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[Blind Gossip] This professional athlete has been bragging that his girlfriend is beautiful “both inside and out.”

Now you can get to know her inside and out, too… because she just made a p*rn film behind his back!

Note that this is not a private film that she can deny or claim to be shocked about. This is a calculated move on her part. Nice timing, too, as his season is about to start. It should bring her lots of publicity… and him and his team lots of embarrassment. Are you ready for some scandal?





Athlete: Derek Wolfe

Team: Denver Broncos

Girlfriend: Kristy Althaus

Source: BlindGossip.com

derek wolfe kristy althaus 4When Kristy Althaus got caught in performing in a p*rn video in January, the Miss Colorado Teen pageant quickly removed all traces of her from their website.

Derek Wolfe of the Denver Broncos forgave her for her past indiscretion, started dating her, and proudly proclaimed his admiration and affection for her on Twitter and Instagram. To Derek, Althaus was beautiful “inside and out.”

Derek thought that the first video was a one off. He didn’t know that Althaus was secretly planning a career as a professional p*rn actress!

We told you about this mess on June 11. On June 17, The New York Daily News picked up the story:

Disgraced former Miss Colorado Teen contestant reportedly making porn

After laying low, Kristy Althaus was recently spotted on a porn site. The college student allegedly lost her place in the Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 pageant after her first sex video surfaced online.

This pageant queen apparently couldn’t stay out of the spotlight for long.

Kristy Althaus, the brunette beauty who allegedly lost her place in the Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant over a porn video, now appears to be capitalizing on her 15 minutes.

Another video featuring a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Althaus is making the rounds on Girls Do Porn.

kristy althaus

“I just wanted to come back,” the woman says in a short bedside interview, before blowing a kiss to the camera.

News about Althaus’ antics first surfaced in January. The college student was a runner-up for the Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 pageant, meaning she could step in if the winner was unable to fulfill her duties.

FutureProductions, the company that produces the pageant, scrubbed all references to Althaus from their website. A video of the pageant was also deleted from the company’s YouTube channel.

The porn site is attempting to use her performance to promote their goods, offering a 50% discount with the code “ColoradoIsBack.”

“Striking resemblence”? Ha! That’s Kristy Althaus!

The NFL must be thrilled that their family-friendly image (if you don’t count all the rapey, druggy, gunny, violent criminals they employ) is being threatened by this p*rn disclosure.

In fact, Derek Wolfe and the Denver Broncos are sooo proud that he scored himself an honest-to-goodness p*rn star that they immediately deleted his current Twitter (@derekwolfe95) and Instagram (instagram.com/derekwolfe95) accounts… but not before we grabbed the photos! You’re welcome.

derek wolfe 1

derek wolfe kristy althaus 2

kristy althaus 2

derek wolfe kristy althaus 1

kristy althaus 3
Congratulations to ABetty98 for being first with the correct answer! By the way, for you non-football fans, “Are you ready for some scandal?” was a direct reference to the NFL theme song “Are you ready for some football?” sung by Hank Williams, Jr.

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    • stolidog says

      Olivia Munn is an actress on an acclaimed Cable series, with movies about to be released, and you think she filmed a p*rn movie?

      • La Llorona says

        I’m not gunna lie, I thought it was her too, at first.

        We know she’s done it before so it’s not like she would object to doing it again.

    • Bromance1979 says

      The beauty queen photo would be a clue that it’s her, but they’re engaged, so she’s his fiance, not girlfriend, and she’s very religious.

  1. Jazie says

    Could it be Aaron & Olivia?
    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
    Team: Green Bay Packers
    Girlfriend: Olivia Munn

  2. phippskat says

    If this is a football player’s girlfriend, it could really mess up the world cup!

  3. klingon_engineer says

    I’ll throw my guess into the hat…

    Athlete: AJ McCarron

    Team Cincinnati Bengals

    Girlfriend: Katherine Webb

  4. Moonpie says

    Athlete: A. J. McCarron
    Team: Drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals
    GF: Katherine Webb

    She is a former Ms. Alabama desperately looking for a reality show involving her NFLer and who might have cost him in the draft because of a concern about focus and a reality show baggage.

  5. Miss Demeanor says

    The photo is of a Miss World, so it may be referring to the world cup about to start. Football season doesn’t start for a couple of months. Not a big soccer fan and don’t care, but I know Irina Shayk is always fame-hungry and is also rumored to be pregnant.

    • KatarinaJ says

      But ‘are you ready for some football?” is the NFL tag not football soccer. Right?

      • Vampira says

        American football, yes. But the season officially doesn’t start until autumn. I’m still thinking this is a soccer blind, but I don’t even know when their season starts, besides the world cup starting today. Who knows.

