He Puts His Hands On Her

domestic vio[Media Take Out] Ooooh sh*t! We just spoke to a celebrity. They told us your fave’s husband likes to put hands on her and her family members are trying to protect her.

We’re gonna leave this as a blind item… but they say your fave’s husband has anger management problems, and he puts hands on his wife, both before and after they got married.

They said that wife thought that the violence would stop when they had a child, but it didn’t. They also say that your fave’s family members are upset and doing whatever they can to get her away from him.

This tidbit came from a celebrity who we all know . . . and who knows your fave!


Fave’s Husband:

Celebrity who knows Fave:

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    • missknow20 says

      I think it’s Fergie from BLACK EYED peas…hence the black eye in he pic….hubby Josh Duhamel and one we all know is Will I Am…

      • claireyface says

        I don’t mean to be cruel or anything but I’m having a hard time believing that Fergie could be anyone’s ‘fave’. Ever! That being said though, your guess is a good one.

    • CountessChristine says

      All ya youngins are missin this. There was a song way back.. and one of the lines actually was OOOHHH shit! It was by Clarence CARTER, no relation to Jay and Bey, but a very dancable song. Stroking. Look it up!!
      I think it is Jay and BEY and I think PMK called it in.

    • niesey2927 says

      I personally don’t think Ace would write EVERY blind EVERY day about Beyoncé & Jay Z. I know many people hate them both very much & rue the day the Creator made them but Ace knows more blinds than them.

    • Chile_Pleeze says

      Im going to go with Vince , Tamuppet Tamar and Celebrity that knows fave:Tiny

  1. says

    This screams Beyoncé to me but I don’t know who could tell this… Maybe Solange but it’d be annoying if your own sister tells this to a gossip website.

    • redstilettos says

      If she’s desperate for an intervention, she might. I had a friend in an abusive relationship and though she begged me to keep quiet, I finally caved and told my friend’s dad. I cared more for her safety and health than her being ticked at me. Thankfully, she’s divorced from the creep and we’re still friends.

    • jonesing says

      I don’t know. If someone beat on my sister and offing the guy is out of the question, I would take out a full page ad in a newspaper to say this douche hits women.

    • Wubby says

      I would take the Solange guess over Rihanna. This, if true is a super serious issue. No doubt. something a close friend or family would feel more strongly and emotional about.

      And yes, I do think the couple is Jay and Bey.

    • KatarinaJ says

      Hey if Beyonce is planning on a divorce soon (which according to a million blinds she is) and maybe even BECAUSE of his affairs/ bad behavior, I bet she had a hand in this being put out there. Will make her side INFINITELY more sympathetic in a breakup. Nothing is NOT calculated by this clan, they are Kardashian-esque this way. And they dropped stories about Solange to make Jay-Z/Bey side look better so why not set Jay-Z up for a fall later?

      • Wubby says

        Good point. From Elevator gate, you can tell Bey is obsessed, scarily so with appearing ‘perfect’ for the public. If she is indeed due to divorce Jay, I would imagine she would go all out to make she is not seen as the bad guy, in any way.

  2. PC1 says

    Jay-Z & Beyonce… He has Anger Management Probs and seems the type that would “put hands on you” Yes it is an business arrangement of a marriage but still, his personality if violent and controlling it would carry onto the business aspect as well as that is who he is.

  3. morgannicolesmith says

    husband:jay z
    celebrity:gwenyth,rihanna,rita ora,solange,ester dean,nicki minaj,drake,britney??

  4. kat411 says

    Fergie – her song London Bridge starts with Ooooh sh*t!
    Josh Duhamel
    Will i am

  5. FairyMay9 says

    I feel like I’m really going out on a limb here, but I will cry a river of sad if this is Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas. One Minute … The Next … Once Upon a Time … Don’t know who the Celebrity who knows Fave is.

    • allytcat says

      They just had their baby. Hopefully he isn’t beating her in the hospital…

    • FairyMay9 says

      Yeah, I’m off here. I see now that MTO’s usual subjects are black, so I’ll remember that next guess. I still think the split screen / dual existence and time references were clever on my part! Right??!

      I just can’t find it too in me to feel too sorry for Beyonce’. Not saying she should be abused! I just don’t get why you make this kind of bed in the first place.

