TV Actor Keeps It Clean And Dirty

Man Taking a Shower[Janet Charlton] This macho actor surprised everyone when he left his successful long running series recently.

Although he IS married, he has a little secret.

He works out in a predominantly gay West Hollywood gym and doesn’t mind showing off his physique. Other gym members report that he takes loooong showers exposed and aroused, looking desperate for attention. But he doesn’t get much because of his obvious shortcomings!


TV Series:

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    • MikeInSanJose says

      Definitely NOT Meloni! Have you seen Oz? The man was nekkid half the time. He may have some shortcomings, but what’s between his legs is NOT one of them!

      I’d be all over him if I walked into the shower and he was standing there, erect, looking like he needed some attention!!!

      • tiggerlgh says

        I agree! There is no way this is Chris Meloni. He has nothing to be ashamed of in that department. OZ was a great show.

    • Cindy Louhoo says

      When he was on Oz on HBO he did full frontal. I wouldn’t say he has any shortcomings in that area LOL!

    • Tadster says

      He went full frontal when he stared on the HBO show OZ and he’s swinging a pretty big bat. Definitely not him.

    • Lil Debbull says

      Agreed. I was just thinking of his guest stint on Veep had me realize how short he is- I mean, he didn’t seem super short, just like average height compared to the other actors. But, his bio says he’s 6 foot? That doesn’t seem right. I remember Gary Cole being significantly taller and his bio says 5’11.
      No, I don’t have anything better to do!

    • Mia444 says

      I don’t know why so many are guessing Meloni. If memory serves, he was pretty well-endowed from those nude scenes in “Oz”.

    • katt388 says

      there are pictures of Chis’s meloni all over the internet, Don’ t think it suffers from any “shortcomings”

    • terry123 says

      I think you got it!
      Law & Order SVU has been on the air like 15 years – def a “successful long running show”

  1. mickeymammoth says

    I just think it’s terrible the kind of stigma men get when they have small ones. Like they have any control over what they were born with? Is it OK to laugh a women with small boobs? Jeez.

    • GirlPlease says

      PLUS just because you have a big one, it doesn’t immediately translate to “good in bed”.
      I’ve definitely been with bigger guys than my current guy, but no one has ever, ever been better between the sheets than he is.

    • bangthegong says

      Yeah, I agree. Way too much emphasis is placed on guy’s size down there. It shouldn’t be a cause of shame. We shame people for too many aspects of their bodies that they can’t help. If you have a small one, you’re fine. It’s more about knowing what to do with it, anyway. The “size” thing is mostly just sexual selection (people like the “idea” of large size.)

  2. ivyleaguer says

    Columbus Short. Shorcomings being the clue. But really, he could just like the attention and not be gay. more of a tease.

  3. bg565 says

    I don’t know if Chris Meloni is married, but only one of which I can think is him and SVU.

    • DannyM says

      He is married. But you can find stills of him nude when he was in Oz and judge for yourself if that’s a shortcoming? I don’t think it’s him though, especially since I wouldn’t count that as recent.

  4. kittypryde777 says

    Actor: Columbus Short?
    TV Series: “Scandal” (While it isn’t really long-running, having started in 2012, he did leave it recently)

  5. augustmom says

    I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know if he is “macho”, but based on the clues, I’ll say Columbus Short, formerly of Scandal. Other guesses would be Ron Perlman, of Sons if Anarchy, or Christopher Meloni, of L&O SVU.

  6. stolidog says

    Christopher Meloni from Law and Order, and he couldn’t have one shortcoming that would deter me.

  7. Katmandu says

    Unless ‘short’ comings is a clue…I think it’s kind of sad he isn’t getting any attention from the gay clientele because he doesn’t sport a 50 foot fire hose. Isn’t being a celebrity enough of a draw, or are all the gym members size queens?

  8. buttersmom says

    I hate auto correct..

    Richard Belzer – Law and Order Special victims unit

  9. Tofer says

    I doubt it is Chris Meloni. He was nude plenty in Oz and I don’t remember him having any shortcomings.

  10. Teleman says

    I just don’t think this is Chris Meloni. If you ever saw him on the HBO show “Oz” he had plenty of full frontal scenes and definitely no shortcomings. Unless he was using a prosthetic.

  11. Bery says

    For those guessing Meloni, not him, there are pictures of his private parts all over the internet (not so private after all),definitely NOT HIM.

  12. Kat_Sar says

    It’s not Josh Charles. He lives in New York. He is also not exactly macho.

  13. Kat_Sar says

    Chris Meloni or Columbus Short. Also maybe Robe Lowe, He left Parks and rec recently and lives in LA.

  14. Spyguy says

    not sure who this is, but if you ever watched OZ, you’d know it’s not Chris Meloni 😉

  15. craigbear says

    Meloni didn’t leave SVU “recently” — and after Oz we already know what he’s packing down there, so this wouldn’t be “news”. Josh Charles did surprise everyone by leaving his show, but isn’t exactly what I’d call macho.

    Other than that I got nuthin’.