  6. bjd44 says

    More for Kerry Washington: She endorsed the Buono-Silva ticket in New Jersey last year, stating “….never been a woman who shrinks… beautiful on the inside and out…”

    • junkxmas says

      Why in the world would a major TV and Movie star who has been in the industry for years (and has been nominated for SAG, Emmy and Golden Globe awards) make a porno?

    • chandler02 says

      But they call this woman the athlete’s “girlfriend”. Kerry Washington is married, so they would call her his “wife” if it was about her.

  7. bjd44 says

    And one MORE for Kerry Washington — Shonda Rhimes created the Scandal TV show; she also created “Private Practice.” Hence, the “private” hint in this article.

  8. abetty98 says

    I think it is Derek Wolfe of the Denver Bronco’s and the “girlfriend” is Kristy Althaus.

  9. Evie says

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers (in the closet)

    Team: Green Bay Packers

    Skank GF: Olivia Munn (the beard and the girl that sleeps her way to the top. Plus she has a movie or something coming out soon, so promotion time).

  10. ravenglass says

    No idea, but, “Are you ready for some scandal?” points to a football player. And maybe “…behind his back!” hints at a quarterback. I’m not too familiar with football players so….

    It’ll be interesting to see if SHE’S a tight end or wide receiver.

    • illandri says

      “It’ll be interesting to see if SHE’S a tight end or wide receiver.” – AND, I just died. LOL!

  11. inmichigan says

    Total shot in the dark: Samir Nasri (Manchester City) and girlfriend Anara Atanes? She was mad that he wasn’t named to the French World Cup squad and ranted on Twitter. Would the opening of the World Cup correspond to “his season”? Nothing else is about to start right now.

  12. RubieCubie says

    Athlete: Derek Wolfe
    Team: Denver Broncos
    Girlfriend: Kristy Althaus (she was like runner-up to Miss Colorado, and is about to release her 2nd porno…eee)

  13. wendy hood says

    If this is Olivia Munn, Id like to start taking bets as to whether or not any trick she tries will get her anything past D-Celebrity status semi-worldwide. Shes already tried A LOT.

    Kim K and Paris Hilton have things to fall back on – Kim, namely connections and hypnotic (though surgically enhanced) looks, and Paris, the name. Olivia Munn has put so many things out there (those pictures with ‘ooooh, this is all yours, baby’ so embarrassing). I don’t see why she cant move forward with her acting/comedic talent, but hey, if she wants to be a beard/Cannes/film festival tute for the rest of her time, more to her.

  14. obxmoxie says

    Athlete: AJ McCarron
    Team: Bengals
    Girlfriend: Katherine Webb, former beauty queen

  15. nikkivondoom says

    Athlete: Derek Wolfe
    Team: Denver Broncos
    Girlfriend: Miss Colorado Kristy Althaus

  16. apple martini says

    I think it has to be football. Baseball has been going on for a while, and basketball and hockey are at the end of their seasons.

    The clue is “scandal,” I think. As in Kerry Washington. Not her husband, but someone he played with. Someone on the 49ers?

    I’ll say Colin Kaepernick and Teyana Taylor as the girlfriend.

    • annasophie says

      ***^^^^this. colin just signed some big deal the other week, football camp starts in 3 weeks and your clue spotting is great.

      olivia munn wouldn’t do a porn. i don’t know anything about this mccarron girlfriend, but – again – i don’t see porn in her future (she strikes me as too sorority girl/southern belle/ambitious/white glove). kaepernick, however, is young and naive enough to fall in love with a sketchy side piece.

      • apple martini says

        Reading it again, I notice the “private” thing (another Shonda Rhimes clue that reinforces the Washington connection) and the “Are you ready for some scandal?” (which points to American football, not soccer or golf or anything else) clues.

        I stick by my guess. Kerry Washington and Olivia Munn are NOT doing porn. McCarron’s girlfriend is too straight-laced, and the Miss Colorado scandal already broke.

  17. jacksonian says

    OMGosh! Surely this isn’t Kerry Washington from “Scandal”. She’s married to a pro football player…..

  18. littlepeach says

    Athlete: Derek Wolfe
    Team: Broncos
    GF: Kristy Althaus aka Miss Colorado Teen USA runner up 2012

  19. sweetis says

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers (way too good for this “girlfriend”)

    Team: Greenbay Packers

    Girlfriend: Olivia Munn (nothing special fame , plain and simple!)

    So sad!!! He’s such a great guy and player… he deserves better!!!