  6. haaayyyy says


    Fave: Beyonce
    Husband: Jay Z
    Celebrity: my guess is Kim, who heard it from Kanye.

    Although the blind doesn’t mention their relationship being a business arrangement, which most of their blinds do, and it doesn’t say that her husband is famous either…so maybe I’m wrong…I hope I am…

    • peppermint twist says

      I’m with you on this one. Jay Z and Bey are the subjects of the blind and it’s definitely Kimmy Kartrashian West who is blabbing their secrets. Paybacks for not attending and sanctifying the recent union of Kimye

      • kspeedian says

        Oooooooooohhh! You two are smart ones! This SCREAMED Jay and Bey to me too, but I couldn’t come up with the snitch… So I was gonna guess Rihanna (which seems to be the popular choice around here) just cuz she’s associated with them, but I couldn’t come up with a single thing she could possibly have to gain from doing that. But Kim makes PERFECT sense. She’s in cahoots with all the gossip sites, and she would definitely want revenge for Bey snubbing the wedding (I say Bey BC it seemed like Jay was all set to go and then suddenly back tracked). I could TOTALLY see it being her.

  7. KatarinaJ says

    Beyonce? She seems to be SO ADORED that ‘your fave’ fits and her family is so active/vocal/inserted in their lives. This Solange feeding it to the press? Could be it isn’t even true just more bad press for Jay-Z with a divorce on the horizon although it might explain WHY the Queen BEE Beyonce is finally bailing even though this ‘partnership’ has made them a common commodity and a lot of money.

  8. roseo says

    i have no freaking clue, so i’m just gonna guess

    Fave: beyonce

    Fave’s Husband: jay z

    Celebrity who knows Fave: kim kardashian

  9. Aligirl21 says

    I’d guess Fergie, Josh Duhamel, and perhaps will.i.am as the other celebrity.

    Whoever it is, use your resources to leave this violent person.

  10. IAmSage says

    The photo reminds me of the poster for the movie “Faceoff” which starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. I have no clue if the blind pertains to either of them, because Cage’s wife is not a “fave” or celeb, and I wouldn’t consider Kelly Preston a “fave” either, and if it is her, then why spend over 20 years in an abusive marriage?

  11. Ivanna Funkalot says

    It would not surprise me if this was Beyonce. I know if a man put his hands on my sister he would NEED a ginormous bodyguard to protect him. This could also be why when the sister flipped, B just stood there and let it happen.

  12. littleOP says

    Fave: Beyonce – lots of stories that she is clumsy and bruises easily – code coverup for being abused

    Fave’s Husband: Jay-Z

    Celebrity who knows Fave: Goop or Kim Kardashian

  13. True007 says

    Fave: Beyonce
    Fave’s Husband: JayZ
    Celebrity who knows Fave: Solange

    Not surprised at all. There was a video of him moshing a woman in the face. There was also the tweet on Solange’s page about him hitting her sister which they later said was because of a hacker. Yeah, right.

    Men who tend to exhibit violence towards women, according to a recent study, harbor issues with their sexuality and in most cases, homosexual feelings that they can’t let out because of fear of not being accepted.

    Either way, he needs to keep his hands to himself.

    • rosiedoes says

      What does homosexuality have to do with that? Why would that be at all relevant? What recent study was it? Who carried it out? How reliable is the evidence? Who funded the study?

      The Tea Party doesn’t count.

    • LeeLee12345 says

      Gee, you might want to turn off Fox News. “Dr.” Robi Ludwig was waaaaay over the line suggesting that the Santa Barbara shooter hated women because he was repressing his supposed homosexuality. BTW, Coldwell Banker, whom she also worked for, just dropped her like a hot potato and scrubbed every reference to her from their site. Expect more to follow.

  14. CyndiTx123 says

    Thinking it could be Bey and J Z….. Solange her sis is who knows the FAVe….

  15. terry123 says

    “We’re gonna leave this as a blind item”
    Sure wish it wasn’t – what a coward that hubby is!!! This can only end badly without intervention, hope the family is successful.

  16. Ahem says

    Fave: Beyonce

    Fave’s Husband: Jay-Z

    Celebrity who knows Fave: Rihanna; I wouldn’t put it past her to blab her mouth to a filth bucket like Media Takeout

    • PandoraWolf says

      Or the “who knows” reference is because she knows how it feels to get hit by a man.

