Fuming Model

woman angry 12[Sunday People] Which model is fuming after finding out a member of her staff is having an affair with her boyfriend?



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23 comments to Fuming Model

  • morgannicolesmith

    jourdan dunn?

  • ravenglass

    Model: Naomi Campbell

    Boyfriend: Michael Fassbender

  • Khadafi

    Model: Heidi Klum

    Boyfriend: Vito Schnabel

  • iamnumber21

    Behati Prinsloo bf Adam Levigne


    Lily Aldridge bf Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon

  • xoxogg2

    chanel iman and a$ap rocky? completely random guess actually

  • Miss Demeanor

    This is most likely a British model…
    Suki Waterhouse? Ha ha…unless the staffmembr is the new beard.
    Naomi Campbell, maybe? Isn’t Fassbender with everyone anyway?

  • mitfordsisters

    Kate Moss

  • enoughisenough

    naomi campbell, boyfriend michael fassbender? she fumes A LOT and he’s a secksi slut!

  • What Had Happened Was...

    Heidi Klum

    Vito Schnabel, her boytoy du jour

  • miumiu

    Jourdan Dunn?

  • Virgo826

    she: Naomi Campbell
    bf: Micheal Fassbender

  • intheno

    model: Miranda Kerr
    boyfriend: James Packer
    member of staff: former model, also from Aussie land,

  • Estrogen

    Naomi Campbell
    Michael Fassbinder

  • redstilettos

    I hope she fired that person.

  • annasophie

    if it was naomi campbell, i’m pretty sure we would have seen her mug shot by now. that woman has no self control and i can’t think of anyone stupid enough to even mess with her man if they wanted to live. the woman is a straight psycho.

    i’m thinking it’s heidi klum and whoever that 18 year old she’s been frolicking around with since she hit her midlife crisis.

  • sherlock

    Rose Huntington whitley and Jason Stratham maybe.

  • terry123

    U R so right annasophie – if it were Naomi the boyfriend would be in a hospital right now with a phone sticking out of his head

  • Madeleine

    No way is this Naomi. With her temper a man would be a fool to cheat on her and a woman would be a fool to cheat with Naomi’s man. Naomi has thrown phones at two employees — real phones, no cellphones.

    This could be any British model. There really aren’t any clues,,.except “fuming, which doesn’t trigger anything for me.

  • popculturenut

    But the actress in the photo is black — I think it IS Naomi, and god knows that wouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone.
    It’s remarkable the kind of personality defects people will overlook for beauty.

  • Bump

    The photo is not of a Black woman its a tanned White woman!