P*rn Star Will Name More Celebs In New Trans Scandal

tom cruise dressed upSOLVED!

[Naughty But Nice Rob] Gina Rodriguez, the lady that broke lots of celebrity drama, including making Naughty But Nice Rob aware that TheDirty.com broke the shocking story that Jennifer Lopez’s ex-boyfriend had been sexting with a transsexual model, tells us that she is working on another big cheating scandal with a different celebrity and a different transsexual model.

“All I can say is it involves a reality star, a sports star and a transsexual model,” she teased.

Gina, whom the New York Times called Gina Rodriguez, a former porn actress, who helps D-Listers with their image, jokes that pretty soon, she’ll have so many that she will be starting the transsexual celebrity tour.

Reality Star:

Sports Star:

BG Note: This photo is a humorous composite. Tom Cruise does not really wear women’s clothing. Tom Cruise is not involved in this transsexual model scandal. Tom Cruise is not gay. Tom Cruise is a man’s man manly man.

kendra wilkinson familySOLVED!

Reality Star: Kendra Wilkinson

Sports Star: Hank Baskett

Did you know that Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson just had their second baby? A little girl they named Alijah. What a sweet family! So wholesome and devoted and…

Hold the phone! What?! Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra Wilkinson when she was eight months pregnant with their second child?! With a transsexual model?!

Oh, yes indeedy, folks! And, thanks to our friend Naughty But Nice Rob, Blind Gossip readers knew about this scandal ten days before anyone else!

From Radar Online:

The Ultimate Betrayal! Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband Hank Baskett Cheated On Her With A Transsexual — While She Was PREGNANT! — Sources Claim

Another Hollywood star is set to see her relationship rocked by adultery allegations from a woman born as a man!

Multiple sources tell Radar exclusively that Playboyplaymate turned reality star Kendra Wilkinson’s husband, Hank Baskett, secretly hooked up with a transsexual — while she was pregnant with their baby daughter!

The explosive claims come just weeks after Wilkinson gave birth to baby daughter Alijah, and following Radar’s exclusive report that Baskett, 31, was seen leaving the marital homeand checking into a hotel.

According to an insider, Wilkinson, 29, was roughly eight months pregnant when Baskett’s sordid affair unfolded!

“Hank first met up with the woman around April 22 in Sherman Oaks, California,” an insider reveals. “He called her twice before they met in person. He said he’d seen her YouTube videos online, and he couldn’t believe that her photos were real.”

Baskett used a fake name when organizing the encounter, the source says, and claimed he had never been with a transsexual before when the couple finally met up at the woman’s home.
During their first romp, “They mutually masturbated her and he touched her breasts and penis,” the source claims. “The entire encounter lasted probably about 15, 20 minutes.”

“Before leaving, he gave her almost $500 and told her he wanted to stay in touch,” the source claims.
And he stayed true to his word. According to the source, “They spoke a couple times after their first sexual encounter. Hank always called from different numbers, and at least once from a pay phone.”

“After the Casper Smart transsexual controversy, he started to get freaked out and paranoid she would say something, and called her six times in one day to plead with her not to spill,” says the source.

“He promised he would take care of her financially, and even left her $2,000 in a coffee cup at her house. He promised her $5,000 to keep her mouth shut, and even threatened to kill himself if the story got out!”

Now, the insider says, “Hank thinks Kendra knows and she wants to leave him!”

ava sabrina london 1And just who is this woman? Her name is Ava Sabrina London. More from Radar Online:

According to her Facebook page, London is a native of Northern California, but often travels around the country, and is seen wearing an endless complement of bikinis, designer fashions, formal gowns and revealing tops during her adventures. Her profile is replete with selfies, posed shots and photo collages.

She has a Youtube page, which features more than 60 videos of her wordlessly shaking to music while on a webcam.


We’ve included one of the videos below so you can see for yourself what’s shaking. By the way, she clearly marks all her videos “TS”, so if Hank did see any of them, there is no way that he couldn’t have know that she is a transsexual.

Finally, we just want to reiterate that Tom Cruise – who continues to be the manliest of manly men – had nothing whatsoever to do with this scandal.

Congratulations to Reyeschar for being first with the correct guess! We’ve left $2000 in your coffee cup as a reward!

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