    • Wubby says

      What would Rihanna gain from that though? You forget MTO has fallen off in the last 5 years or so. Like Perez Hilton, they had their time. Nah, I see this as a far lesser known celebrity who would see no problem spilling to a low rate blog.

  17. amy289 says

    The working of this reminds me of Kanye’s big microphone stealing moment at the VMAs, but they only got married recently and I don’t see Kim’s family trying to push her away from him, so I’m going to go with Beyonce and Jay-Z as fave and the husband. No idea on who the celebrity is.

  18. VexTheVixen says

    For some reason, I am getting a Halle Berry vibe, with her husband being Olivier Martinez. You rarely see her out and about without her sunglasses on. And where is he? Haven’t seen them together much since they got married or after their son was born. He hasn’t shown up with her at the red carpet events she has attended recently. Could this have come from Gabriel Aubry? He would have access to Halle because of their daughter together and he did get into the famous Thanksgiving fight with Olivier.

    • PandoraWolf says

      It was either Justice or Snipes that was alleged to have beat her in the head til she lost hearing, wasn’t it?

      • LBoogie says

        Girl, BOTH! Word on the street was that Justice was abusive and so was Snipes… Not sure which one deafened her ear, but in gossipland, she’s not unfamiliar with this sort of behaviour, which is very unfortunate…

    • Scorpio13 says

      They do refer to themselves (on their reality show) as Ike and Anna Mae (Tina Turner’s real name). Also JayZ and Beyonce also call themselves the same names (on a song).

  19. cassadaga says

    Is Beyonce too obvious? I feel like she’s the whole world’s sweetheart right now, hence the use of the term “your fave”. Also they have a child, and “problems” could be referring to Jay Z’s “99 Problems”. So:

    Fave: Beyonce
    Fave’s Husband: Jay-Z
    Celebrity who knows fave: Could be anyone. Rihanna or Solange? 😛

  20. kaysterhipster says

    Fave: Beyonce?

    Fave’s Husband: Jay Z?

    Celebrity who knows Fave: Solange?

  21. CelebrityGirl says

    Fave: Beyonce
    Fave’s husband: Jay-Z
    Celebrity who knows Fave: ? Kim Kardashian, Rihanna or Kanye West

  22. Bunbuns says

    First thought is someone with a history of being with violent men.
    Fave: Halle Berry
    Fave’s Husband: Olivier Martinez
    Celebrity Who Knows Fave: Garcelle Beauvais

  23. LeahLynn28 says

    Halle Berry/OlivierMartinez/no idea?
    There are few options,so i may be wrong,or right,who knows…
    But whoever she is,she should get out of this marriage asap.This guy is dangerous…

  24. JaneDawson says

    Josh Douchemel
    Will I am

    Capital F – her last name is Ferguson
    The green eyes
    the “. . .” – Will. i. Am.
    the black eye – Black eyed peas
    Ooooh Sh*t! as kat411 noticed is from London Bridge.

    • ttaylor says

      Alwyas thought it odd to compare youselves to Ike and Tina….
      But, I’m thinking Fergie and josh. Search Internet for “Fergie fave” and all sorts of sites pop up with her favorite things…if true, he’s a miserable joke

  25. Kelly says

    But Beyonce wears such revealing clothing, the marks would show. And I though they were all violent? These blinds frequently conflict

    • sherlock says

      +1 with Kelly here unless she would have heavy make up.i always thought there was more to the Solange incident in the lift.Beyonce acted completely indifferent to her sister’s actions.

  26. Khadafi says

    Whoever it is he is a scumbag!
    I’m not sure it’s Jayz and Beyonce this time.
    all the blinds van’t be about them, but…
    I rather go for, hold your breath:

    Fave: Kim Kardashian West

    Fave’s Husband: Kanye West

    Celebrity who knows Fave: Jay Z

    • sherlock says

      Why on earth did she just marry him then?Family members suggest a large family! I always thought this coupling was purely a business arrangement(no love involved).

  27. delorb says

    Every BI can’t be Beyonce and Jay-Z. Come on people! There are plenty of other celebrities out there. And if every item were about them, then what’s the point of blinding the item?

