The Broke High Thief

woman thief[Blind Gossip] Before she became successful, this funny and famous female used to engage in some very questionable behaviors. Let’s talk about it!

First of all, she spent much of her twenties high completely wasted on a combination of c*caine and ecstasy and alcohol. There was rarely a day that went by when she was not high or dr*nk or stoned.

Secondly, her coke habit left her chronically broke. Although she was working a “normal” job before she was famous, she was always borrowing money from friends and coworkers to pay the rent. Even after she made it, she never paid most of them back.

Thirdly, she would steal things from other people’s homes at house parties. She would take pills, jewelry, and anything else she could use to get high or peddle for a quick buck.

Finally, whenever she got high, she would want to make out… but only with women! No men. Ever. She has been in relationships with several famous men since then, so it’s interesting to note that she chose differently when she was high.

Do her famous friends know about her questionable past? And has she engaged in any of these same behaviors with them lately?


Famous Exes:

Famous Friends:

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