• sligrados says

      +1. Album Tracks, is known as the Boss AND…..US Models….”BORN IN THE USA”, his most famous song.

  1. Tinkerbell says

    Referring to him as the boss makes me think of Bruce Springsteen, but no, can’t be; I don’t want that to be true!

    David Beckham maybe? The source is the mirror so it could be a Brit.

  2. cornutopia says

    Justin Timberlake? “Tracks” hints at a singer. Behind his wife’s back reminds me of his song “Sexy back”.

  3. AnguaDelphine says

    I’m going to guess Beckham. Firstly, they’re British (as is the source of the BI), Beckham is a superstar, sure, but neither an actor or a singer and also: tracks.

  4. ravenglass says

    Superstar: David Beckham

    “His security team is desperately trying to cover their boss’ tracks.” Beckham’s have tons of security around them.

    As soon as I saw “tracks”, I thought of skid marks & that BI that has now totally ruined David for me.

    Model 1: Karlie Kloss? (Victoria adopted her hairstyle)

    Model 2: Kate Upton? (Seems to like older men)

    • Booboo1068 says

      Agreed. The same BI about ‘tracks’ for the underwear ad came to mind.

      Oh, but according to Ms. Goop we’re just anonymous trolls bullying and spewing hatred.

      Hmmmm…most comments I read on this site seem fairly sane, and benign even supportive at times. And I’m sure celebs NEVER creep blog sites like this and others and either post under an alias or have an assistant do it. No. Never. (Eye Roll)

  5. LeahLynn28 says

    I was going to guess Simon “douche” Cowell,but he never married the cheater.That d-bag loves models…
    But 2 women?That’s a lot to handle…and his wife is really clueless and stupid.

  6. hbrown says

    UK paper so probably UK superstar, presumably based or partly-based in US. Superstar not actor or musician so possibly Beckham?

  7. dalstongirl says

    The photo reminds me of Posh and Becks. So I guess it’s David Beckham.

  8. silvertongue says

    I’m guessing Ryan Reynold’s is cheating on Blake Lively.
    Not sure with which models.

  9. sherlock says

    The fact the blind stipulates 2 US models means this must be a British superstar.I like the Ravenglass guess,i used to think Becks was whiter than white but I don’t now.If this person can pull models it must be him.

  10. popculturenut says

    almost certainly posh and becks. wouldn’t surprise me if at least one of the models turns out to be a male, either.

  11. dds says

    Must be Springsteen. He has a 1998 album called Tracks, and he IS the boss…also was supposedly cheating a few years back. Cheated on wife #1.

    • KatarinaJ says

      but would it cite AMERICAN models and not just two models if everyone involved was from the US?

    • jillphelps41 says

      Yes, I was gonna say the same thing. This has to be Bruce. Ohh…..Patti is gonna be MAD!!

      • KatarinaJ says

        Guess all the US references do make sense to old Bruce BORN IN THE USA but otherwise I stand by my comment.

    • Casey1843 says

      I concur!

      Plus he has a song “Cover Me”

      He’s a serial cheater and I’d feel bad for his wife, except he was married when she hooked up with him and her voice sounds like a cat in heat.

      She’s put up with it for years and probably will continue to do so.

  12. streeter says

    Relating this back to the blind about the guy who was having his security team track down the “footage” of his own elevator antics at a “posh” hotel, my answer remains the same…David Beckham.

  13. bumblebea63 says

    I’m going to guess Daniel Craig. “Double” makes me think 007! No idea about the models, though.

  14. PandoraWolf says

    Michael Buble? He’s Canadian, so the mention of US models (to specify a different country of origin than the superstar), and his wife is a model so he has that “type.” I’ve also the DVD where he says he wants to take over the world two women at a time.

  15. curious13 says

    Definitely Springsteen, “boss tracks.” That pretty much gives it a way. I just can’t figure out who the models are.