Hooker Stench

woman holding nose 3[Blind Gossip] Here are two fun (or not so fun) facts about one of your favorite music artists of all time!

You already know that he is married. However, that commitment apparently ends as soon as he hits the road. He makes sure he has a new hooker arranged for every stop on the tour. They all sign non-disclosures.

You don’t want to stand too close to him. Why not? He stinks! Someone who traveled with him describes it as “The worst body odor in the world.” The weird thing is that he actually prides himself on his own stench! He thinks that other people should want to be near him and smell his pungent scent.


BONUS CLUE: He is not currently on tour, but he was on tour within the past year.

BONUS CLUE: He doesn’t really have sex for hours and hours. But he likes that you think he does.

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  1. LooLoo says

    Oh no, not Sting!! That is really disheartening. Obviously “You don’t want to stand too close to him” points directly at him, though. Nooooo!

    • Bromance1979 says


      The Twitter clues back it up. He claims to have sex for hours and was on tour last year.

      • katt388 says

        Great guess/ I think you are right, and isn’t Trudie “occupied” with the personal chef Joe

    • separatrix says

      Totally this. Also, several years ago, he and his wife bragged about their tantric sex. Hours and hours of it.

      • Scorpio13 says

        I totally missed the biggest clue “You don’t want to stand too close to him.” A play on words for the Police song “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”. DUH!!

    • Jack Draper says

      Yeah, this ain’t even “blind”.

      LOL though at all the comments guessing other people.

  2. bumblebea63 says

    Kanye West? “Of all time” makes me think of him and his Beyonce rant when Swift won an award.

  3. mental iceberg says

    Well, Keith Richards is my favourite…but I’d say this sounds more like don’t stand so close me Sting

    • Mardy Bum says

      Yeah he’s my favorite too. Back in the mid-late 60’s, he was way hot. He was in the 70’s too, when he bathed.

  4. ravenglass says


    “You don’t want to stand too close to him.”=Don’t Stand So Close To Me

  5. tuckerlee123 says

    Bono. Long-rumored to have BO and “prides” himself being a clue to U2 song “Pride (In the Name of Love.”

    • raslebol says

      See the bonus clues and “don’t stand too close to him= Don’t stand so close to me = Sting

  6. echooscar says


    every stop – every step
    don’t stand so close to me don’t stand so close to him

  7. generalZod says

    gordon sumner aka sting.
    one of his big songs with the police was don’t stand so close to me.

  8. MizzAnon says

    That was easy. Don’t stand so close to… Sting. His philandering is well known in the music world. Then again, it’s more surprising to find a rock star who is faithful versus one who isn’t.

  9. MEC says

    – married, super famous musician
    – “don’t want to stand too close to him” = The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”
    – google sting + body odor

  10. shannonrose says

    Kanye West. Clue – “artists of all time” referring to his speech interrupting taylor swift

  11. CousinDupree says

    Gonna’ say Sting.

    “You don’t want to stand too close to him” = “Don’t Stand Too Close To Me.”
    Plus, in his younger days (Early Police) he was rumored to be a horn-dog.

  12. calumsmom says

    Sting? The only reason I’m thinking this is because of his song “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”.

  13. EastCoaster says

    I haven’t seen the bonus hints yet, but am guessing Sting is the stinker. Because his former band, The Police, had a song titled “Don’t Stand so Close to Me.”

    • Pinks says

      Or Kanye. Since his Swifty interruption included him saying that Bey’s video was the best “of all time.”

      I’d prefer it be the douche-nozzle Kroeger, though. He just seems like he’d stink.

  14. spainqueen22 says

    Sting. Clue: you don’t want to stand to close to him is play on Police lyrics.

  15. RedGirl77 says

    Sting! You don’t want to stand so close to him. “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” was a Police song

  16. justbeingmiley says

    of all time? I want to say Yeezy but I thought he was gay…tho they could be gay hookers?

  17. Jason L says

    Sting. Clue: “You don’t want to stand too close to him.” The Police had a hit called “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.”

  18. creeping_thistle says

    This has to be some real legend, someone we all kinda like as an artist, and a bit older (it takes a lot to become one of the “artists of all time”).
    I was undecided between Prince and Bruce Springsteen.
    As per Twitter bonus clue, it’s Springsteen, because he isn’t touring this year, while Prince is. If you’re thinking of Sting, he’s also touring this year. So it’s The Boss (hog….)

    • creeping_thistle says

      Phew, I had NO idea this Sting thing was so well-known. But what about the tour dates, currently listed on his own page?

  19. wfreshie says

    those poor hookers, and the traveling companion…ew ew ew

    whats wrong with this person???

  20. Best Man says

    Sting. Trudi Styler said on Howard Stern that their marriage in open. But only one way, his way.

  21. ccrider says

    STING… Yuck and too bad!
    Not only clue of “don’t stand so close to me” he also has a song “all this time”.

  22. CanaryCry says

    Sting has prided himself on not using soap in the shower. So that’s gotta be him.

  23. cally2 says

    The Sting/body odor thing is from Uncyclopedia, which is a parody site (i.e. they make stuff up because it’s funny.) Plus, Sting is on tour this year. I don’t thin it’s him.

    My guess was originally Kanye West (“of all time” referencing the VMAs, plus we all know he is married now), but the Yeezus Tour is also still going this year, so I don’t know.

  24. WheresMyHalo says

    Elton John. He is married. He has songs called I’m Still Standing, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which might fit. Hope it is not him though!

  25. lisaNJ says

    Definitely Sting. The second Twitter clue references Sting’s infamous quotes on having tantric sex for hours and hours.

  26. scumby says

    it’s Stink, I mean Sting -the bonus clue referred to this tantric sex claims

  27. lovefifteen says

    The bonus clue on Twitter about how this singer likes people to believe that his sex last for hours and hours (even though it doesn’t) definitely confirms that it’s Sting, who always had that rumor about 8 hour tantric sex sessions.

  28. classact says

    sting…met him in the early 2000’s when the desert album came out. he stinks.

  29. mariaj says

    I remember someone told me that he doesn’t shower too much, looong ago, so it’s thrue? Damn. And yeah, someone wrote that he sayd can have sex for 5-6 hours long, thanks to tantra yoga, but then he has explained that it was more like lazy, long hours spent doing sex, having thea, doing maybe some yoga exercises, relax, then restart sex again, a thing like this:).

  30. 1nski says

    Definitely Sting because he was renowned for practicing “tantric sex” which is supposed to last for hours. Obviously this is not the case with him.

  31. 15milliondollarbunny says

    All signs point to STING. Man, does this sting. I thought he and Trudie Styler were devoted and loyal. Pfffttt. Now I wonder about The Boss and Patti…..

  32. aperitto says

    With the bonus clues, nobody could deny that this isn’t Sting.

    Sting. I love easy blinds!