  28. Revisionist says

    like other people my first thought was Beyoncé… but really, They are in the news every other day. Any marks would be noticed and as someone else pointed out she wears really tiny costumes. also, I would say that Beyoncé is the breadwinner and in a more powerful position so she could walk out at anytime and see he never works again. So unless she has issues many battered women have. Also I generally trust Ace as a source and Ace has more or less said that they are already splitting up very soon

  29. bil200 says

    Fave: Gwen Stefani
    Fave’s Husband: Gavin R.

    Ooh this “s***” is bananas
    The Sweet Escape….”I could be your favorite girl”

    friend…..Kate Beckinsale
    jessica Alba, Gwenyth P, Chelsea Handler…..?

  30. popculturenut says

    I know this is not Ace’s item — but doesn’t he select the photos anyway? And I feel like he tries to give a hint with the photo especially when it’s not his item. So I don’t think its Bey and J b/c the photo is not a WoC.

    So what we have is a blonde w green eyes and I’m not invested enough in Celebrity gossip to narrow that down all that well — so I tried just to think of blonde celebs who’ve had babies in the last couple years.
    I’ve got
    Reese Witherspoon (wit the drunk driving stuff, maybe there’s more to it?)
    Kate Hudson (sorry to say this but she just kind of seems the type to be drawn to danger of some kind)
    who else???

    • popculturenut says

      Oh, and I have no idea who Ace’s celebrity source could be. Someone in the family perhaps?
      Maybe Goldie or Oliver or even Kurt if it’s Kate
      Maybe Ryan if it’s Reese (I mean, his kids live there too and he and Reese are friendly aren’t they?) Or Ryan’s gf (who’s he dating now?)

  31. Ratling says

    Fave: Kim Kardashian
    Fave’s Husband: Kanye West
    Celeb who knows Fave: Kris Jenner

    Just the way it was worded makes me think this is who it is, not to mention we know Kanye has anger management issues

  32. rudy says

    kanye is violent.
    He is hitting Kim.
    the Kardashians to the rescue.

    The celebrity? – Beyonce.

  33. Bamadex says

    I don’t believe Kanye would strike cash-cow Kim.

    Fergie and Duhamel swing. Either sex for either one–no jealousy involved on either side. Plus, Josh is very laid – back about what occurs. As is “McSteamy.”

    I have to believe this is Solange-related, as she seems out of the loop about the mechanics of fake romances.

  34. shelby says

    Fave: Fergie
    Fave’s husband: Josh Duhamel
    Friend: Will. I. Am

    Check out “London Bridges”. It starts with “Ohhh sh*t!”

  35. shelby says

    OMG definitely what I said before- Josh Duhamel and Fergie

    Google “Fergie fave”. It’s a real thing!! It’s called “Fergie Faves” where she talks about her favorite things. This is it!!!!

  36. betchaaskt says

    what if it’s Kim “lota long sleeve fashion” as our favorite member of the family, Kanye West, and Porcelain “I;m your favorite” Black as the celeb telling tales?

  37. wmariah says

    Jay Z and Beyonce.don’t know who shares their truth.. Holy Grail song: the line that reads: Eat the cake Anna Mae…that really disturbed me as I remember the movie Whats Love got to do with it (story of Tina turner) when Ike shoves her face in the cake at the diner and tell her eat the cake Anna Mae…it was violent. So I guess Jay is down with violence towards woman. Watch them separate as soon as their joint upcoming concert is done.

  38. FrankDaTank says

    THANK YOU BLINDGOSSIP!!! None of my friends believed me when I told them this was going on. That this was the reason Solange went nuts in the elevator because he hit Beyonce in front of her in the hotel room. And the bodyguard stopped the elevator not because of the fight but because she was screaming at him about him hitting Beyonce in front of her so he stopped it so nobody could hear what she was saying. I was even told a few days after this that Beyonce even yelled at both of them to get their selves together before those elevator doors opened because she was use to this type of drama. I never watched the video so I don’t know what happened or if you could see Beyonce saying anything so I wasn’t for sure on that part. Love your site! Thanks for always giving us the real dirt! HA!

  39. katekatebobate says

    clues, Ohh shi*t, Fergie’s Faves, and the black eyed photo.

  40. frenchmind says

    I doubt Kanye will ever talk about his bff. And does Kim really know Beyoncé? We all know Bey can’t stand Kimmy, so I doubt Kim would know anything about her being abused.