How She Keeps This Bad Boy Satisfied

couple bed 13[Janet Charlton] This bad boy seems to have calmed down since he got serious about his former p*rn star girlfriend and it has his friends wondering WHY. What’s so special about HER?

We hear she keeps him satisfied by supplying her MALE p*rn costars for his entertainment. The bad boy pays each guy $5000 per visit so they are highly motivated to make him happy. It’s a family affair – the girlfriend watches while the bad boy fiddles around with the guys!

Bad Boy:


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  1. stolidog says

    Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi. I want to be her, all the money without all the Charlie.

    • FairyMay9 says

      This blind couldn’t fit Clooney him if it tried.

      It’s completely Charlie. It doesn’t shock me, and honestly, I’m not gasping. The activities and lengths some people will go to to stay relevant and in the public eye, like faking pregnancies and creating fake relationship contracts and pimping out their child star kids till those kids are beyond the point of no return and will have to wait ’til the next lifetime to try again at something meaningful … those are the things that make me shake my head. Charlie enjoying himself with any manner of adult, human, consensual, sexual companionship? Eh. Don’t really care.

  2. tink says

    Charlie Sheen is the only one i can think of with a pornstar girlfriend that he got serious with. He’s done everything x 25 with women, so now he’s on to guys. Upping the ante. Actually very common with sex addicts.

  3. Moonpie says

    BB: Charlie Sheen
    GF: Bret Rossi
    No wonder Denise does not want her babies around them.

      • WhatLolaWants says

        Are you really asking why a mother doesn’t want her children around an ex who is a known dr*g user and is having p*rn stars around to entertain him while his girlfriend watches?

      • skagen says

        @ WhatLolaWants:

        1) Illicit drug use ≠ consensual sex among consenting adults (even more than two!).

        2) So long as mommy/daddy/mommy’s male friend aren’t getting it on *in full view of the children*, I’m not sure how what they do in the bedroom should factor into this at all. So long as every party is of age and it’s all consensual, what does it matter? Many, many couples sleep around, either together or singly, either openly or secretly. Some people use toys! Some watch porn! Some use peanut butter or whipped cream and/or other things that make me wonder how they launder that sh*t out!

        None of this means they can’t be wonderful parents.

        3) THAT SAID, the fact that this is Charlie “Pile of Drugs and Rage” Sheen and someone, *anyone at all* willing to enter into a relationship with him raises all of the red flags, flashing lights and shrieking alarms that I personally require to feel pretty sure that their parenting is AWFUL. If in fact it even exists. Which I strongly suspect it doesn’t.

      • mugofmead111 says

        FWIW, let’s not forget that *Denise* was taking care of Charlie’s kids with the next ex-wife (Brooke Mueller) while Brooke was in rehab! Not Charlie’s relatives, not Brooke’s relatives, but Denise. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how that happened.

      • MyCatLovesTV says

        I don’t understand the hate for Denise but maybe I have missed a lot of news of bad acts that she has committed recently that hurt her children. I DO know she stood up for two boys who were not her own for as long as it was safe for her to have them in her home.

        I wonder if Denise knows all about the stuff going on at the Sheen house of sleeze and that is one reason Charlie wants her out of the neighborhood. And it would go without saying that if Denise knew about the depravity going on, she would dig her heels in about allowing the girls to stay down with their father unsupervised. As I understand it, she is open to let Charlie spend as much time as he wants with the girls…at her home. But I also know that she needs to get her proof in front of a judge. Nobody can just decide on his or her own to ignore a legally binding custody agreement. I’m not a mother but if I felt my kids were in danger, I’d be willing to go thru any fire there is to protect them.

        A good parent loves his or her children more than he or she hates the ex. Charlie is an out of control nutcase who spills forth with vicious venom when anybody says “no” to him. He is a lousy parent and if he were poor, he wouldn’t have unsupervised visits with his kids.

        Just my humble opinion…..

  4. boyjack4 says

    Ugh! Charlie Sheen, such a depraved person.can no longer watch anything he’s in! His parents must be devastated!

  5. elliedee says

    Bad Boy: Charlie Sheen

    Girlfriend: Brett Rossi

    I hope someone is keeping his children far, far away from both of them.

      • wendy hood says

        You don’t want little kids around that energy. Its still an energy of a highly strung addiction, and drugs are likely continually involved. Meth and coke, specifically.

      • GiveMeGossip says

        You’re not asking me but I will tell you my reasons why. Charlie seems to be about sex 24/7. Wasn’t it his addiction to porn that caused him and Denise to split, mainly that he was watching underage porn? Just does not seem like he can pry himself away long enough to actually take care of them. So yes, I would protect them from that situation by all means.

    • Moonpie says

      Second objection to the obvious here. Perhaps Stolidog has no issues with children witnessing a drug addicted daddy meander about and porking his porn stars in his sex den. While nobody knows what goes behind close door with celebs, Denise knows, and she knows all about Charlie. So NO girls for him.

  6. sugarbread says

    charlie sheen
    dont know porn stars name
    only surprised boys she supplies charlie with aren’t underage
    because i hear that’s what he really prefers

  7. LeahLynn28 says

    Not Charlie Sheen,right?He’s engaged to her…not only dating her.
    Weird blind…

  8. MissLortie says

    First tought is Charlie Sheen but his gf is still active i think ?!

    weird people.

  9. True007 says

    Bad Boy: Carlos Estévez, best known as Charlie Sheen
    Girlfriend: Brett Rossi

  10. TOM says

    This completely sounds like Charlie Sheen. Denise Richards must be on the warpath with secrets after getting booted out of her house. What else does she know about this badboy?

  11. Bamadex says

    Charlie Sheen I would imagine. No clue which porn star he’s dating…there’ve been a few.

  12. 15milliondollarbunny says

    Not Charlie Sheen. Please. The thought of it makes me throw up.

  13. MikeInSanJose says

    Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi?

    He hasn’t been in the news for a bit, has he?

  14. augustmom says

    Well one one sees the term porn star, automatically one thinks Charlie Sheen…bit I’ve never gotten an into guys vibe from him…will have to think more…

  15. peppermint twist says

    Hello Charlie Sheen and his latest “goddess” Brett Rossi…This doesn’t surprise me. But you’d think she’d be able to handle a coked up charlie all by herself, being a former porn star and all..

  16. cjane says

    Leave Charlie alone. Sorry, I really have a soft spot for the guy. He’s got a good heart and a great sense of humor.

  17. LoneHazelEyes says

    Christian Keyes? Rumoured to be dating an ex porn star Meme or something like that?!

  18. Saptosa says

    For something completely different……..Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy!

  19. QJ201 says

    Don’t tell me Sheen has become a tweaker bottom (ask your gay friends to explain)

  20. Tay Starla says

    I don’t know if she did porn, but this reminded me of Donnie Wahlberg and his fiancee Melissa McCartney. (First time poster! Yay me!)

  21. egonzalez1104 says

    i would love to say this is jenna jameson and tito ortiz…but if im not mistaken they are no longer together…so it has to be sheen boooo

  22. pennylane84 says

    Bad boy
    Family affair..

    This is p.diddy related for sure.

    Bad boy = Sean Combs
    Ex porn star = Cassie Ventura?

  23. delorb says

    Charlie Sheen. He seems like someone who was sexually abused as a young child. Overcompensating with women, but this one understands where his true feelings lie. Her getting him all the boys/men he could want, explains his dumping his kids out of their home.