Juggling Balls

man juggling 3[All About The Tea] From the outside, this reality couple looks like the perfect pair. She is hot, he is successful, and their life includes a beautiful family, a beautiful home, designer duds, and lavish parties.

The inside story is a little different.

She is busy juggling a job, kids, charity work, and the TV show.

He is juggling, too. He’s juggling the balls of several handsome young boy toys!

Yes, his wife knows. They have an arrangement. He can have as many boy toys as he wants… as long as she can spend as much money as she wants. She isn’t buying a new house… but she is adding to her designer shoe collection.




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77 comments to Juggling Balls

  • waitinonthesun

    Husband: Ken Todd

    Wife: Lisa Vanderpump

    Show:The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    • Pretty Kitty

      nailed it.

    • Whatzmyname

      Lisa hasnt been juggling ‘kids’ in ages! Lol! Her children are all adults. Not her.

    • SammynSophie

      Nah. Her kids are pretty much grown. Also, the blind says *he* is successful, and even though they say she has a “job”, it makes it sound like he’s the primary breadwinner. I would say Lisa very much runs those businesses.

    • jennnjen

      Lisa isnt busy with any kids, her kids are grown

  • CatBallou

    Kyle Richards and Mauricio?

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    He’s a realtor and she has a higher end clothing store so it seems to fit

  • stolidog

    Kourtney and Scott Kardashian, keeping up (appearances) with the ks.


  • I Am PunkA

    Kim K
    Keeping Up with the Kartrashians

  • brobdingnagian

    Husband: Eddie Judge
    Wife: Tamara Barney
    TV show: The Real Housewives of Orange County

    • Whatzmyname

      No lavish parties. Their house is small. Nobody envies them as they are considered white trash. Definitely not them.

  • whowassheilahgraham

    He’s in the closet with her new shoes?

  • buttersmom

    Husband: todd chrisley

    Wife: julie chrisley

    Show: Chrisley knows best

  • felipepinafi

    Lisa & Ken!

  • missmissy

    Gotta be Todd Chrisley – His beard doesn’t hide a thing.

    • Scorpio13


    • mrsjaymack

      I just Googled him cuz I have no idea who he is, and apparently he’s filed for bankruptcy, has no money, but the wife is “independently wealthy,” which would mean if she’s spending money, it’s her own. What would she need him for?

  • SassySeaDweller

    Todd Chrisley

    Julie Chrisley

    Chrisley Knows Best

  • tenderbeef

    Kendra Wilkinson and Hank

  • greeneyze

    Reality Show Stars…..Don’t know any of them so I’ll guess:
    The Hilton chick with the dark hair and her real estate selling husband

  • Myriam

    Husband: Eddie Judge
    Wife: Tamra Barney Judge
    Show: Real Housewives of OC

    Tamra always refers to herself as the “hottest” housewife

  • PinkG

    “charity work” LOL We know it’s not one of the Kraps.

  • Ana-nj

    Husband: Tommy Manzo

    Wife: Dina Manzo

    Show: Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    I know they are divorcing but I think this is them because they havent divorce yet. I believe they havent file out any divorce documentation also. I could say she has the look, she is beautiful, he is successful, he is part owner of “The Brownstone”. But she is the one with a daughter. She is part of a charity called “Lady Bug” with St Joseph Hospital of Paterson, New Jersey. Also there was a blinditem long time ago about a reality wife who married her husband even knowing he likes men. So Dina might fit in here. I read here or somewhere else that the real reason Dina and Caroline dont talk any more is because Tommy asked Dina for the divorce so he could come on as a gay man but she refuse because she will be humiliated and would look bad in front of her friends. The Manzos know about it, The Lauritas know about it and they all support Tommy’s decision but Dina doesnt want to sign the papers. I follow Dina on instagram and she seens like having a obsession with shoes. I have to admit her shoe collection is awesome. So I believe is here. Perhaps it could be Melissa and Joe Gorga. She is also hot, I can say he is successful, they were named New Jersey hot couple or hot bodies. They have 3 children together. She is doing charity work for Autism Speak, or something relate with autism. I know that Joe always talk about his wife, how much he loves her blah blah blah, my husband is the same thing with me minus I dont have her looks or her body. But my point is he could be into boys too, he was a stripper in Las Vegas I think so I could see him going both ways. I dont know, it is just my opinion.

  • theladyanne

    Kendra & Hank

  • haley1020

    Kanye and Kim?
    Keeping up with the kardashians?

  • wammes49

    Bruce Jenner
    Chris Jenner

  • Weirdo

    Husband: Kanye

    Wife: Kim Kardashian

    Show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

  • What Had Happened Was...

    Husband: Joe Gorga

    Wife: Melissa Gorga

    Show: Real Housewives of New Jersey

    • What Had Happened Was...

      Wow. All these guesses are great. I didn’t even think of Tamra Barney & Eddie George, or Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd. Totally fits both. I never watched that Chrisley Knows Best show, but from what I’ve read, that’s a great one too. OMG…even the Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy guess is good too.

