossip

    For the Ciara guess…What game was she recently on top of?

    • Mirna

      Bride-to-be: Ciara

      Groom-to-be: Future

      Mistress 1: Rihanna

      Mistress 2: Keyshia Cole

      * Two fell in love while at the top of their game: Ciara had a career comeback in 2013 with “Body Party” and Future was featured on a lot of Hip Hop hits as well
      *Mistress 1 is the most famous, which means the others are pretty much B or C-Listers. Rihanna is definitely is among the top famous celebrities out there, she has worked with Future on her last album and they partied together last month
      * Honest-to-goodness : “Honest” is Future’s album title while “Goodies” is Ciara’s signature song.
      *Mistress 2 and Groom-to-be worked together some years ago: Future and Keyshia worked together in 2012
      *Mistress 2 marriage is in trouble: Keyshia was separated from her husband, she filed for divorce a couple of days ago.

      wow I actually hope I got everything wrong, poor Ciara!

  • elocin1

    First off the M1 and M2 references were clearly clues leading to Adam Levine.

    Bride-to-be:Behati Prinsloo

    Groom-to-be:Adam Levine

    Mistress 1: Kiera Knightly (notice that Behati stayed close while Adam was filming. Jealous much?

    Mistress 2: Is Jenna Dewan Tatum. She was married when they did they totally sexed up scene for American Horror Story. She is married to Channing Tatum and had a baby girl just about 9 months after they filed AHS.

    As for those saying it was Anne, that girl has class. Sloppy seconds isn’t her style. And if this a is all true, i don’t feel bad for Behati at all. What goes around comes around honey. And Adam Levine comes and goes all of the time!!

  • Belinda

    Late to the party:

    Bride-to-be: Amber Heard
    Groom-to-be: Johnny Depp
    Mistress 1: Angelina Jolie (a tad more famous than Depp; The Tourist love scene rumors)
    Mistress 2: Penelope Cruz (married to Javier, pregnant while filming POTC4, has always expressed love for Depp)
    All of these films were made around the time rumors began to surface about trouble between Depp Vanessa Paradis. He filmed with Heard in 2009, Jolie and Cruz in 2010 (and Blow with Cruz in the late 90s.)