Litigious Movie Star Now Wants You To Talk About His Family

permission[The Morton Report] This is a world-renowned movie star who likes to carefully control his personal publicity. His reluctance for anything outside the approved parameters extends to other grown-up members of his family as well.

Some newspapers are reluctant to tangle with him, thanks to previous litigation. So imagine how surprised they were when ‘his people’ suddenly gave the go-ahead for an item concerning a relative.

A change of heart? Or did our Mr. Movie realise that if the truth got out in some other way, such as social media, people might spot that he is a great deal wealthier than his poor relation who actually needs to make some money?

Movie Star:

His Relative:

The truth about his relative:

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90 comments to Litigious Movie Star Now Wants You To Talk About His Family

  • sabrina325

    Tom Cruise?

  • Molls

    Movie Star: Robert De Niro
    His Relative: Father

  • TheBinch

    Tom Cruises?

  • redstilettos

    Tom Cruise and his cousin William Mapother?

    • db8ng1

      Other adults in his family: Isabella and Connor. The specificity to the “grown-up members of his family” lead me to believe that there are minor or child(ten) with which he doesn’t/can’t control. That clearly leads to Suri as Katie has custody and primary guardianship, so he can’t dictate that. His cousin, is rumored to be the biological father of Suri. I think that William is into Scientology, so maybe Tom is brokering William’s way out of the church so that Tommy can then make a break eventually too.

    • LooLoo

      I thought that was his brother?

  • zilla

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise

    His Relative: ??

    The truth about his relative: ??

  • ImWearingVersace

    Tom Cruise

  • Lime

    Robert De niro
    His dad
    His dad is gay

  • grrrsuperlauren

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise

    His Relative: William Mapother

    The truth about his relative: He’s broke.

  • ShadinLA

    William Mapother (cousin)
    He’s gay or bankrupt

    The cousin of Tom Cruise is gay. False rumors of “Mr. Movie” Crusie being gay have been around for years. In the past, Cruise has given his cousin work in MI2 and other movies. Their relationship now is bad.

  • MLeah53

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise

    His Relative: William Mapother-cousin

    The truth about his relative:is that he’s the father of either Suri,Connor or possibly both.

    • Scorpio13

      I also thought the same thing. Even though Connor is “adopted” he resembles Tom a lot. I have always thought that William was the one who fathered Suri.

    • megigi

      Mapother isn’t Connor’s dad…

  • Bunbuns

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise
    His Relative: William Mapother
    The truth about his relative: He is gay.

  • mrsjaymack

    Tom Cruise, his son, not sure about what the truth is, but there were pics of him on the beach, where he’d gained a lot of weight.

  • Cult of Personality

    De Niro

    His Father


  • kbd61186

    movie star-Robert deniro
    relative-his father
    truth-his father is gay

  • drunkenmummy

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise
    His Relative: William Mapother
    The truth: He’s Suri’s biological father

    • NettieHoney

      I think she bears a striking resemblance to John Travolta. Of course, I’ve never seen Cousin William. :)

    • LiveForToday

      I’m still convinced that Joshua Jackson is Suri’s dad via Katie’s visit to see him when he was doing a play in London. Tom took Katie on her brainwashing trip just a few weeks later.

      I’ll agree with the cousin being the one with a secret, but it’s not about Suri.

      • ss1021

        I have thought this for years as well! They look so much alike and there were rumors that Suri’s father was one of Katie’s exes.

  • buttersmom

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise

    His Relative: William Mapother

    The truth about his relative: he is Suris father

  • Obeah

    Movie Star: Hugh Grant

    His Relative: brother, Richard E. Grant

    The truth about his relative: drunk dad once tried to kill him

    • minx

      Hugh Grant and Richard E. Grant aren’t brothers. Hugh’s brother is James and Richard changed his name to Grant.