  20. spoofbyrd says

    When asked a question about pornography Katherine Webb denounced it . I seriously doubt this is her . She wants to be an NFL wife and she is Southern girl middle class Bible Belt morality and she probably has plans to be the next Kathy Lee Gifford .

  21. KatarinaJ says

    I understand the Scandal reference but HOW can anyone every imagine Kerry Washington or Olivia Munn would do porn? WHY would they? They both star in successful shows and are no way on the low tier of someone desperate enough for fame to do porn.

    • WhatLolaWants says

      Yes, thank you again. I can’t actually believe people are guessing Kerry. I don’t know anything about Olivia so…

      IF it is Kerry (which I highly doubt), then d*mn…

    • La Llorona says

      Olivia pics leaked a while back and no one’s even sure if that happened on purpose or what. Let’s not try to act like doing a porno would be beneath her when it totally isn’t…It honestly wouldn’t even make me think less of her.

  22. BritishPound says

    For something different…the world cup is about to start…

    Athlete: Mario Balotelli

    Team: Italy

    Girlfriend: Fanny Neguesha

  23. bigjinla says

    Can’t be Kristy Althaus. The cat has been out of the bag since earlier this year. But it has to be someone from the NFL or possibly in the FIFA World Cup.

  24. Phillyabe says

    Athlete: Derek Wolfe
    Team: Broncos
    GF: Kristy Althaus who already made a porn that surfaced when she was Miss Colorado Runner-up 2012. Guess she went back to her old business.

  25. whodunnit says

    Miss Colorado sex tape has been out. Kristy Althaus is no secret. This is about someone else

  26. MikeInSanJose says

    Pic looks like Blair Warner from “Facts of Life”, so I’m thinking

    Athlete: “GCH Afterall Painting The Sky” a.k.a. “Sky,” (2014 Best in Show)

    Team: Westminster Kennel Club

    Girlfriend: Lisa Welchel

  27. Violets says

    American football doesn’t start until September with pre season starting in August. The World Cup kicks off June 12th. The sash says world… And the season about to start… No clue about soccer players though.

    • apple martini says

      NFL training starts in a few weeks. That’s actually the start of the “season,” in terms of work commitment, not when play actually starts in a few months.

      And the World Cup is a tournament, not a sporting season.

  28. Chi83 says

    Hmm. The clues seem to point to Kerry and Nnamdi but he is retired so his season isn’t starting. And KW doesn’t seem like the type to do a p**n flick. She’s intensely private. She certainly doesn’t need the publicity. And how could she just make this film with a new baby?

  29. Booboo1068 says

    For the golf fans:

    Dustin Johnson
    Paulina Gretsky (there just isn’t enough paint to white wash that girl)

    I know PGA isn’t really a team but that’s my guess and I’m sticking by it ; )

  30. stolidog says

    Re Olivia Munn and Kerri Washington and porn.

    If someone is on the Television on a successful show, or they make Hollywood Movies, they are NOT doing porn. Duh.

  31. apple martini says

    The World Cup is NOT a “season,” people. It’s a tournament. That’s like saying the NCAA March Madness tourney is a “season.”

  32. jm2c says

    Athlete: Derek Wolfe

    Team: Denver broncos

    Girlfriend: “Miss Colorado” Kristy Althaus

    • DdR says

      Looks to be about right. She’s had a p0rn video surface before. She looks skanky in her pictures.

  33. azalea says

    for my first guess EVER I will draw on my SEC football knowledge and say :

    Athlete: Aaron Murray
    Team: Kansas City Chiefs
    Girlfriend: Kacie McDonnell

    she was miss teen pennsylvania international 2008!

  34. Bromance1979 says

    Looks like this one is solved…

    It’s Kristy Althaus and Derek Wolfe of the Broncos.

  35. Warrior1461 says

    Family friendly image, this is the real nfl image. Promote a violent brain mushing and bone crushing sport, skip out on paying the medical costs for same damage, cover up concussion dangers, protect players who break the law but one nipple slip and a openly gay player and they lose their shit

  36. ravenglass says

    Kudos on another SOLVED BI!!!

    The best site with the best sources & of course, the best fans.

  37. YoGo8c says

    If it’s the NFL then it’ll be excused. It’s a man and a woman’s relationship, so ultimately it’ll be acceptable in the eyes of the big chiefs, religious nutters and the fans. The guy will be seen as a total hero anyway. Meh…

  38. spoofbyrd says

    I knew this wasnt Katherine Webb . Katherine is probably headed to the View if her star power continues to rise.. This item is kind of a flop. As for that Bronco well hootches are always beautiful on the inside because their Venus Fly Trap always knows how to trap and consume that meat !