Hooker Stench

woman holding nose 3[Blind Gossip] Here are two fun (or not so fun) facts about one of your favorite music artists of all time!

You already know that he is married. However, that commitment apparently ends as soon as he hits the road. He makes sure he has a new hooker arranged for every stop on the tour. They all sign non-disclosures.

You don’t want to stand too close to him. Why not? He stinks! Someone who traveled with him describes it as “The worst body odor in the world.” The weird thing is that he actually prides himself on his own stench! He thinks that other people should want to be near him and smell his pungent scent.


BONUS CLUE: He is not currently on tour, but he was on tour within the past year.

BONUS CLUE: He doesn’t really have sex for hours and hours. But he likes that you think he does.

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