    • Obeah

      I forgot to put the clues:

      Recent litigation: victim of phone hacking, sued and settled
      “realise” is spelled in the British fashion
      “change of heart”: Grant and Steve Coogan recently signed a letter to Rupert Murdoch that stated, “Unless there is a change of heart, News UK is again on course for governance failure, disastrous costs, harm to British citizens and public disgrace.”
      “Mr. Movie”: played ‘Mr. Darcy” in Bridget Jones

      …and I’d like to change my answer. The relative is his latest lovechild, whose mother is Anna Eberstein

      • Layale

        I like your guess and clue workout, Obeah.

      • rosiedoes


        1. Hugh Grant and Richard E Grant are not related.
        2. Hugh Grant did not play “Mr Darcy” in anything. Colin Firth played Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice and Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones.

  • cookoo

    thinking leonardo?? but not picking any clues although i have had a glass of wine so….

  • SassySeaDweller

    Robert Deniro

    Father, Robert Deniro, Sr.

    His homosexuality

  • Nalani

    DeNiro and his dad being gay.

  • Chellem

    Movie Star: Robert Deniro
    Relative: His Father
    Truth: He’s gay

  • Stardust

    Tom Cruise
    William Mapother

  • ravenglass

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise

    Relative: William Mapother (cousin)

    Truth about the relative: He’s much more talented than Tom.

    I’m pretty sure this BI is about Tom but I really don’t know the rest.

  • fishfish123

    Tom Cruise?

  • Lyrics and Chords

    Movie Star: Robert Deniro

    His Relative:his father

    The truth about his relative: his father was a gay artist

  • PoniTayl

    Movie Star: Leo DiCaprio

    His Relative: Adam Farrar, Stepbrother

    The truth about his relative: Arrested for possession of drugs, had outstanding warrants in CA & arrested in TX, also contributing to a child not attending school

  • BonBons

    Tom Cruise? I have no idea

  • sake_kitty

    Tom Cruise
    His sister
    That his sister is actually his mother

  • abir

    Tom Cruise
    That Conner Cruise is really his bio son…to take it further…Bella may even be his bio daughter…

  • f. flintstone

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise

    His Relative: William Mapother (Lost, American Horror Story) Cousin

    The Truth about his relative: Needs Plastic Surgery so Tom doesn’t look the main character in “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

  • soyella

    Leann Rimes
    Eddie Cibrian

  • anewthing

    Guessing this has something to do with the Baldwins?

  • leyla123

    Tom Cruise?

  • sugarbread

    tom cruise
    ex wife katie
    he stiffed her in divorce

  • QubbuQ

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise (Mapother) (very litigious) (his ‘people’ = Scientologists)
    His Relative: William Mapother
    Truth: (You can’t handle the truth!) William is his brother, not cousin. He’s probably writing a book and is talking about his/their father.
    Show me the money!
    Though, one would assume Tom would be a great deal wealthier than anyone else in his family- he’s a very successful actor. No one else has such frequency in film. William has been in lots but not so much as to be wealthy from it.

  • augustmom

    Obviously Tom Cruise, so I’ll guess the relative is cousin William Mapother, but I don’t know the secret

  • katt388

    ?? Tom Cruise or Alec Baldwin??

  • Ladieu


    Tom Cruise
    William Mapother
    William is Suri’s real dad?

    Well, it’s worth a shot…

  • phrancophaux

    This 100% could be Robert Downey, Jr.
    His relative: Father, famed director Robert Downey, Sr.
    The truth about his relative: bankruptcy

    Litigious – RDJ starred in Ally McBeal as a lawyer; he and his father were sued in 1996 for breaking contract
    Change of heart – RDJ as Iron Man changes his heart for an electromagnet
    Tangled – appeared as himself in “Tangled Up in Blue”
    Reluctance to share outside approved parameters – lots of hush hush around his drug use, risky behavior, and possible ties to River Phoenix’s death / his image is now squeaky clean as the reformed bad boy

    • phrancophaux

      Forgot to mention “his people” is a reference to “you people / what do you mean you people” from “Tropic Thunder”

      Also, first time poster! Hi, Ace!

    • Pixley

      Also the truth getting out “through social media” = he recently signed up for Twitter.

  • FunnyFace

    Movie Star: Tom Cruise
    His Relative: William Mapother
    Truth about his relative: Suri’s real dad?

