1. MissLortie says

    Kris Jenner

    recent party would be Kim’s wedding and no knickers = no Lamar Odom there – he plays for the Knicks.

  2. vixsta33 says

    Oh lord…it’s June Brown, who plays Dot Cotton, isn’t it? ‘no knick, (nick), party’. I’ve heard many a rumour about her being a bit wild.

  3. annabelle77 says

    Putting aside the fact that we’re all aging, my guess is Sharon Stone. Lots of batshit crazy behavior being exhibited by Sharon lately. Plus, hello- isn’t her biggest role based on going bareback? And Kate Middleton isn’t going to lots of parties. Right?

  4. Olivia says

    We are all aging sweetie.
    I am going to guess Queen Elizabeth since she has made no comment about poor Kate’s bum being plastered all over the paper in Germany. How could she say a word since she is guilty also?

  5. annabelle77 says

    Of course, since the blind says aging “person” it could really be anybody. Anybody drunk, middle aged, and bare-assed. Definitely leaves the field wide open,folks.

  6. Tinkerbell says

    Knickers is British slang and as the only descriptors are that the person was well known and aging… Oh lord, don’t let this be Camilla!

  7. Bamadex says

    Too bad the Queen Mother is dead or I’d say her. She loved her gin and tonic.

  8. GayleStorm says

    She: Helen Mirren

    I don’t know if she gets sauced, but she appears to be a bit saucy! And I only mean that in the best way possible. She looks fantastic for her age!

  9. annabelle77 says

    This is hilarious. As I read all the guesses logged in, I’m getting vivid images in my head of all these women ass -over -teakettle and sauced. What a picture.

  10. surfcity says

    I think it’s Camilla.

    Clue says “person” not actress or singer. That’s unusual.
    There has been talk of Camilla’s drinking problem.

  11. Bamadex says

    I’m liking the Camilla guess. She and Charles are wild. Remember their leaked conversation about tampons?

    • Fergus says

      That’s disgusting. It would be like week old turkey left out on the bench. Please…

    • katt388 says

      This is the funniest guess!! Thanks I got a good laugh out of this. Was he wearing kim’s used wedding dress? If so bet he had to take in the butt.

  12. rosiedoes says

    Jennie Bond, BBC newsreader for years. She once told a mutual acquaintance that she likes to go commando.

  13. CelebrityGirl says

    Oh, God. I hope this is not Queen Elizabeth or Camilla. No one needs to see that!

  14. chola_eyebrows says

    Kris Jenner @ Versailles. She is aging, always drunk, showing off her “body” and would purposely not wear panties and flash her crotch.

  15. jillphelps41 says

    I’m thinking that it’s probably Sharon Stone. She seemed to be pretty ripped at a few parties in Cannes.

  16. spoofbyrd says

    Kris Jenner. The British Dames were wild when they were younger and might indulge in the finest Spirits to the point of intoxication but i cant see them not wearing a cootchie cover. I saw knickers and I too thought of the Knickerbockers. Hell I think Kris would flash Scott and Lamar if she were drunk enough AND maybe ?