  16. Madeleine says

    It’s not Columbus Short. Scandal is only in its third season; that doesn’t qualify as long-running. And NO ONE was surprised when he left the show…he was forced out because of the charges against him for allegedly assaulting his wife in their home and a man in a bar. It wasn’t a matter of if he would leave the show, just when.

  17. bangthegong says

    I think this is Chris Meloni.
    “Recently” can mean anything from this month to the last few years. He left Law & Order: SVU only like two seasons ago, which is recent enough. It was also unexpected when he left, since that show had basically Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Meloni) since it started.
    Also, he was recently on a late night talk show promoting Surviving Jack and he talked about a similar situation, with men in the showers at the gym propositioning him (I think it was Conan? It’s the clip where he’s talking about having the best male butt in Hollywood.) He kind of sounded excited about it when he was saying it, which made me wonder… (The topic came up in context of him having famously played a gay character on Oz).

  18. tiredandbored says

    This can’t be Chris Meloni. He left SVU three years ago, that’s not recently. He did plenty of full frontal nudity on Oz and he’s perfectly adequate- no shortcomings there.

  19. BritishPound says

    Actor: Josh Charles

    TV Series: Good Wife

    I was surprised when Will got killed off and he was the 1st name which sprang to mind.

  20. HotTea says

    It’s definitely Christopher Meloni. There have been rumors about him and he surprised the fans when he left SVU. He’s been living in LA for the past year so I’m guessing him.

  21. Darkclouds84 says

    No way is this Chris Meloni! He did plenty of full frontal on Oz, and he is WAY above average in the package department.

  22. tellmemore says

    Chris Meloni Seems to fit, but he lives in CT, not Hollywood. I don’t watch the other shows mentioned in these guesses, so I really don’t know who this could be. But I don’t think it’s Elliott Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

  23. KatarinaJ says

    Although it technically wasn’t that ‘recently’ I’d say Chris Meloni. He has the body, did the show OZ so isn’t at all homophobic, and his leaving SVU was a surprise in that he’d been on the show so long and had really sunk his acting chops into the role the last few seasons (Olivia aka Mariska Hargitay had garnished all the Emmys and great story lines for a long time prior.) John Charles leaving TGW was indeed a surprise and shocker but I don’t see pics of his physique all over the web. Who knows what shape he is even in? Eric Dane maybe? Given he IS eye candy.

    • db8ng1 says

      I like this guess because it matches the clues BUT he didn’t leave the show, it got canceled because the viewership dropped.

      • Katmandu says

        Nonsense. Mike is NOT married. And he lives in San Francisco and would not travel to W. Hollywood to flash the gays at a gym. He is one of the most admired men in America and even if he WAS gay, he wouldn’t do this.

  24. Preesi says

    Its NOT Christopher Meloni. There are plenty of naked pics of him on the net from that prison series he did.

  25. Big Noise From Winnetka says

    I first thought of Josh Charles and The Good Wife (because it’s the only show I watch), but I don’t think it’s him — the series is filmed in New York, and he and his wife live in New York, so I doubt he works out at a gym in WeHo. The image makes me think of Meloni and his shower scenes from “Oz” on HBO.

  26. dpoma says

    Chris Meloni was full-frontal several times back in the series, “Oz”. He has plenty to keep him from being insecure about his size. I’ll go with George Eads, too…so much arrogance. When his walk-out from CSI backfired a few years, humility came hard for him. He has always had “delusions of adequacy”.

  27. tweety77 says

    The guy who played Will Gardner in The Good Wife. He just left the show a couple of episodes ago, and he’s married.

  28. newidentity says

    Rob Lowe?
    Although I’m not sure if Parks and Rec can be considered a hit. And I dont remember ever seeing his sex tape.

  29. avalonlee says

    I think this is Mcsteamy from Greys Anatomy. Isn’t that his nickname? Would make sense with the steam and he always seemed a little freaky.

  30. dontpanik says

    I couldn’t begin to care less about a guys penis size as long as he knows what to do with it. When they’re soft, the size can be anywhere from miniscule to large but it tends not to have a bearing on what size it is when erect. Also, as far as for women (I can’t comment on male/male sex), our vagina is built to pop out a 13 lb baby, exactly how big do you think you need to be? A good lover comes in any shape and size and I do have to say one of the worst lovers I ever had was packing 11 inches and it was like getting poked with a stick in the hands of a 12year old with ADHD. Give me average or smaller penis size and a man who knows there is more than one way to pleasure a woman any day of the week!

  31. BGnewgirl86 says

    Actor: Ian Somerhalder
    Series: Vampire Diaries

    New at this…giving it a shot :)

  32. jillphelps41 says

    The only thing that comes to mind is Ron Perlman leaving Sons of Anarchy. However, I seem to remember an interview with the writer/director, Kurt Sutter and he said Perlman’s character was always suppose to come to an end during the 6th season. So it’s probably not gonna be Perlman. The only other person that comes to mind is Eric Dane, although I’m not sure how “macho” people consider him. Eye candy, most definitely! Macho? Not so much. lol