  • OhSoLittleMouse

    Tom Cruise
    William Mapother
    William is Suri’s bio dad

  • haddasah4

    Movie Star: Alec Baldwin
    Relative: Stephan Baldwin
    Truth: Booze, drugs and/or tax evasion

  • Glitter

    The only one I can think of that likes to control his image is Tom Cruise.

  • yewneek

    My guess..

    Movie Star: Mark Wahlberg
    His Relative: Donnie Wahlberg
    The truth about his relative: Something do with him being broker than he appears and/or his engagement to Jenny McCarthy.

    Mark was in a movie called the Truth About Charlie in 2002.

    Second guess would be Tom Cruise.

  • brainy

    Obama’s Uncle
    Illegal Immigrant on welfare

  • Bamadex

    Tom Cruise is the very definition of litigious. But I can’t imagine anyone being surprised that he’s far wealthier than any of his relatives.

    What am I missing?

  • stacat1

    There is no one more litigious than Tom Cruise. Guessing his ex Katie might be the one who needs cash?

    • annasophie

      pretty sure her father would sell every stitch of clothing and his full set of organs to medical research before he allowed his daughter to be indebted to tom cruise. moreover, i’m thinking katie is definitely set for life.

  • roseynosey

    Tom Cruise, William Mathapor?? I don’t know what about though!

  • Agent B

    This sounds like Tom Cruise!, he’s si creepy… no idea who the relative is

  • Ahem

    I’m surprised at all the Robert DeNiro guesses, considering his father died some time ago, and this blind is written in the present tense. I like the Tom Cruise guesses though, regarding his brother possibly being Suri’s father, or his adopted son being his biological son (we’ve all seen the photo of the two of them at the b-ball game… and he DID look a little worse for wear at the beach the other day :( )

  • 15milliondollarbunny

    DeNiro’s Dad being gay has been known for years, not a secret….

  • Layale

    Isn’t The Morton Report British? I have no idea who this is, but I’m thinking it must be someone British.

  • BritishPound

    All I had to do was read the title to know its about Tom Cruise.

  • Tallie

    Movie Star: Hugh Grant, hint…rubber stamp permission granted. Grant very vocal about protecting his private life. The Morton Report..British

    Relative: Brother

    Truth: ?

  • raslebol

    Tom cruise,katie holmes and Suri is IVF baby

  • mostlylurker

    i think it would be wide off the mark to suspect TC would be ok with anyone announcing suri was IVF or anything other than pure natural vaginal birth $scibaby.

  • bec215

    I always suspected that Cruise was the infertile one in the relationship with Nicole – especially after it came out that she was pregnant when Tom filed for divorce, so it very well may be that Tom’s brother was a donor for IVF with Katie BUT I don’t think that’s who this blind is about… There is no one in Tom’s family who makes more money than he, and his net worth is published publicly in Forbes and other sites. It makes more sense that this is about someone who would surprise people to know his net worth – that makes more sense to me to be someone with siblings in the business. That would lead me to either a Baldwin or a Wahlberg, but I didn’t know about RDJ’s father – that makes the most sense to me.

  • spoofbyrd

    Probably Tom Cruise . He is one of the most litigious celebrities out there and he bragged on Larry King live about his winning record on lawsuits . Didnt he recently win a victory against a tabloid for saying he was a bad father to Suri.I never heard of Robert Downey Jr having a litigious nature and if he has I never heard of him suing newspapers. The space aliens must have counseled Tom and told him to throw the public a bone. Maybe it is a decoy tactic to take attention away from something worse. Whatever the moyive it cant be about social media because people dont take their credibility serious enough.

  • dcaprice

    Alex Baldwin comes to mind.

  • GeorgiaR

    I’m going to throw this out for the heck of it: Randy Quaid. He has been involved in multiple law suits over the years, the latest being a bail bond company who bailed out he and his wife without their consent. The “poor” relative could be his brother Dennis Quaid. He’s struggled with drugs, alcohol and eating disorders for quite a while and while his net worth is supposedly $40, that can go quickly if you are abusing drugs.

    • tellmemore

      Yes! This makes much more sense for this BI. No one is surprised that Tom Cruise is richer than his cousin.