I’ll Pay You Fifty For A BJ

jimmy savile[Pop Bitch] Which of the Yewtree suspects would offer co-workers he fancied a going rate of fifty quid for a blow job?

Yewtree Suspect:

BG Note: Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into more than 500 allegations of child sexual ab*se against various British media personalities. The suspects include TV host Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011), pop star Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, children’s TV host Rolf Harris, BBC driver David Smith, disc jockey Dave Lee Travis, publicist Max Clifford, and game show host Jim Davidson.

To put this in perspective, here’s a quote from the The New York Times: “In American terms, it is as if Captain Kangaroo, Dick Clark and Jerry Lewis were suddenly being accused of committing sexual crimes dating back 30 or 40 years.”

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  1. Miss Demeanor says

    We Americans are not that familiar with this case, but the picture looks like the creepy Savile guy. Kind of sad (and pathetic) about Gary Glitter, I was always a fan of “Rock and Roll Part 2.”

    • popculturenut says

      That IS a photo of Jimmy Savile. But it seems weird — and unlike BG — to use his photo when he is ONE of the suspects. So maybe it IS him and Ace is being tricky.
      Remember that blind where the clue said it was NOT somebody (Rob Lowe maybe — can’t remember now) and then when it was solved it actually WAS that person.

  2. FairyMay9 says

    Wow. WOW. I just want to be sick, here. All of them? first real guess:

    Yewtree Suspect: Rolf Harris

  3. CanaryCry says

    The NYT forgot Soupy Sales & Buffalo Bob Smith. MTV hosts, too.

    Seriously, though … can’t guess who the beej man might be.

    • MLeah53 says

      I’m dating myself but my brother and I were watching Soupy Sales the day he asked all of us kids to go into our parents wallets and send him some of that green paper stuff. Thank God for my sibling, the skeptic.

  4. GERSEYGIRL says

    Jimmy Savile!! When I was a little kid in England,watching Top of the Pops, he would freak me out! He was touchy feely with everyone, very creepy……

  5. MLeah53 says

    Not a clue but the gent in the picture looks like he could suck the chrome off of a horse trailer hitch.

  6. jasper says

    John Nathan Turner?
    He’s one of the few names I’ve heard of associated with this scandal that was not mentioned in the BGN. He was a producer on Doctor Who in the 80s (Tom Baker through Colin, if not Sylvester McCoy, period, I believe?). Many older fans know about his, um, “personality” and that he was involved in this mess.

    (His US equivalent would be along the lines of one of Roddenberry’s successor’s on the various Trek programs.)

  7. WheresMyHalo says

    Mr. Wheresmyhalo (who us English) is guessing Jim Davidson. He had some business dealings with him and his East London type would fit the language used. also he observed him being impatient.

  8. WheresMyHalo says

    Btw I just have to say how horrid the whole business with Jimmy Savile was. It just makes me sick that he was allowed to molest sick and dying children for decades and die without ever paying for his crimes

  9. StockvegasSuzy says

    The photo is of the late Jimmy Saville but it isn’t him as he never paid for anything in his life (he became a multi millionaire whilst allegedly spending most of his life working for charity).
    I would say this is Max Clifford, “publicist”, who has just been jailed for a string of sex offences against women and girls.

  10. Ms Min Pin says

    I thought it was fairly common knowledge that Gary Glitter was a pedophile.

  11. camellia says

    I was watching something with Jimmy Saville on TCM and before the movie Robert Osbourne mentioned the scandal. The whole time I kept thinking ” I’m pretty sure I saw this guy on Blind Gossip recently”