      I hope this one gets solved, one way or another!

  • sparkynyc

    Husband: Kayne
    Wife: Kim
    Show: Keeping up with Kardashians.

  • Capt. Midnight

    Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson

    • dahlia202049

      No way. Giada is not a reality star and shes show-business royalty with plenty of her own money. I’m pretty sure Todd’s brother is openly gay, but Todd is just a gentle soul and a great guy all around.

      • Martini

        Too bad Giada cheats on her “great guy” and is known as a bl*w-job queen. Poor Todd.

    • terry123

      Poor Todd is right.
      Remember all those blinds about Giada sleeping around – I’ll bet her list makes Lindsay’s look like a post it.

  • GeorgiaR

    Husband: Matthew Broderick
    Wife: Sarah Jessica Parker
    Show: Sex and the City; Glee

  • sparkynyc

    It could also be:
    Husband: Michael
    Wife: Nicole
    Show: Hollywood Exes

  • jocar

    Had to really think long and hard about who is hot on the Real Housewives shows. The closest I could come is Dina Manzo from RHWoNJ. Her husband is pretty much out of the closet, by all accounts. The charity work clue is the biggest giveaway.

  • Bethilda

    Bruce Jenner
    Kris Jenner
    Keeping up with the kartrashians

  • Chi83

    My guesses:

    Husband: Jay Cutler
    Wife: Kristin Cavallari
    Show: The Fabulist

    Hint is juggling (foot)balls. And she has a designer shoe line. Hope I’m wrong.

  • allytcat

    Kim and Kanye?

    It kind of looks like Bruce Jenner in the creepy pic.

    • LeahLynn28

      Oh,Kim is not hot,is fake,full of botox and plastic surgeries…
      And Kanye is not successful…his last album flopped.
      And they don’t even live together.Their fakemoon was boring,i read she hated it,were with the bodyguards all the time,and she came back to the US alone…he was somewhere,on tour or with his boyfriend Ricardo in Paris,who knows.

  • Scorpio13

    Husband: Ken or Mauricio

    Wife: Lisa Vanderpump or Kyle Richards

    Show: RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules or RHOBH

  • terry123

    hmmmm, maybe Joe Gorga? Or Eddie Judge?

  • NoseyNana2008

    Husband: Bill Klein

    Wife: Jen Arnold

    Show: The Little Couple

  • morgannicolesmith

    kanye and kim?

  • BSTrong

    Guiliana & Bill

  • CelebrityGirl

    I like the Dina/Tommy Manzo and Melissa/Joe Gorga guesses…although I’m not sure Joe’s alleged financial issues qualify him as “successful” any longer. But otherwise both guesses fit!

    And if all else fails…just guess Kim & Kanye. :)

  • ccrider

    I think this is PLINER from Miami Housewives. Husband, Donald, has the shoe company and she is always involved in charity events.

  • woowoo

    Kim Zolciack and Kroy Biermann. I dunno…. he’s always pinged my gaydar.

  • JuiceBoxHero

    Guilliana and Bill Rancic.

  • loniloniloni

    Not exactly successful but
    Husband: Kevin jonas
    Wife: Danielle jonas
    Show: married to jonas

  • thisusernameisbullshit

    Giuliana Rancic
    Bill Rancic
    Giuliana & Bill on E!

    She has a breast cancer foundation and he is successful they have a child so it’s a family.. and she buys a lot of shoes. plus I’ve watched the show they are just weird together. her sex appeal is just not there

  • dlm2929

    Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t have kids she tends to. And Julie Chrisley isn’t hot (no offense)

  • ravenglass

    Husband: Sugar Bear (Juggling the balls of hot young men in his manper)

    Wife: Mama June (Buying designer shoes to cover up her forklift foot)

    Kids: Chickadee, Chubs, Pumpkin & Boo Boo

    Show: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

    • ravenglass

      Just realized I called Alana, Boo Boo, instead of Honey Boo Boo. Boo Boo is a cartoon bear & Honey Boo Boo is a pageant princess. But I’m pretty sure both would run off with your picnic basket.

  • afan

    I am going with Kyle and Mauricio…..beautiful family, they have kids……..he is successful, realtor….and the designer shoes equates to her designer store…

    Sad if true….

  • xoxogg2

    i absolutely HATE to say that but yolanda and david foster?

  • Cacau

    Heather and Terry dubrow

  • Cacau

    Heather and Terry Dubrow. Real housewives of OC

  • valleygirl86

    Husband: Bruce Jenner

    Wife: Kris Jenner

    Show: Keeping Up With the Kardashians

  • Blaze

    First I thought it was David and Victoria Beckham but they aren’t on TV currently so…

    Husband: Mauricio

    Wife: Kyle (splitsky)


  • greeneyze

    The picture looks like Gene Simmons –

  • Lisa

    Husband: Eddie Judge
    Wife: Tamra Barney Judge
    Show: Real Housewives of OC